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Author Topic: Please give us peace Please Baba Please  (Read 286 times)

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Please give us peace Please Baba Please
« on: February 15, 2017, 07:09:46 PM »
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  • dear Baba,
    Please answer our prayers. Please Baba. You know how much we love our brother and what all he has gone through in this life?
    Why are you doing this to him? What mistake did he make Baba? Is marrying her such a big crime that he is punished so much everyday by this non-coperative daughter in law?
    Insulting my mother every day, torturing my brother every day? We have lost all the happiness in this house Baba.
    I dont know what to say. Our happy family home is not a home at all anymore. My mother and brother have adjusted so much to her and she still doesnt value any of these.
    Why is she behaving like this? Why cant she understand that we are a family and keep us united?
    Please Baba, you have to fix this problem. My mother sturggled so much in life and she is getting old. Please please give her peace and happiness atleast now by seeing my brother happy.
    Baba, you have been everything to me and you have been taking of me in my distress and given me support and strength.
    Please give my brother strenght and my mother mental peace. Please give Poornima good mind, good heart and please make her mind realise that she has been behaving indecently and please bring his family
    as a happy home
    All in your hands Baba. Please Baba Please Baba.  I am not able to see my brother and my mother suffering like this everyday.
    Love you Baba. Being a Single mother, you know what our family has gone through after dad was sick and when he passed away.
    Baba, I have surrendered this problem to you. Please save us and give us happiness. Please Baba.
    Love you loads Baba.

    Om Sri Sai Ram


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