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Author Topic: Why God does not give us memory of our past lives  (Read 2145 times)

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Why God does not give us memory of our past lives
« on: April 22, 2017, 01:43:17 PM »
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  • The Veda says that the past memory of the hell or previous birth is nipped off by the nails of God (Paraanchi Khaani...). This means that the memory in us is lost by the will of God only.

    The reason is that if the memory of hell remains, the individual will just shiver with fear and will be unable to do anything or even to read the scripture.

    This is not desirable to God, who likes the soul to start a fresh life forgetting \the past and achieve not only the worldly goals but also spiritual goals.

    Similarly, if the memory of the previous births exists in the mind of the human being, such a human being will utterly be confused due to millions of family bonds that appear whenever it goes out of the house.

    In such a confusion, the human being will become mad and the same situation of inactivity results. Hence, everything set up by God has its own meaning.

    Do not criticise God in a hasty manner.

    A passenger suffering from heat in summer once came under a huge Neem tree to rest for some time. He thought that God is foolish because the huge tree had tiny fruits whereas the tender pumpkin creeper was loaded with very big fruits.

    Thinking like this, he slept for some time. He awoke after some time and found tiny fruits that had fallen on him from the tree. Then he realised his mistake thinking that he was foolish whereas God is very wise. If the huge tree had proportionally huge fruits, his head would have been broken by the fruits that had fallen on him!

    Therefore, patience must be the first quality of the spiritual knowledge as said by Shankara (Shamadamaadi...).



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