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Author Topic: Video: 'Reduce Gold Tributes to GOD' - Reserve Bank Of India  (Read 1718 times)

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In 2012, India, the world’s largest consumer of Gold, imported 860 tonnes of it & with the price hovering  
around Rs.3,000 per gram = a bill of about 2.54 trillion rupees. And gold imports are likely to reach 900 tonnes in 2013,
on a higher demand despite the Government curbs on its shipments to rein in the Current Account Deficit,
says a top official of the World Gold Council. The Fallen Rupee is also proving to be the worst performing Asian currency.

Tonnes of gold is lying idle in the Temple vaults across the country
with more gold offerings from devotees adding to it on a regular basis.
Many rich devotees offer gold and silver in temples due to their faith in God in this country.
They also donate gold idols of Deities or offer to cover temple-domes with gold.

Just 1 temple in Kerala has over 100,000 crore ($18 billion) worth of gold and jewellery beyond the dressings of the deity.
The Tirupati temple even deposits 1.2 ton of gold a year with SBI and supposedly had 200 tons of gold.

The Sai Baba Temple @ Shirdi has about 300 kg Gold, 4,000 kg Silver and Diamonds worth Rs.3.5 Crore in its kitty.
Of the 300 kgs Gold with the Shirdi Sansthan, more than a 100 kgs of it is lying idle in vaults for years.
Shri.Kishore More, Executive Officer of the Shirdi Trust said that after keeping the stipulated amount of Gold/Silver,
all the excess should be brought out in the market through auctions to enable to curb the inflating prices of gold.


Infact, all temples in India together hold much more gold than it's Central bank - the RBI.
Now, the Gold offerings at Temples have come under the scanner of the Reserve Bank of India.
In 2012, RBI's Deputy Governor Dr K.C.Chakrabarty had suggested that in order to keep Gold prices
under check, the practice of giving gold as dowry or as an offering at Religious places must be Curbed.
He said that 90% of the gold demand is for jewellery or to offer to God and both have to stop !
The Deputy Governor noted that Indian society's obsession with gold
was an archaic idea of pre-historic times when India was a rich society of abundance.

"Wearing gold as an ornament was a culture when you were a rich society,
when you were contributing to 30% of the GDP of the world.
Today, we have become a poor country, we need to change our culture," he added.

For centuries, Indian households have had a twin tradition - buying gold during auspicious occasions
largely in the form of jewellery, and offering gold to their Gods as a form of appeasement or in gratitude.
Both need to change, said Mr.Chakrabarty, stressing on the need for a shift in people's social and cultural attitudes
towards gold to cut its demand. This, he feels, will help ease the current account situation,
especially "since investing in gold is non-productive".

A proposal to that effect has been sent by RBI to the Central Government pointing that money invested in gold
gets accumulated at one place like a Temple and cannot be used for various projects important from the viewpoint
of development of this country. If the matter is not given serious consideration, it can further affect
the adverse economy of this country.

If Mr.Chakrabarty could have his way, he would have Indians donating only 2 carat gold instead of 22 carats to temples.
"Yes, if it is of religious value, it is the Faith, (then) why do you require ornaments of 22 carats gold?

If yOu feel sOmething is wrOng abOve !
well then.....everything is wrOng belOw !!!


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Re: Video: 'Reduce Gold Tributes to GOD' - Reserve Bank Of India
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  • Jai Sai Ram.....

    Nice thought and if all people and devotees have same thought I am sur poverty and crime will be vanish in all over the world..

    Awake Awake Awake!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jai Sai Ram

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    Re: Video: 'Reduce Gold Tributes to GOD' - Reserve Bank Of India
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  • जय साईं राम
    राजा बली को दान देने से रोकने वाले असुर गुरु शुक्राचार्य की आँख फूट गई थी , उसी समय।
    भक्तो को दान देते देख जो टांग अडाता हैं उसका यही हाल होता हैं।
    जिस कर्म से भगवद प्रेम और भक्ति बढ़े वही सार्थक उद्योग हैं।
    ॐ साईं राम

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