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Author Topic: Please Help Me Today on Gurupournima day really something inauspicious happened  (Read 2371 times)

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Offline Sai Ki Beti

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I am really really very upset today. Today is GuruPournima day and really something very inauspicious happened with me. I was cleaning my alter and making it ready for today's Pooja I was wiping the idol of my Sai and it broke will wiping it never fell but it broke in my hands as I was wiping bab's face My Baba's face got seperated from the neck poori tarah se alag ho gaya. What happened from my hands today why did it happen This was my first small orange colour idol of Baba. Today is my Guru's day my Sai pita's day and what did this happened Please help me I am totally shattered and scared what indication is this given to me I mended the idol with the Quick fast and kept it on my altar As I had read earlier that If any of your family member's any part of the body is broken toh Will you throw away that member of yours  or will you immerse him in water or will you get the full treatment done of you family member Than How Can you immerse the idol of Sai in water when You Perhaps believe that He is your family member. I am really very scared please can anybody help me by telling me What does the breaking of Baba's idol on the gurupournima day indicate Is something Bad going to happen. Oh my Sai Help me. Please please let me know what does this mean.

Warm regards,
Sai ki beti
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Offline gunj

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Om sai ram saiki betiji

i dont know what indication baba is giving u but i can tell u ghar mein koi bhi god ki khandit murti nahi rakhte ye humare buzurg keh gaye hai,apko sai ki moorti ko pani me visarjit karna hoga aur ek nayi sai i pratima lani hogi ghar mein ghar mein tuti murat rakhna abshakoon managaya hai.
aap bus sai se prathan kare aur apni familly aur apna dyan rakhe,baba apna ashirwad aap pe rakhe ye dua karti hu main

om sai ram

Offline bheemagari

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i am very disappointed reading this...dont worry fren, baba will wont let u go down.
but please immerse the idol in water and get another idol..before keeping that in pooja mandir,pray to baba for your mistakes and ask him to forgive the sin...

am sure no one can answer wat was babaji's intension happening this on auspicious day....

but u can get answer from baba himself..... please ask the question to baba and see the baba's answer book or in parayan...u will definetly get the answer

god bless u
Om Sai Ram

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Sai baba is not limited to the idol but is present everywhere. I remember once a photo of sai baba fell and the glass split into two. We got it a new golden frame.

Om Sai Ram.

Offline rr_sai_bhakt

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Dear Sai ki beti,

Sometimes Sai Baba protects his devotees from some calamities and takes on that hurt on Himself ... so the fact that the Sai Baba idol broke means Sai Baba has protected you and your family from some unknown problem and has taken on that hurt on Himself ...

So why do you think this is inauspicious?

You should be thankful to Sai for protecting you and your family ...

Om Shri Sai Samarth ...

Offline sai ji ka narad muni

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Baba only wanted you to get a new idol on such an auspicious day, thats it.
That happens...
This happened with a lady i knew, then after her sai baba idol broke like yours,she got a अष्टधातु साईं मूर्ती as a gift which was brought from shirdi. Lucky lady ;D
जिस कर्म से भगवद प्रेम और भक्ति बढ़े वही सार्थक उद्योग हैं।
ॐ साईं राम

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Offline DGS

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Jai Sai Ram  Sai ki Beti.
Please don't worry. I agree with fellow Sai devotees that Baba has protected you and your family from some calamity and taken that suffering on Himself. And also he wanted you to worship his new idol. :-).

Baba will never put us down. He Himself protects us from all calamities. Do you think He will let anything happen inauspicious... His own idol..., and that too on Gurupoornima.... !!!!

Baba's blessings.



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