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Title: The real story of Saibaba!-1
Post by: sayipriya on February 10, 2010, 01:08:34 AM

                       A savior was born in distant Pathri,
                       in Nizam state, the year 1835,
                       28 September is the date, Sai came,
                       as a little babe to Devagiri!

                       Who is this devout mother and who
                       the father, the world asked but none knew,
                       It was the turn of Sathya Sai to reveal,
                       on 28 September some time during the 90s.

                       Baba made this declaration,
                       His previous birth was in Pathri, this time in Parthi,
                       only a change of syllable!
                       From the obscure place in Nizam state.

                       It was the boon that Shiva granted,
                       To the devout Devagiri,
                       Parvathi too granted boons!
                       what a holy story to read?

                       The couple had no issues!
                       they were pious unto the brim!
                       The father Gangabava, plying a boat
                       across the river to eke out a living.

                       Heavy storm and fierce wind,
                       disturbing the rest of Gangabava,
                       forced him to leave to the riverbed,
                       to safeguard his little boat! .........to be contd...Sairam, Sayipriya