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Author Topic: Who is God (Divine)?  (Read 5079 times)

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Who is God (Divine)?
« on: December 28, 2017, 04:14:22 AM »
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  • OM SAI RAM !!!

    Who is God (Divine)?

    (Interesting article .....found on the net.................... sharing with you all :) )

    As per our knowledge and belief we can say that God is the one who is the creator
    of all things or we can say an "impersonal life force energy"

    But the question is does God really exists and if yes then
    how can we see him or feel him?

    Fainted..... With such kind of questions. Ohh God where is God,
    why he wrote this destiny for me....hmmm.. It happened with me also
    and I still didn't get a proper answer yet. But I like to share something
    which I understand with the grace of my gurus and ascended masters.

    We cannot define what exactly God is. But God is the one who plays t
    hree roles, he is the creator, he is the maintainer and he is the destroyer.
    There are many people who wrote many things about God, but what we
    understand, nothing.... Something...

    Before understanding God or Divine we need to first understand Divinity.
    Now another question is what is Divinity? Ohh God... One more question...
    Fed up.. Hmmm.

    Let me explain in simple manner. Divinity, as per English dictionary, is godliness,
    holiness, blessedness, but what it is exactly no one really knows because it is part
    of acceptance. Divinity is nothing than a Quality of being Rational towards your
    life purpose and live in a systematic way to complete your task here for
    which you have taken birth in order to spread unconditional love and happiness to mankind.

    We all have the qualities that we can create, maintain and can destroy anything.
    So if the philosophy or belief says that they are qualities of God then we are also a
    God but there is little bit difference between him and us. Yes.... He (God /Divine) placed
    everything in us which he has and at the end he kept one empty space for us to fill it
    with the destiny which we want to create. We can choose any path which is suitable for us
    according to our judgment and capabilities.

    But what we do exactly? We fill that space with expectations which are really only
    materialistic which take us towards jealousy, sadness and suffering badly.

    Dear friends Divinity is non other than "acceptance ". It's upon you what you accept
    and then what you apply in your life. Are you ready for a change or not but with keeping
    patience. We can create this and if we want to maintain a good life then we must have
    patience otherwise the things which we created will only destroy us. “Creation, maintain
    and destroy” are the three pillars of Divinity in our lives. A chair (normally a chair has
    four pillars) and by which you can build the last and forth one pillar of your life
    chair is called "God ".

    God is the imminent fragrance of your soul, which is really impersonal.

    God, that you never try to see or smell or understand, he is the forth and last one pillar
    of your life chair. But another three pillars are not stable so we cannot build the whole chair.
    The Chair on which we can sit as we want and do anything good for everyone and for ourselves.
    So understand these facts before defining God. If he is not in us then he doesn't exist
    and if there is God then he is definitely in us too. And we can reach that divinity, towards
    that God, only by Acceptance because there is nothing exists like a God, Divinity or
    Good if there is no complete "Acceptance ".

    Some may not agree with my thoughts or some may get hurt, but the fact is a fact
    which I understand so I presented you the same. In English language there are many
    meanings for one word, so it's upon you which one you choose to understand this article.

    BE BLESSED !!!
    LOVE & LIGHT !!!


    JAI SAI RAM !!!

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    ईश्वर कहाँ है?
    « Reply #1 on: December 28, 2017, 04:50:03 AM »
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  • ॐ साईं राम !!!

    ईश्वर कहाँ है?

    जिन खोजा तिन पाइयाँ गहरे पानी पैठ।
    मैं बौरि खोजन गई रही किनारे बैठ॥

    ईश्वर को ढूँढ़ने के लिए, उसे प्राप्त करने के लिए हम नाना प्रकार के प्रयत्न करते हैं,
    पर उसे नहीं पाते, कहते हैं कि वह सर्वत्र है, वह सब जगह हैं,
    पर फिर भी हमें क्यों नहीं दीखता?

    उसे प्राप्त करने को धन, वैभव, जीवन तक नष्ट करते हैं, पर पाते नहीं,
    अन्त में निराश हो कहते हैं कि-ईश्वर नहीं हैं।

    भाई ईश्वर हैं! पर उसे खोजने में गलती कर रहे हो, हम उसे धन वैभव से नहीं पा सकते,
    अगर उसे पाना हैं तो प्रेम करना सीखो प्राणी मात्र से प्रेम करो,
    जड़ चेतन से प्रेम करो, आत्मा से प्रेम करो।

    उसे पाने को जंगल में जाने की, धूनी रमाने की, धन वैभव कष्ट करने की, कोई आवश्यकता नहीं हैं।
    जब वह सर्वत्र है तो आपके पास भी होगा, होगा नहीं-हैं। कहाँ? आपके शरीर में।

    जिसे आप आत्मा कहते हैं क्या आपने कभी अपनी आत्मा की आवाज पर ध्यान दिया हैं?
    नहीं यही कारण है कि आप उसे ढूँढ़ने पर भी नहीं पाते।

    विचार करो! जब तुम बोलते हों, चलते हों, काम करते हों, सोचते हो या शुभ काम करने की
    प्रेरणा होती है तो वह कहाँ से और कौन करता या कहता हैं?

    जब तुम किसी को कष्ट पहुँचाने का विचार कर चलते हो और तुम्हें अन्दर से कोई रोकता हैं कि
    ऐसा न करो वह कौन हैं? वह अपने अन्दर मौजूद हैं, उसे अपने अन्दर ही प्राप्त किया जा सकता हैं।

    ॐ साईं राम, श्री साईं राम, जय जय साईं राम !!!

    JAI SAI RAM !!!


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