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Author Topic: SADGURUVANDA - SHREESAISACHHARIT  (Read 654 times)

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« on: July 07, 2016, 03:52:18 AM »
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    Shreesaisaccharit - My beloved Sadguru Saibaba's Accharit .. While reading this Grantha I realized my Sadguru never takes credit to Him at all. He (Sainath) always praises His Sadguru . He always chants "Alla Malik" .We read many Leela occured in thousands of devotee's life. But Saibaba always used to give credit to His ALLA MALIK. He used to be separate or totally apart from credit of any miracle or any Leela happened in any devotee's life.

    Hemandpantaji writes
    आतून सकळ खेळ खेळिसी।
    अलिप्ततेचा झेंडा मिरविसी।
    करोनि अकर्ता स्वये म्हणविसी।
    न कळे कवणासी चरित्र तुझे ॥

    साईनाथजी, आप ही सकल (सारे) खेल खेलते हो।
    और साथ ही अलिप्तता का ध्वज भी फहराते रहते हो।
    कर्ता होकर भी स्वयं को अकर्ता कहलवाते हो।
    न जान सके कोई चरित्र आपका ॥
    Really to understand His Charitra is very difficult task. It was a great pleasure to read article about Shreesaisaccharit and understand meaning of real SADGURUVANDANA .

    Hemadpantaji writes about SADGURUVANDANA. He tells us how was his bhav towards Saibaba. Once He met Saibaba and surrenders himself at His lotus feet then he never turned to any other Deity . Sai was Ganeshji, Sai was Saraswatiji for him. Hemadpantaji never dishonoured any deity never criticised any other God form as he knew his Saibaba will not like this. 
    Hemadpantaji teaches us total surrender at His lotus feet. He always considered Saibaba as his GOD, almighty, the Ultimate power! So he teaches us how to follow SAIBABA's words , His teachings in day to day life.

    The author has explained the meaning of SADGURUVANDANA in easy manner .
    Sai devotees will love to read about SADGURUVANDANA which was actually expected by their beloved Saibaba in detail. Hence sharing the link -

    Please share your views about Sadguruvandana .

    With regards

    Suneeta Karande


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