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Author Topic: Sai, the merciful mother!  (Read 832 times)

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Sai, the merciful mother!
« on: February 08, 2010, 02:05:49 AM »
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  •      i am not aware when i entered the creation
         i am aware that i am bound in body/mind complex,
         i know no other succor than Sai,
         who will safely take me across!

         all of you are my co pilgrims, who marches in your own pace,
         i gather courage for i am not alone, Sai with me, Sai with All,
         who will safely take us across!
         the pilgrims on the grand journey to God!

         This miserable ocean of sansar is difficult to cross
         when we travel alone without a guide,
         We have our Guru God in One SAI,
         who cares for ever for his believers!

         When Nana cried for water in distant Hill in midsummer,
         You came in the form of a bhil,
         revealed to Nana that underneath the rock,
         a handful of water is there!

         You saved millions from certain death,
         you warned them in times  of danger,
         You blessed many with children,
         in whose fate, there was no issue.

         You silently lie in Buti wada,
         surrounded  by the singing of Arati songs,
         You silently smile at the devotees,
         who yearn to see your beautiful face!

         your name is sung in different ways,
         in distant lands beyond the seas,
         you are the darling angel of billions,
         who rest on your lap when the night come!

         Sai, the merciful mother of the entire globe,
         what i have done to deserve your grace?
         you took me on your lap as 'ankita child',
         to sing about you in my own way!

                                       Sairam, Sayipriya


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