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Author Topic: XVI. BABA'S LOVE TO MR. MBR.  (Read 1831 times)

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    578.   Baba to MBR.: a graduate, when he first came and bowed to him:What! Do you worship a man?
    MBR was stunned by the remark (or rebuff rather) and plunged in despair. Then finally when Baba was alone he approached him. Baba beckoned him to approach and after MBR. placed his head upon Baba's feet, embraced him and seated him near himself.
    Baba.: You are my child, When others, i.e., strangers, are in the company, we keep the children off.
    After MBR.   began the japa of Sai's name.   Baba sent for him.
    Baba.: What were you doing in the morning?
    R.: Japa.
    Baba.: Of what name?
    R.: Of my God?
    Baba.: What is your God?
    R.: You know it.
    Baba. (smiling). That is right.
    Baba therby expressly approved of Sai Nana Jap3 and the maintenance of secrecy about one's religious Sadhana.
    On one occasion (a Guru Poornima perhaps) when all devotees (except MBR) had brought and placed garlands upon Baba. R. was mortified at his own forgetting to bring a garland. Then Baba lifting up a bundle off garlands from his body, said to MBR.-All these are yours.
    MBR was  identifying himself with Baba and in  1915, at Rana Navami.  tried to gel Baba's approval and sanction for that identification. At Rama Navaml, numerous devotees placed new clothes before Baba so that he play touch and return them. MBR. brought a very fine pacca muslin (bought for Rs.85/-) kept it inside his shirt and then bowing to Baba slyly thrust the muslin under Baba's gadi, when no one noticed it. MBR was resolved that if Baba cared for his love, the muslin should be retained and not returned by Baba, as Baba and he, were one. When all clothes were returned, Baba got up.
    Baba.: I say, clear off all that lies on the gadi (mattress) and dust it.
    The mattress was removed and the muslin packet was revealed.
    Baba.: (Picking it up and spreading it out) Hallo! What is this! Muslin! I am not going to return this. This is mine.
    Baba then wore it over his body and turning to MBR. Said: Do I not look nice in this?
    MBR. was overjoyed to see that Baba recognised that he and MBR.were one and accepted the present in that spirit.
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