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Title: My humble prayer to show your grace and pity in my marriage
Post by: LakshmiNarayanan on February 05, 2013, 01:25:49 PM

Baba inner ruler of all souls in the universe, who know my actions and true intentions of mine.
I believe the dhakshina "Faith and Patience" is best i am capable to offer at any moment of my life time to you.

There are many suggestions and directions received from many people i have meet for my life partner search. But I believe in your word and expect me to expect the partner whom I am eligible for. Above all your mercy and blessing on me is primary cause of my existence in all of my life challenges.

I bow to you and promise you I will take care of my life partner's peace and good living till my last breath. Please give me permission and bless me with knowledge to understand, identify and reach my life partner.

Age: 32 Years
Origin: Bangalore, Coimbatore
Profession: Sr. Design Engineer in embedded systems (expecting change of job)
Email id : lakshminarayananrajamanickam@yahoo.in