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Author Topic: Real story of Saibaba-3  (Read 858 times)

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Real story of Saibaba-3
« on: February 12, 2010, 02:37:24 AM »
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  •                 Remorse filled Gangabava,
                    for the Dharsan he missed for ever,
                    Right was Devagiri and her boons,
                    concluded the remorse Gangabhava!

                    How i will get His Dharsan thought the father,
                    He want to get away from home,
                    He revealed His mind to Devagiri,
                    who was about to deliver the child!

                    She won't leave her husband,
                    she followed him to the forest,
                    Pain started in the middle stopped her,
                    she delivered the Divine child under a huge tree!

                    Covering the baby with dry leaves,
                    She left the baby to nature's care!
                    A Muslim went near the tree to relieve,
                    Finding the cry, rushed there!

                    What a beautiful baby boy? he thought,
                    Finding none to care the baby,
                    He took Sai to his home,
                    Childless, the couple were in joy!

                    The boy with the Muslim family
                    created problems to devotees in temple,
                    Shiva is Allah, he will tell the Hindus!
                    Ram and Rahim are One, to the Muslims!

                    Enraged at the utterance, people sought the mother,
                    complained about his behavior!
                    the mother was in pain to correct him,
                    sought the help of Guru be contd....Sairam, Saipriya.
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