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Author Topic: PLS HELP  (Read 927 times)

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« on: May 23, 2018, 09:39:40 PM »
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    My brother who is a Sai Devotee has very less confidence in life. Though well educated and in a good job with strong financial background, he is unable to mingle in society or face hardships. He is now resorted to escapism by spending all his free time apart from work in Sai Prayers and reading Satcharitra etc.. And says that is his individual karma to suffer like this. My parents are really worried, as he stays with them and they have to provide family support. He also says Sai Baba came to him and told him he is incapable of getting married as he cannot manage it.

    How do I convince him that Sai philosophy is about hardwork and self effort and giving to society ? I have tried everything..counselling, PLR, even did a 9 guruvaar vrat . All I want is for him to realise that along with prayers one has to put in a lot of self effort to overcome weaknesses.

    Can someone from the Sai Organization counsel or guide him ? Whom Do I approach ?

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    Re: PLS HELP
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