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Author Topic: The real story of Saibaba-2  (Read 1029 times)

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The real story of Saibaba-2
« on: February 11, 2010, 01:18:31 AM »
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  •                 Gangabhava, the devout husband,
                    was in the river bed, the mother in her abode,
                    awaiting his arrival, slept due to tiredness.

                    There was a knock at the door, in the night,
                    thinking her husband is back, she  opened the door,
                    there stood a grand old man, requesting her shelter,
                    she showed the front verandah for the old man to rest!

                    suddenly there was again  a knock at the door,
                    this time due to hunger of the old man,
                    Devagiri provided him with rice and curd,
                    she bolted the door again  to rest!

                    Again, there was a knock, there the old man,
                    He demanded some maid to press his aching feet!
                    Unable to comply the request, she went to the puja corner,
                    she prayed to mother Parvati to help her in this situation!

                    She went to the hutment behind,
                    enquired about the help from some maids,
                    Finding no response, she came back with heavy heart,
                    Suddenly there was a knock  again, this time from a maid!

                    The maid came for doing service to the old man!
                    with great relief, Devagiri returned to her bed,
                    Who has knocked the door now? thought  the mother,
                    this time she opened to find, "Shiva Parvathi" at her door!

                    She fell at their feet to receive  their boons unasked!
                    Devagiri! said Shiva, we are pleased with your devotion!
                    I am the old man, and the maid  Parvati,
                    came to test you to grant you  boons!

                    She was  overwhelmed by the sudden grace,
                    that the Divine couple bestowed on her,
                    Parvati said, she will have a baby girl,
                    She can get the merit of "Kanyadan"!

                    Shiva added, I will myself will become your son,
                    granting such nice boons to Devagiri, the couple vanished!
                    No sleep for Devagiri,
                    Awaiting her husband in the morning!
                    To narrate the wonderful events,
                    Gangabhava thought 'she is insane',
                    How his tatched home can witness Shiva?
                    He told her to keep her mouth shut!

                    Devagiri became pregnant, a girl was born!
                    Gangabhava could not believe!
                    Again she was carrying a babe!
                    it was Sai, this time! be contd.....Sairam,Sayipriya.



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