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Author Topic: WHISPERS FROM THEE, O’SAIJI  (Read 1445 times)

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« on: August 30, 2010, 02:32:48 AM »
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  • Silent whispers blown into my ears, O’Saiji
    Or instant visions crossing my mind’s eyes
    At times, just an ecstatic feeling of thrill
    Are so many ways You help us to subtly see
    The beautiful gracious nature of Lord Saiji;
    My precious Sai, whose image I wish to see
    Every moment, nano-second, if I may so will,
    Pray that my wish comes true, O’Lord Saiji;

    Day in – day out, Your image fills the face
    Of my fellow beings, ready to lovingly erase
    Feelings of despair that have engulfed my heart,
    When I find myself lost, unable to at all start
    My day in bliss – O’Sai, its then, YOU just light
    The darkened path, and fill this aching heart
    With Your sparkling mystical eyes, and delight
    This broken lost and wandering simple soul
    Pray O’Lord, may YOU ever remain my life’s goal
    Is my sincere plea from this wistful heart and soul;

    Why do I at all fear, when You are always there
    Are comforting words You, gave to us all,
    Take just one step, without a fear, towards me
    And be assured, ten steps towards you, in glee
    I shall surely take, and fully hear your call
    Whenever you have in sincerity, made a plea;
    See ME in every being, every creature’s form
    Make such a desire as your every day norm,
    Then, never shall you find yourself lost
    As a wandering soul in raging fire or frost,
    Look at ME, think of ME, and see ME everywhere

    More than anything else, O’my Lord kind Saiji
    Help me to always behold You as far as my eye can see,
    To love You, think of You, cherish You till eternity
    May my entire being be filled with Your Holy Trinity
    Are my silent whispers sent to Thee, O’kind Saiji.


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