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Title: baba a prayer from deep in ma heart
Post by: saibeti on January 22, 2006, 12:05:32 AM
hey baba
i just wnated to have little chat wiht u . so i thout i can tell u. baba u know that now how much i trust u. after u get me out of ma big probelms i really trust u more than anybody. u said that nothing will happen without your will. so whatever is happning is what u want to happned. right>? baba u been halping a lot but baba i am still getting unsuccess for something. u know at waht?however, baba i stiill turst u that i willget success. most important is u r with me. i don't believe that ppl says that it cuz there is some wrong with your KUNDLI. or black magic. baba u can do anyhting for me. i know i will get success. as u know it s ma and your dream to come true. sitll i get little upset with it today so i wanted to share with u. whenever i will get that success i will surely believe that today my trust won. just waitting 4 that day. cuz been waitting 4 it and no SUCCESS.just give me that i get strong confident and make ma self strong instad of having sympathy at ma self.this is your will baba cuz otherwise y it woudn't ahppen? k baba. thanks 4 everyhting. i love u so mcuh.
           jai sai ram.