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Author Topic: PRECIOUS LORD SAIJI  (Read 1033 times)

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« on: May 25, 2010, 09:47:22 AM »
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  • Simple prayer, silently said
    A soft whisper in the wind,
    Emotionally filled, a sincere plea
    In salutations raised to Thee
    My precious Lord Saiji;
    How may I express my gratitude
    For a host of multitude
    Ways and kindness showered on me
    By Your magnificent Supreme Being;
    No word can ever flow from me
    Save by Your kindest grace
    That would perchance trace
    An iota of Divine Greatness
    That surrounds Your magnificence
    And tremendous beautiful effulgence;

    Your ways are divine and inexplicable
    None can ever truly fathom
    Just how in the kindest lovable
    Ways, You do skillfully alleviate
    My untold burdensome misery
    That at times, fills me with melancholy,
    So adroitly do You change my destiny
    Guiding me to sublime satisfaction
    As I slowly fill with Your benefaction,
    Truly my sweet precious Lord Saiji
    You are the Only One Merciful Sea
    Of extreme love, kindness and empathy;
    Never will I be at all able, to thank Thee
    My sweet and precious Lord Saiji.

    In silent, humble gratitude
    Pray, strengthen my feeble mind
    To stay steadfast in attitude
    And remain truly devoted to Thee
    Dearest Lord of Lords Saiji;
    Perhaps some blessed day soon
    Whatever be the time or place,
    Your merciful grace will descend
    As You lovingly condescend
    To grant me that lovely boon,
    Submerge my entire consciousness
    With Your potent aural Presence,
    What more could I ever ask of Thee
    My sweet and precious Lord Saiji,
    For this rarest of rare gift
    Would raise my entire self
    To untold ecstatic heights
    Filled with a sense of humility
    As Your love envelopes me;
    Rays from Your ever shining eyes
    Gently piercing my waiting heart
    Spread through tingling nerves
    And every pulsating blood vessel
    To reach nook and corner of myself
    And serenely calm entire inner self,
    Perhaps some day soon
    Whatever be the time or place
    Shall this so coveted boon
    Be granted by Your kind grace
    On me
    O’Lord of Lords, kind Saiji!

    All that I ever need to cross
    This endless timeless cosmic sea
    With a smiling heart, and no loss
    Of love, hope and cheer
    Is just You, dear Lord Saiji,
    To feel You by my side
    Ever and always, my heavenly guide
    What more can I ever ask of Thee
    Most exalted and precious Lord Saiji.


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