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Author Topic: 'A Century of Poems on Sri Sai Baba  (Read 2007 times)

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'A Century of Poems on Sri Sai Baba
« on: July 03, 2005, 11:32:17 AM »
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  • lee  (Original Message) Sent: 5/3/2005 1:52 AM
    71. A Devotee Begs Of Sri Sai of Shirdi To Endow Him With Wisdom
    Oh Bhagawan Sai of sacred Shirdi! endow this
    Thy devotee with real "vivek" or wisdom of his age.
    The worship of Thee is a process of evolution to a devotee
    Which Thyself has expounded as god Thou art;
    It is at first for material comforts or wealth that his cravings
    are centred on Thee,
    When Thou revealeth to him for his past "Karma" Thy form in
    day-light or dreams;
    After Thou hast blessed him with mortal cravings and wants,
    Changed or altered he becomes gradually in his worship of
    It is for the enlightenment of mind and the edification of soul,
    That he now approaches Thee with prayers and
    But "Maya" lashes him still as his understanding of Thee is
    not full
    When even "Rishis" of old found their path of god realisation
    arduous or hard
    How much more magnified the task will be for a simple
    mortal as he?
    So he craves of Thee again and again for Thy benevolance
    and compassion
    To turn his mind from paths material to paths spiritual.
    Nothing is impossible for Thee as Thou art god immortal
    Even a single glance from Thee is enough to infuse him with
    the knowledge of "Self.
    Endow him Oh Lord! with more of knowledge and less of
    So that in his singing praises of Thee, matter will prevail over
    How simple are the tasks thou hath assigned by Thy
    For genuine worshippers of Thee seeking for salvation?

    Debarred by Thee are penances and austerities which scriptures
    Fasting and self-immolation Thou hath styled as exercise uncalled for.
    All Thou hath ordained is single minded devotion or
    Of god Thou art and guru Thou art, a blend as rare as exalted.
    If surrender or submission to Thee is complete or whole hearted
    Nothing else is wanted of them for their release or deliverance From the
    shackles of materialism to a serenity spiritual,
    And a bliss to be united with Thee Oh unique of
    Oh Lord of sacred Shirdi! hasten to this devotee begging for Thy grace.
    Let the rest of his mundane existence be filled with Thy presence and
    This is his prayer to Thee from the bottom of his heart from the bottom of
    his soul.

    (From the book 'A Century of Poems on Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi by Prof

    Sai baba let your holy lotus feet be our sole refuge.OMSAIRAM


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