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Author Topic: SAI, MY TRUE FRIEND  (Read 6066 times)

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« on: September 27, 2010, 07:15:35 AM »
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  • Sai O’precious Lord Sai, called by so many Names
    If ever I were to name my only true loyal friend –
    I would without a moment’s doubt, to all send
    At top of my voice – a message so loud and clear,
    It’s my Sai, my Lord – truly He is my only Friend –
    Always by my side, just a loving step truly near,
    It’s my Sai, who stands with me, in all my times
    Of laughter or gloom, sadness or in happier days
    And lightens my loads, removes my mental grimes,
    Makes sure that once again, I am happy and gay –
    It’s Sai, indeed He is my one and trusted true Friend;

    He feels the deep anguish and pain inside me
    He understands all the worries filled inside me,
    He feels the deep hunger that does gnaw at me,
    He is the One, who knows fully my heart’s desires
    He is the One, who truly quenches all my fires
    For He is my true Friend – lives deep inside me,
    His image fills my heart, His eyes make me see
    That come what may – Sai is always my Friend,
    To such a Holy Precious Dependable True Friend –
    I humbly send all my sincere thanks to my Sai
    For, indeed He is my only lovable, wonderful Friend;

    Sai is the One who teaches me to be humble
    He is the One, who does not let me grumble,
    Sai is the One who clearly makes me to see
    That He is the One, who fills me with glee
    As He swiftly removes all that troubles me,
    He catches me tightly, stops all my tumbles
    Gives me confidence to move on, not fumble,
    Such a perfectly, loyal dependable Friend –
    It’s my Sai, my sweet Lord, who helps to fend
    All my worries away, clears my simple mind,
    He is the One, who stretches His loving arms
    To embrace my mind, heart and soul in paradise,
    Truly, this dear Friend is so unbelievably nice –
    All that He has asked are His two simple pies
    Shraddha and Saburi – two sides of same coin,
    I hope my Sai – I may steadfastly offer this coin
    To You, who are my truly lovable precious Friend
    And thence make You forever mine, O’Lord Sai
    You are the One, who has bestowed this paradise
    To me, with all Your love, compassion, blessings
    Truly honoured I am, with You as my true Friend;

    What would I ever do, without You, O’ my Friend
    If it were not for You, lost I would have become,
    But that was not to be, for with grace You did descend
    From Your Heavenly Abode, to make me Your friend,
    Truly humbled by Your kind grace, I have become --
    O’ Sai may You always remain my trusted Friend
    And bless me always, help me to forever mend
    My inadvertent, inappropriate ways, truly send
    Me on the righteous path to reach Your Holy Feet,
    My Sai, praise be to You, as I stand humbly to greet
    You, as Your loving image fills completely my heart;
    Dear sweet Lord, You have so blessed my heart
    With the honour of having YOU as my true Friend,
    I hope this will be so, in all the lives I have to live
    This is all that I do simply ask for You to give –
    More than anything else in this cosmic journey
    May Your Friendship guide me through tourneys
    That come my way – help me to safely reach You
    Without the slightest trouble, and truly see You,
    O’ sweet precious Friend indeed, I do so need You
    Now and always, Lord – help me to stay with You.

    O’ Sai my trusted dependable loving beautiful Friend
    May You accept my sincere thanks, Lord of mine.

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    « Reply #1 on: November 16, 2010, 02:28:01 AM »
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    • sai ke charno me koti koti pranam
    « Reply #2 on: November 16, 2010, 02:40:52 AM »
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  • Hi,

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    please stop doing adverstiment . this is a spritual forum .
    sabke dil me baste hi ushe sai sai kehte hai
    jai sainath

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    « Reply #3 on: May 30, 2011, 06:08:48 AM »
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  • Na koi hai , na koi tha
    zindagi me tumhare siwa
    tum dena sath mera oh SAi Maa

    Jab koi batt bigad jaye, jab koi mushkil pad jaye
    tum dena sath mera oh SAi Maa
    Jai Sai Ram
    Sai teri "Kami" bhi hai, tera "Ehsaas" bhi hai....

    Sai tu "Door" bhi hai mujhse par "Paas" bhi hai......

    Khuda ne yun nwaza hai teri "Bhakti" se mujhko.....


    Khuda ka "Shukr" bhi hai aur khud pe "Naaz" bhi hai..


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