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Author Topic: DEAR LORD SAI  (Read 1053 times)

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« on: May 25, 2010, 09:19:09 AM »
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  • With what words can I truly describe
    What adjectives can I ever ascribe,
    How can a mere mortal express his thanks
    To the LODE STAR of this infinite universe,
    The kindest one by far
    Who is the source of alleviation
    Of a host of perennial disturbing emotions
    That have many times plagued my mind
    And sought to entangle me in tight bind;

    This unfathomable Lord Sai
    Is my revered and respected dearest Sai,
    The ever kind hearted Lord Sai
    And the sweetest of sweetest precious Sai,
    As also the most graceful Lord Sai;
    He is the omnipotent Sai
    Omnipresent and omniscient Lord Sai
    My ever and dearest Almighty Sai.

    My Lord Sai is the Ultimate One!
    The powerful, exalted and most precious One,
    The ever helpful One – He has a mellow heart
    This Sai is the most wonderful One.

    The Giver, Ordainer and the Author
    Who has so meticulously, beautifully
    Charted each complex destiny.
    What more can I ever ask
    To the Supreme One
    Who ever blesses us instantly.

    Mere words will never be enough
    And will never ever fill any page
    To describe this greatest treasure,
    Nor my heart be big enough
    To contain grateful emotions
    Of a love felt from within
    At a simple sight of Thee –
    Ever and always I shall thirst
    For You to behold and see
    Your warm rays for me to feel!


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