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Author Topic: Real love or Bhakti is beyond all norms and proedures  (Read 605 times)

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Real love or Bhakti is beyond all norms and proedures
« on: November 08, 2016, 11:12:56 AM »
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  • The quality of service reflecting the extent of surrender pleases God. Love is beyond all the norms and procedures. Before love, formalities have no meaning. Sometimes, God orders to see the value given by the devotee to Him.

    On a pious day, Sai Baba ordered a Brahmin devotee to kill a goat. The Brahmin was ready to do it, but Sai Baba ultimately stopped him. The devotee was tested not because God wants to know the stage of devotion of the devotee. Instead, God wants to make the devotee to know his own stage. God does not need anything from anybody.

    Norms and procedures do not improve the devotion. The devotion is improved only by the extent of right knowledge about God. Through analysis, you can remove the misunderstandings and arrive at the right knowledge. The quality and quantity of the right knowledge of God (Brahmajnanam) alone generates and improves the power of the devotion.

    When the context of expression of love to God arises, the reaction of the devotee is spontaneous like a tsunami in which all the procedures and norms get drowned. We find several institutes to improve knowledge and all the qualities of various issues, but there is no training institute for improving the love, which is spontaneous attraction. The ways and procedures of expression of real love are immaterial.



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