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Radio Shirdi Sai
« on: November 03, 2008, 02:11:50 AM »
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  • Om Sai Ram
    With the blessings and grace of  Shri Shirdi Sai ,  the first ever online Shirdi Sai baba radio  will be broadcasting,-  leela's of Baba thru His bhajans in hindi, telugu, marathi and gujrati,  Sai Mahima , Sai amritwani, Sai mantra ,Sai Satcharitra prayaan ,discourses ,Geeta Gyan , Vishnu Sahasaram and much much more. I will be hosting it from this thursday.. I will also be sharing my experiences and experiences of other Sai devotees thru this media. This is the first ever online radio dedicated to the lotus feet of Shri Shirdi Sai baba. Just by listening to this radio, Sai devotees will feel the bliss of  Baba and His leela's around them. You can go to  to listen to this radio  [ password- omsrisai ]or for knowing  the weekly program guide and to post your request, suggestions ,feedback and comments- plz visit . You will also find a lot of important information at this site in the coming weeks.
    Besides, the Shirdi Saibaba radio, you will also find links to everything related to Shirdi Saibaba at  including the latest Saibaba serial episodes , movies, download links for bhajans,latest news from shirdi, udi for sai devotees around the world , free Sai Satcharitra books and wonderful pictures of Baba. You will also find slide shows which have a collection of more than 600 pictures of Shirdi Sai.  All this and much more could never have been possible without Sai's blessings which I want to share with all his other devotees.
    Plz forward this email to all your family and friends and do let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can improve this blog .
    With humble pranams at the feet of Sai...

    "Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu

    Gurur Devoh Maheshwar;

    Gurur Shakshat Parambramha

    Tashmai Shri Gurur Veh Namah"

    May the Merciful Sri Sai Baba always shower His grace on us and our families and remove our problems and anxieties by giving us all - strength , goodluck, success and happiness with peace of mind.
    Sai bhakt,
    Deepa H
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