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Author Topic: SPIRITUAL GEMS FROM SAI SATCHARITRA!  (Read 2354 times)

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    Sai Ram. Baba always used cryptic words to convey profound truths, so that only those who were blessed enough will understand the meaning and others will not. Many times, devotees realized only much later the  significance of Baba's remarks. "Then after some time when Baba returned, and preparations for the noon-Arati were being made, Bapusaheb Jog asked Moolay Shastri, whether he would accompany him for the Arati. He replied that he would see Baba in the afternoon. Very soon Baba sat on his seat, was worshipped by the devotees and Arati commenced. Then Baba said - "Get some Dakshina from the new (Nasik) Brahmin." Booty himself went to get the Dakshina; and when he gave Baba's message to Moolay Shastri, he was surely perplexed. He thought in his mind thus: "I am a pure Agnihotri Brahmin, why should I pay Dakshina? Baba may be a great Saint. I am not His dependent." Sai Ram. This is the working of Moolay Shastri's ego, which divided him from his Guru and from Sai. I am pure, I am a sinner.... all these are the workings of the ego, which wants to stay, separate from the One from whom it came, not realizing the unity of the whole. Sai organized such dramas and help us to realize our true nature which is not different from that of Sai. "But as a great Saint like Sai Baba was asking for Dakshina through a millionaire like Booty, he could not refuse. So leaving his routine unfinished, he started forthwith with Booty to the Dwarakamayi. Thinking himself of being holy, sacred and Dwarakamayi- otherwise, he remained at a distance while joining his hands, threw flowers at Baba. Then lo! All of a sudden, he saw no Baba on the seat, but saw his late Guru Gholap Swami there." Sai Ram. What a beautiful leela? What a wonderful way of teaching exotic spiritual lessons to ordinary souls like us? Baba's cryptic prophecy that He would don safron colored robes that day was fulfilled! "He was wonder-stuck. Could this be a dream? No, it was not, as he was wide awake; but though awake, how could his late Guru Gholap be there? He was speechless for some time. He pinched himself and thought again, but could not reconcile the fact  of his late Guru Gholap being in the Dwarakamayi. Ultimately, setting aside all doubts, he went up, fell at his Guru's feet and then getting up stood there with folded hands."

    Sai Ram. Whenever I read this story it brings tears to my eyes. Tears of sorrow that we too are struck in the mire of ignorance because of our ego. Though Moolay Shastri studied the Six Shastras, he did not study Vidhya, the knowledge that destroys the ego. In fact all worldly knowledge is classified as Avidhya, the ignorance. Only that which snaps the bondage of ignorance, which keeps us tied to the wheel of karma through the seeds of desires, is truly called Vidhya. Baba took pity on Moolay Shastri (especially since he was already a good disciple of a great guru Gholap Swami) and thereby on similar ignorant folk like us by showing Moolay shastri- the Oneness of the Moolam i.e. root. Moolay probably is derived from Moola, which in Sanskrit stands for Root as the root of all is the Para Brahman, and the root of all this visible Samsara is Maya. Moolay Shastri was indeed fortunate.

    Being a Guruputra of a great Guru, and being a staunch follower of Dharma, he was rewarded by this great vision. "Other people sang Baba's Arati, while Moolay Shastri chanted his Guru's name. Then casting off all pride of caste and ideas about sacredness, he fell flat at his Guru's feet and closed his eyes. When he got up and opened his eyes, he saw Baba asking for Dakshina. Seeing Baba's blissful form, and His inconceivable power, Moolay Shastri forgot himself. He was extremely pleased, his eyes were full of tears of joy. He again saluted Baba and gave the Dakshina. He said that his doubt was removed and that he saw his own Guru. On seeing his wonderful Leela of Baba all the people, including Moolay Shastri, were much moved, and they too realized the meaning of Baba's words, "Bring Geru, we shall don saffron-colored garment." Such is the wonderful Leela of Baba."

    Sai Ram. We too are fortunate in that we are firmly holding on to Sai's lotus feet to cross the Ocean of Samsar. So tears of sorrow will be converted to tears of joy if we catch hold of Sai's feet firmly and like Moolay Shastri prostrate at Sai's feet. We shall round off this Chapter in the next issue, where we shall see how Sai showed His oneness with God Rama. Sai Ram. - 8.QUINTESSENCE OF SRI SAIBABA'S PHILOSOPHY: (By Late Sri Bharam UmamaheswaraRao)




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