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Author Topic: For the sake of God justice can be violated  (Read 319 times)

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For the sake of God justice can be violated
« on: April 27, 2010, 11:17:43 PM »
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  • For the sake of God justice can be violated
    God establishes justice in this world in serious way (Dharma samsthapanathaya….. Gita). But the same God in the same  Gita says finally at the end that one should violate even Dharma for His sake (Sarva dharman parityajya….). This is not a contradiction at all. You must follow the justice and discard injustice in your behavior towards other souls in this world. But when you realize God, you have to sacrifice even the justice for the sake of God. This is a point of contrast.

     The more powerful the villain, the more powerful will be the projection of hero. The more firm the Dharma, the more love to God is expressed in violating such Dharma. Therefore, the firmness and rigidity in establishment of Dharma is directly proportional to the love expressed to God in violating such dharma for His sake.

    Let us take the example of naked Gopikas saluting the Krishna . A lady cannot come out in naked posture before a male. That is against the justice and leads the lady to the hell for punishment. Apart from this threat of hell, a lady is characterized by lot of shy in standing like that and no lady can overcome the shy in such a situation under any circumstances. In the case of Gopikas this violation of justice and shy might have been done because Krishna is God. For the sake of God justice can be violated and even the shy can be overcome because God is the creator and is aware of everything in this world. There is an excuse in this scene. But there is a similar example which is more serious.

    Shri Manikya prabhu was the incarnation of God Datta and Smt Subbamma was His topmost devotee. Other devotees were jealous about this. One day the Lord called her by name while she was taking bath. Subbamma came running into the court in which all the devotees of the Lord were sitting. She was completely nude and did not wear the sari to avoid delay in following the order of the Lord. All the devotees were astonished. The Lord threw a cloth on her and asked her to go back. She went away. The Lord looked at the faces of the devotees which were bent with repentence. This sin is more severe test than the scene of Gopikas. Here Subbamma stands naked not only before the Lord but also before all other human beings for the sake of the Lord by crossing shy and justice.

    Gopikas stood before the Lord only. When the Lord faces the exceptional devotion of such top most devotees, He is immensely pleased. Such immense pleasure is the aim of this entire creation and establishment of justice is the background in contrast. If Subbamma comes out like that on the call of any person, then there is no speciality of the scene and Subbamma shall be simply a mentally derailed lady. In such a case the background will not serve any purpose to the God.

    At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

    Anil Antony
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