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Author Topic: BABA's BLESSINGS  (Read 1276 times)

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« on: August 11, 2010, 01:25:29 AM »
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  • O’Graceful benevolent Sai, my dear kind Sai
    Waiting for Baba’s blessings, we say to all
    Often and often, we heartfully do fall
    At Your Lotus Feet, and pray O’Sai,
    For Your divine showers to fill this hall
    Of fame – yet, it seems we do not recall
    So many past blessings showered by kind Sai --
    Blessings filled with a deepest love for all
    Blessings that saved us from many a fall
    Blessings that were a steadfast powerful wall
    Of immense protection, and did so stall
    And stem the flow of my pain, O’ my Sai,
    Caused by life’s abject miseries and all
    Things that hurt us, in our quest for small
    But seemingly important desired windfalls,
    Perhaps, my kind Sai, You marvel at my gall
    When at times I fail to simply recall
    How many times You saved me from a pitfall,
    That would have drowned me in a waterfall
    Of swirling eddies, or buried under rockwall
    Of life’s unending worries, big and small;
    But no – dear kind Sai, You only smile and enthrall
    Me with lot more miracles, that You do marshall
    From nowhere, suddenly, a divine windfall
    Of sweet blessings, least expected, for simply all;
    A wish – may You simply strengthen in us all
    Feelings of shraddha and saburi – like a cannonball
    And help us to completely forestall   
    Any feelings of despair, hopelessness or downfall,
    O’Sai, kind and precious Lord Sai
    Pray, send such sweet blessings to us all.
    For we with human minds are simply a volleyball
    Punched back and forth, by a vain firewall
    Of unending worries, drenching us in a rainfall
    Which only YOU, O’SAI can completely forestall;
    May YOU always be with us, each and all


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