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Author Topic: No Tomorrow's Without You  (Read 2016 times)

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No Tomorrow's Without You
« on: June 28, 2005, 08:56:08 AM »
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  • If tomorrow came and I didn't have You,
    What could I say? What would I do?
    My world would be ripped and torn apart
    and I'd be struggling out in the dark.
    I can't imagine my life without You and
    the many blessings You drop off too!

    The visits in the middle of the night
    and as You sit on my shoulder and say,
    "Hey it's alright." A whisper in my ear
    when I face a rough day and as You're
    with me when I kneel and pray. The comfort
    You give as I read Your word and sing Your
    praises so they can be heard.

    Lord, I don't want to face a tomorrow
    without You. There would be no meaning
    and I couldn't get through. You enrich
    my life in everyway, grant salvation and
    grace along the way. I don't want
    a tomorrow without You and I'll keep
    praying so I don't lose You.

    But Baba My  Saviour and Lord i know you are within me
    My heart is your dwelling place
    Everyday help me clean the seat of your throne
    Wihin my heart so that  you feel at ease within.
    Let my heart be locked and let me lose the key so that i have you always with in me
    Baba be always with me - rest in my heart
    Let  my heart recognise all hearts that have "you" within
    As you rightly said you "I dwell in all inanimate and animate"


    Bow to Sri Sai - Raksha Karo Deva !!!
    Bow to Sri Sai - Raksha Karo Deva !!!


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