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Author Topic: Praying to U Mere Sai  (Read 6916 times)

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Praying to U Mere Sai
« on: June 25, 2005, 02:34:42 AM »
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    O "Shri Sai baba"  hear our prayers.
    Lord Grant us strength to be away from temptation when we are tempted.
    Grant us courage when we are afraid.
    Please guide us when we do not know what to do.
    Give us a cheerful heart when we are discouraged.
    Do Comfort us when life brings us sorrow.
    Help us to be persevering when things are difficult.
    May Your love and peace prevail so that nothing may take away our joy.


    Bow to Sri Sai - Raksha Karo Deva !!!
    Bow to Sri Sai - Raksha Karo Deva !!!


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