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« on: June 28, 2005, 09:10:26 PM »
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  • JAI SAI RAM!!!

    In the darkest of nights,
    I seek a light that I cannot find.
    I have searched the deepest oceans, lowest valleys,
    Highest peaks and darkest alleys.

    I feel so insignificant in such a large place,
    Where more can I seek?
    Where is my light?

    I pause for a moment,
    As I gaze at my reflection,
    I see a shimmering light,
    Illuminated by the moon so bright.

    My eyes close gently, as I hear a voice inside saying
    “Look deeper…look deeper.”

    I have discovered something inside me,
    I feel so large in such a small place.
    Happiness surrounds me, Love flows through me,
    I am complete.

    I have found my SAI,
    See All Inside

    OM SAI RAM!!!

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