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Author Topic: IN SEARCH OF MY SAI  (Read 1029 times)

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« on: May 25, 2010, 09:30:35 AM »
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  • A sad and forlorn heart
    Ever seeks to cry out to my Sai,
    Where have You gone away
    Why do You, far from me stay
    Leaving a depressed heart
    That keeps looking for my Sai;
    In every corner of my inner self,
    Inside every nerve and breath
    Each and every heartbeat
    That seeks to call to my Sai;
    Pray, never leave my side
    Never ever at all from me hide
    Pray, never make me cry
    And search in vain for my Sai;
    For, many times have I been vain
    And swollen with a pride
    That You will ever remain
    Only by my side, by my side,
    None else, but by my side,
    Why do You at all hide, O’ Sai
    When You do know it all
    That my forlorn heart does call
    On You, every second of the day
    To come and completely stay
    In my only heart,
    That is now depressed and forlorn
    To make it happy and gay,
    That, O’ my kindest Sai
    May my heart lose it’s pride
    And sheer vanity
    And my mind, it’s abject insanity
    When You will fill my heart
    With Your Self, O’ dearest Sai;
    Pray, fill this forlorn heart
    Totally, ecstatically with You, my Sai
    With Your deepest love, Sai O’ my Sai
    With Sai Ram, Jai Jairam, dearest Sai!
    When will I see that day
    Far from me, You would never be away?


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