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Author Topic: Allah Is Sole Protector Says Shirdi Sai Baba  (Read 131455 times)

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Re: Allah Is Sole Protector Says Shirdi Sai Baba
« Reply #90 on: June 30, 2012, 09:23:51 AM »
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  • Experiences Of The Tarkhad Family.

    The Tarkhad family started worshiping Sai Baba on daily basis and on Thursday evening they used to perform the Arati collectively at their residence. Virendra's grandmother was completely at peace of mind and she was very happy that her headache had disappeared forever.

    She was now getting attracted more towards spiritualism. She started reading spiritual books regularly. Once she expressed her desire to Jyotindra of going on a pilgrimage to Holy Pandharpur and to take Darshan of Lord Vithoba. She went on to inform him that, the holy books suggest that before one parts with this world, one should visit Pandharpur.Jyotindra advised her to check with Baba and seek his clearance.

    Accordingly, during their next visit to Shirdi, she asked Baba to permit her to go to Pandharpur. Baba told her" Oh Mother for us Shirdi is our everything and there is no need” She was rather disappointed . She told Baba that Pilgrims visit Pandharpur, as they firmly believe that Lord Vithoba is stationed there and once you have his Darshan then your path to attain Moksha (salvation) is clear. She expressed to him that she has developed very strong urge to visit and perform his pooja at least once in her lifetime. Baba knowing her desire to be genuine then declared "Oh Mother do not worry you will visit Pandharpur and fulfill your desire."

    On returning home they informed Babasaheb Tarkhad about that and after proper planning Jyotindra and his mother proceeded to Pandharpur. Readers will appreciate a point that as Mecca is to Muslims, Bethlehem to Catholics so is Pandharpur to Maharashtrians.

    On reaching there Jyotindra made all the necessary arrangements.

    After taking bath and breakfast when the morning rush hours were over they walked up to the Vithoba Mandir along with pooja material. On entering the sanctum sanctorum they seeked the permission to perform pooja from the priest of the Mandir. Grandmother proceeded in her own way and almost completed the pooja. Now was the time to adorn the Vithoba Murti with the garland and there was a dilemma. Grandma would want to garland with her own hands but the priest would not allow doing so, as no one is permitted to climb the platform where the Murti is situated.

    Grandma told Jyotindra that her pooja would remain incomplete if she were unable to garland the Murti with her own hands. Jyotindra advised her to pray to Baba and seek his help as he had granted her permission to visit Pandharpur. She closed her eyes and raised both the hands holding the garland, and requested Lord Vithoba to accept her pooja.

    Then came a miracle. Lo and Behold! The Murti of Lord Vithoba slided down the platform. Jyotindra instantly shook his mother bodily. He told her to open her eyes and see for herself that the Lord had responded to her prayers and now she can adorn him with her garland. She instantly placed the garland on Vithoba's neck and the Lord was back to its original place. Both mother and son prostrated in front of Lord Vithoba.

    On seeing this, the priest was completely astonished and flabbergasted. He jumped down from the platform and held the feet of grandmother and Jyotindra and declared that they are the Vithoba and Rakhumai and he would not allow them to go away. He pleaded pardon for his arrogant behavior. Jyotindra consoled him and told him not to have any wrong ideas about their identity. He told him that they are devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba and on getting consent from him they are visiting Pandharpur.

    He further told him to have strong faith in Lord Vithoba who is Jagrut (wakeful) over there and is no more a stone God. He advised him to perform his pooja from the bottom of his heart and seek his blessings in return. He then requested the priest to give them prasad so that they could leave the Mandir. They purchased Brass Idols of Vithoba -Rakhumai and placed it in their Sandalwood Mandir to offer daily worship.

    This experience was like receiving heavenly pleasure for both of them. Though they use to offer prayers to God very sincerely they never ever imagined that Lord Vithoba will greet them in that fashion. After this visit when they visited Shirdi next, Baba asked Grandmother (mother) could you meet Vithoba?" Grandmother replied "Baba this is all your making. I am now ready to part with this world as I consider my life is complete now." She profusely thanked him.
    A Person, who has controlled his mind, can achieve any success in his life. How far you are trying to control your mind?
    The mind that judges not others ever remains tension-free.

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    Re: Allah Is Sole Protector Says Shirdi Sai Baba
    « Reply #91 on: July 01, 2012, 04:52:16 PM »
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  • My Baba Fulfilled His Promise - Shirdi Sai Baba Poem

    Darwaje Par Dastak Hui
    Mujhe Laga Baba Aa Gaye
    Mere Sai Baba Aa Gaye

    Mujhe Pata Tha Vo Ayenge
     Apna Vachan Nibhaaenge
     Par Kya Vo Ayenge
     Shirdi Chhod Yaha Bambai Mein Ayenge
    Sai Baba, Vachan Ke Pakke Hai
    Unhone Kaha Hai To Ayenge
    Apna Vachan Nibhaaenge

    Suno! Tum Thoda Bhaat Adhik Bana Dena
    Baba Ayenge To Unhe Bhi Khila Dena
    Main Yah Sab Soch Hi Raha Tha

    Tabhi Darwaje Par Dastak Hui
    Muje Laga Baba Aa Gaye
    Mere Sai Baba Aa Gaye

    Mujhe Bataya,
    Do Vyakti Aye Hain
    Shayad Apne Sath
    Akhbaar Mein Lipta Hua,
    Kuch Sath Laye Hain

    Maine Unhe Bithaya
    Unhone Apna Naam
    Ali Mohammad Aur Ismu Mujawar Bataya

    Tab Ali Mohammad Ne
    Chitra Se Akhbar Uthaya
    Mujhe Baba Ka Darsh Karaya
    Bad Mein Ali Mohammad Ne
    Puri Baat Batayi
    Jise Sun Meri Akhiya Bhar Ayi

    Baba Ne Swayam Us Se Bola Tha
    Ismu Se Baat Karo
    Vo Tumhe Bataayega
    Mere Chitra Ko Kaha Pahuchana Hai
    Vo Tumhe Samjayega
    Tab Ismu Ne Tumhara Naam Bataya
    Fir Humne Baba Ko Tum Tak Pahuchaya

    Baba Ko Dekh
    Meri Ankhon Se Tap-tap Ansu Bahe
    Maine Apne Ghar Walo Ko Bulaya
    Rundhi Awaz Mein
    Unko Bataya
    Dekha, Baba Ne Apna Vachan Nibhaya
    "दरवाजे पर दस्तक हुई
    मुझे लगा बाबा आ गए
    मेरे साईं बाबा आ गए

     मुझे पता था वो आएंगे
    अपना वचन निभाएंगे
    पर क्या वो आएंगे
    शिर्डी छोड़ यहाँ बम्बई में आएंगे

    साईं बाबा, वचन के पक्के है
    उन्होंने कहा है तो आएंगे
    अपना वचन निभाएंगे

    सुनो! तुम थोडा भात अधिक बना देना
    बाबा आएंगे तो उन्हें भी खिला देना
    मैं यह सब सोच ही रहा था

    तभी दरवाजे पर दस्तक हुई
    मुझे लगा बाबा आ गए
    मेरे साईं बाबा आ गए

    मुझे बताया,
    दो व्यक्ति आये हैं
    शायद अपने साथ
    अखबार में लिपटा हुआ,
    कुछ साथ लाये हैं

    मैंने उन्हें बिठाया
    उन्होंने अपना नाम
    अली मोहम्मद और इस्मू मुजावर बताया

    तब अली मोहम्मद ने
    चित्र से अख़बार उठाया
    मुझे बाबा का दर्श कराया

    बाद में अली मोहम्मद ने
    पूरी बात बताई
    जिसे सुन मेरी अखिया भर आई

    बाबा ने स्वयं उससे बोला था
    इस्मू से बात करो
    वो तुम्हे बतायेगा
    मेरे चित्र को यहाँ पहुचाना है
    वो तुम्हे समजायेगा
    तब इस्मू ने तुम्हारा नाम बताया
    फिर हमने बाबा को तुम तक पहुचाया

    बाबा को देख
    मेरी आँखों से तप-तप आंसू बहे
    मैने अपने घर वालो को बुलाया
    रुंधी आवाज़ में
    उनको बताया
    देखा, बाबा ने अपना वचन निभाया
     In chapter 40 of Shri Sai Satcharitra, Baba appeared in Shri. Hemadpant's dream and promised him to come to His home for meals. Feelings of Hemadpant at that time are narrated in this poem.

    "Someone knocked at door. I though my Sai Baba has come. I was sure that He would come and will keep His promise. But on the other hand i was doubtful whether He will leave Shirdi and come here in Bombay. Sai Baba fulfills His promise. If He has said then He will come. I asked my wife to prepare some more rice and feed Baba when He comes. I was thinking thus when someone knocked. I thought my Sai Baba has come. I was told that two persons have come. They have brought something wrapped in newspaper. I asked them to be seated and they told their names as Ali Mohammad and Ismu Mujavar. Then Ali Mohammad unwrapped newspaper and i have darshan of Sai Baba. Then he told me something which brought tears in my eyes - Baba Himself told Ali Mohammad to consult Ismu Mujavar about what he had to do with His picture. So Ismu Mujavar told your name and we came here with Baba's picture. After seeing Baba i had tears in my eyes. I called my family members and said, "See, my Baba has fulfilled His promise".

    Poem Courtesy - Baba Se Ru-B-Ru written by Sai Devotee Shri Vikas Mehta ji
    A Person, who has controlled his mind, can achieve any success in his life. How far you are trying to control your mind?
    The mind that judges not others ever remains tension-free.

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    Re: Allah Is Sole Protector Says Shirdi Sai Baba
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  • History of Small Pillar and Gurupoornima
    Once H.V.Sathe said that there was no worship to Lord Sai Baba on Gurupoornima. On one such occasion Lord Baba sent Dada Kelkar and said, “Do you remember that today is Gurupoornima? Go and bring pooja materials and worship that post” pointing towards pillar which is located on lower portion of Dwarkamai mosque. From then onwards the practice of celebrating Gurupoornima by worshiping Lord Baba started and it continues till today. Even to those devotees, who wished to worship Lord Baba in person, He told them to worship Lord Baba the pillar and not Him. Thus this pillar certainly deserves a touch full of warmth, love and devotion from a devotee climbing steps of Dwarkamai alongwith full reverence.
    A Person, who has controlled his mind, can achieve any success in his life. How far you are trying to control your mind?
    The mind that judges not others ever remains tension-free.

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    Re: Allah Is Sole Protector Says Shirdi Sai Baba
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  • Koi Tumhe Kab Jaanegaa Jab Tumhe Sahi Pehchhanega

    Insaan-Insaan Ko Kyaa Degaa,
    Jo Degaa, Use Bhi Mitaa Degaa
    Vo To Parde Ke Piche Tum Ho,
    Jo Sabhi Kuch Lutaa Rahe Ho
     Apnaa Pyaar Barsaa Rahe Ho
    Koi Tumhe Tab Jaanegaa
    Yah Kyaa Kam He
    Jo Tum Baar-Baar Bataa Rahe Ho,
    Sabhi Ko Apnaa Bhed
    Samjaa Rahe Ho
    Koi Kuch Bhi Kar Le
    Vo Tumhe Naa Paa-Paayegaa
    Jab Tak Vo Apne Bhitar
    Tumhaare Pyaar Ko Naa Jagaayegaa
    Pratyek Jiv-Jantu Mein Tum Ho
    Chhote-Bade Pashu-Pakshiyo Mein Tum Ho
    Door Nile Akaash Mein Tum Ho
    Dharti Par Pad Rahe
    Prakaash Mein tum Ho
    Yog Shakti Ki Maya
    Mein Tum Ho
    Shri Dattatreya Tum Ho
    Koi Tumhe Kab Jaanegaa
    Jab Tumhe Sahi Pehchhanega

     When will a person recognize other person? The one who gives will also be destroyed one day. But You are the One Who is behind scenes and showering Your love and everything on us. When one will recognize You correctly then only he will understand You. You are trying to make everyone understand depth of everything many a times. Let a man do anything, but he will not be able to achieve You unless he will not recognize Your love within Yourself. You are in every living being. You dwell in every small-big bird and animal. You are in far away sky and You are in light which falls on this earth. You dwell in Maya of Yoga-power and body of Mahadev (Lord Shiva). You are an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. When one will recognize You correctly then only he will understand You.

    A Person, who has controlled his mind, can achieve any success in his life. How far you are trying to control your mind?
    The mind that judges not others ever remains tension-free.

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    Re: Allah Is Sole Protector Says Shirdi Sai Baba
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  • Mujhe Yaha Jeevan Jeena Sikhaya - Shirdi Sai Baba Poem

    The following poem is dedicated to Shri ShivaNeshan Swami ji (Composer of Sai Baavani).

    Sadguru Shri Sai Baba,
    Jab Maine Tumhara Pyaar Paya,
    Mujhe Yaha Jeevan Jina Aya.
    Tumhare Is Pyaar Ki Khushbu Se
    Mujhe Mehkana Aya
    Mujhe Muskurana Aya
    Jo Baag Abhi Tak Sune The
    Vahaa Tumhare Pyaar Ki Shakti Se
    Phoolo Ko Khilna Aya
    Jab Mene Tumhara Pyaar Paya
    Mujhe Yaha Jeevan Jina Aya

    Jis Din Tum Ruthoge, Mar Jaaunga, Main
    Jin Din Chhodoge
    Kho Jaaunga, Main
    Lekin Mera Pyaar
    Tumhe Yaad Ayega
    Tumhe Bhi Hasayega
    Tumhe Bhi Rulayega
    Mera Pyaar Yu Hi
    Vyarth Naa Jayega
    Vo Tumse Mila Tha
    Isiliye Amar Ho Jayegaa
    Sabhi Ko Jeena Sikha Jayega
    Tumhare Pyaar Ki Shakti Se
    Muskurana Sikha Jayega

    Ab Main Kahi Naa Jaunga
    Har Baar Lout Kar
    Tumhare Paas Hi Aunga
    Phir Muskuraunga
    Apne Saath, Sabhi Ko
    Jeena Sikha Jaunga

    Vo Pal Bhi Kya Hasi The
    Jab Main Tumse Mila Tha
    Laga Tha! Shirdi Ki Bagiya Mein
    Ek Naya Phool Khila Tha
    Main Yu Hi Mahak Raha Tha
    Idhar-Udhar Dekh
    Chahak Raha Tha
    Tabhi Mujhe Tumhara
    Ek Deewana Mila
    Jisne Mujhe Uthaya
    Apne Gale Se Lagaya
    Mujhe Tum Se Prem Karna Sikhaya
    Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya

    Shri Vikas Mehta ji says, "Sadguru Shri Sai Baba, whenIi got Your love, I learnt to live this life. The sweet smell of Your love made me smell sweetly and smile. The gardens which were dry earlier, flourished with power of Your love.

    The day when You will be angry with me, my death will come. The day when You will leave me, I will be lost. But You will remember my love. It will also make You laugh and cry. My love will not go worthless. My love was mixed with Your love, so it will remain forever. It will teach everyone to live. The power of Your love will make everyone smile.

    Now I will not go anywhere but every time will return back to You and smile. I will make others live.

    How exquisite were those moments when i met You. I felt, as if a new flower has blossomed in garden of Shirdi. I was wondering here and there, when i saw Your Lover who hugged me and made me love You and live my life.

    Courtesy : Shri Vikas Mehta ji
    A Person, who has controlled his mind, can achieve any success in his life. How far you are trying to control your mind?
    The mind that judges not others ever remains tension-free.

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    Re: Allah Is Sole Protector Says Shirdi Sai Baba
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  • ॐ श्री साईं नाथाय नमः

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    Re: Allah Is Sole Protector Says Shirdi Sai Baba
    « Reply #96 on: August 12, 2012, 06:01:08 PM »
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  • Faqeer Ki Vyathaa - Shirdi Sai Baba Poem

    Kise Apni Vyatha Batau, Main
    Ek Tum Hi To Ho, Sai
    Jise Dil Ka Haal Sunau, Main,

    Jeevan Main Sab Kuch Dekhaa
    Tum Jaisa Faqeer Naa Dekha
     Jo Sab Kuch Luta Kar Kehta Hai

    Mere Bacche Kuch Aur Laau, Main,
     Baba Yeh Sab Kisko Batau, Main
    Apne Man Ki Vyatha Kise Samjhau, Main,
    Log Kehte Hain Pagla Hoon Deewana Hoon, Main
     Baba Ki Masti Ka Mastana Hoon, Main
    Baba Ki Dhuni Ka Parwana Hoon, Main,

     SadGuru, Jo Tumse Mila Hai
     Use Unhe Kaise Dikhau, Main
     Unhe Kaise Samjhau, Main

    Ab Tum Meri Bhi To Awastha Samjho
     Apna Yeh Pagalpan / Deewanapan
    Kaise Chupau Main,

     Kise Apne Man Ki Vyatha Batau, Main,
     Kaise Tumhare Charno Mein Hi So Jau, Main,
     Baba Bole,
    Tum Sona Nahi Jaagna Sikho,

    Khud Bhi Haso, Doosron Ko Hasana Sikho,
    Jo Mujh Se Mila Hai,
     Use Baatna Sikho

     Doge To Paaoge
    Nahi To Ant Samay Pachtaoge

    Main Sabhi Ko Samjhata Hoon
    Jo Shirdi Aata Hai
    Main Use Yahi Batata Hoon,

    Par Koi Nahi Sunta
    Koi Nahi Uthta,

    Sabhi Kehte Hai,
     Mujhe Do - Mujhe Do,
    Main Kehta Hoon
    Tum Bhi Lo, Bhai Tum Bhi Lo
     Par Laut Kar
    Koi Nahi Aata
    Jo Aadhyatmik Laabh
    Ho Pana Chahata

    Mere Bachhe, Apni Yeh Vyatha
    Kise Batau, Main
    Faqeer Ke Dil Ka Haal Kya Hai
     Kaise Tumhe Samjhau Main...

     किसे अपनी व्यथा बताऊँ, मैं
    एक तुम ही तो हो, साईं
    जिसे दिल का हाल सुनाऊं, मैं,

    जीवन मैं सब कुछ देखा
    तुम जैसा फकीर ना देखा
    जो सब कुछ लुटा कर कहता है

    मेरे बच्चे कुछ और लाऊं, मैं,
    बाबा यह सब किसको बताऊँ, मैं
    अपने मन की व्यथा किसे समझाऊं, मैं,

    लोग कहते हैं पगला हूँ दीवाना हूँ, मैं
    बाबा की मस्ती का मस्ताना हूँ, मैं
    बाबा की धुनी का परवाना हूँ, मैं,

    सद्गुरु, जो तुमसे मिला है
    उसे उन्हें कैसे दिखाऊं, मैं
    उन्हें कैसे समझाऊं, मैं

    अब तुम मेरी भी तो अवस्था समझो
    अपना यह पागलपन/दीवानापन
    कैसे छुपाऊं मैं,

    किसे अपने मन की व्यथा बताऊँ, मैं,
    कैसे तुम्हारे चरणों में ही सो जाऊं, मैं,
    बाबा बोले, तुम सोना नहीं जागना सीखो,

    खुद भी हसो, दूसरों को हसाना सीखो
    जो मुझ से मिला है
    उसे बाटना सीखो

    दोगे तो पाओगे
    नहीं तो अंत समय पछताओगे

    मैं सभी को समझाता हूँ
    जो शिर्डी आता है
    मैं उसे यही बताता हूँ,

    पर कोई नहीं सुनता
    कोई नहीं उठता
    सभी कहते है
    मुझे दो - मुझे दो,
    मैं कहता हूँ
    तुम भी लो, भाई तुम भी लो
    पर लौट कर कोई नहीं आता
    जो आध्यात्मिक लाभ
    हो पाना चाहता

    मेरे बच्चे, अपनी यह व्यथा
    किसे बताऊँ, मैं
    फकीर के दिल का हाल क्या है
    कैसे तुम्हे समझाऊं मैं...

     With whom can i share my pathetic condition. It is only You Sai Baba who listens to my heart. I saw everything in my life, but have not seen a Fakir like You Who after giving everything says, "My child, can i bring some more for you?". Baba whom should i tell about everything and share my condition. People say that i am mad person and i roam in my own thoughts. Sadguru, how will i tell and make understand about what You have given me. Please understand my situation too, how can i hide this with all. How can i sleep in Your Lotus Feet. Baba replied, "You learn to be awake and not sleep ignorantly. Laugh and make others laugh too. You share with others whatever you have received from Me. If you will give, you will get, otherwise you will have to suffer till your end. I say this to everyone who comes to Shirdi. I tell them this, but nobody listens to Me and no one wakes up. Everyone says, "Give me, give me". I say, "You also take, brother you too take." But no one comes back to Me who wants spiritual wealth. My son, with whom can I share my condition? What is wondering in this Fakir's heart, how can I tell you?"

    Poem Courtesy - Baba Se Ru-B-Ru written by Sai Devotee Shri Vikas Mehta ji

    A Person, who has controlled his mind, can achieve any success in his life. How far you are trying to control your mind?
    The mind that judges not others ever remains tension-free.

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    Re: Allah Is Sole Protector Says Shirdi Sai Baba
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  • Sai Baba runs to help His Devotees

    There is a small village named Mahanagari in Thana District. There lived a muslim devotee of Sai Baba Abdul Ranagari. His wife Aishabhai Ranagari was equally devoted to Baba. Both had immense faith in Baba's Holy Feet and served Baba with great sense of indifferentiation. Once couple decided to go to Shirdi to take Baba's darshan. Before two days of leaving for Shirdi, swelling emerged on Aishabai's throat. She was not able to partake food. Due to this she was in a fix as to how she would to go to Shirdi. But they decided to abide by their decision and proceeded to Shirdi. On the way the lady touched her throat and to her surprise she found that the swelling had subsided to a great extent.

    After reaching Shirdi, they both went to see Baba in Dwarkamai. They bowed down in Holy Feet of Baba. Baba said, "Allah Bhala Karega". They were fortunate to have darshan of Chavadi Procession that night. In the morning, the swelling had disappeared to the astonishment of all. Sai Baba is kind hearted, well-wisher of all and give happiness to all. It is not required to put forth our desires, wishes, troubles, sufferings in front of Him, as He knows everything before hand. He is aware of inner most thoughts of our minds and does only what is best for us. In one of earlier posts, it was said that Udi was cure for many incurables. But in this case Baba's words and His mere glance was enough. Such powers He possessed still He always said that He was servant of Malik. His actions testified His Godhood and for us He is God who descended on the earth for welfare of His devotees.

    Afer serving Baba for four five days, the couple hired a Tonga till Kopergaon. Baba's words cured the ailment of Abdul Ranagara's wife's throat. In this happiness, they forgot to take Baba's leave. As is rightly said in Sai Satcharitra "One special pecularity of Shirdi pilgrimage was, that none could leave Shirdi, without Baba's permission and if he did, he invited troubles. Baba gave certain suggestions or hints, when devotees went to bid goodbye and take leave. These suggestions had to be followed. If they were not followed or were departed from, accidents were sure to befall them". Here are two striking illustrative incidents from Sai Satcharitra :

    Tatya Kote was once going to Kopargoan Bazaar. In hurry he went to Dwarkamai to take leave from Baba. But Baba adviced him to be calm and forget Bazaar. Seeing Tatya Patil determined to go, Baba asked him to take Shama with him as a precautionary note. But Tatya did not mind Baba's direction, he drove without taking Shama and after passing Savli Vihir, one the horses began to run rashly, got a sprain in its waist and fell down. With the grace of Baba, Tatya was saved, but got a lesson for his disregard of Baba's words. On another occasion, Tatya again met with an accident for not minding Baba's words.

    An European Gentleman went to Shirdi with an introductory note from Shri. Nanasaheb Chandorkar from Mumbai. But Baba did not allow him to step the steps of Dwarkamai. Thus he decided to leave Shirdi at once and went to Masjid to take Baba's leave. Baba asked him to go next day, but not listening to Baba's words and other people's advice, he left Shirdi immediately. Again after crossing Savli Vihir, he met with an accident and had to be hospitalised.

    The man of this Kaliyug is not concerned about feelings and emotions arising in other's heart. Its value is getting lower day by day. He is only bothered that his work is accomplished and then his responsibility is to forget and get drowned in the sea of selfishness. There are many reasons for this, fast, busy life, high standard of living, to name a few. Rather we must be stop for a moment and be concerned for others. Baba has tried to give us this message by many of His actions and deeds. Whatever He said, can be applied practically without any difficulty. Even today when Baba is not in flesh, the moral behind stories which we are reading day by day can be easily brought in practice. In this way Nector of Sai Love will spread in every direction. Now coming back to the story of Abdul Ranagara, he and his wife left Shirdi without taking Baba's leave.

    The path between Kopargaon and Shirdi was untreaded. There was fear of thieves too. But devotees of Baba remained untouch by such fear and calamities. Baba was such a mother who cares for His children even if they are 1000 kos away. This can be seen further.

    It was about 12 at midnight. There was darkness all over and none could be seen near or far. Suddenly both supporting bamboos of the tonga broke. The object required to rejoin the bamboos was not available nearby. Now they were in dilemma where to go in this dark night and thick forest. They started Baba's naam smran and sat in between the road. The speed of Karmas is very fast, no one can escape be it Saints, God or Goddess, then what to say about we Humans ?!!!

    Sai Baba has such tenderly love towards His Bhaktas that He forgives their mistakes and instantly come to rescue. Readers would be remembering Jamner Miracle, where Baba became a tongawala of Gadhwal, stood with tonga at Jalgaon Railway Station to ensure that Udi reaches in time before Maintai's delivery and save her from pain of delivery and thus gave timely help in the time of crisis. The same happened in this case too. Baba reached with a tonga on that untreaded road of Kopargaon at midnight and started shouting thus, "Is there any Abdul Jaan from Thana?"

    Abdul Rangari started thinking, "I am not familiar with anyone in this area, even in this dark night no one can see and recognised anyone's face, then Who is This Who is shouting with my name?" On enquiry the Tongawala said, "Sai Baba of Shirdi told me that the tonga in which Abdul Rangari left Shirdi has collasped. So He sent me to help you. You sit in this tonga of mine and I will take you to Kopargaon as soon as sun arises, you can then catch the train going to Thana from there in time". Thus Baba came running to help His devotees. How can Sai Baba who is well-wisher of the whole world, having pure heart, a mine of virtues, can avoid His devotees' welfare. No words can describe His greatness as depth of an ocean cannot be measured.
    A Person, who has controlled his mind, can achieve any success in his life. How far you are trying to control your mind?
    The mind that judges not others ever remains tension-free.

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    Re: Allah Is Sole Protector Says Shirdi Sai Baba
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  • Sai Baba becomes Shanta's Saviour

    Sai Baba is always indebted to His devotees who worship Him whole heartedly and surrender themselves in His lotus feet. Deep devotion is always welcomed by Him and it becomes His duty to save His devotees from any danger. Such is the nature of Sai Baba who always acts as per His devotees wishes and sometimes gives them more than they deserve.

    A household named Baburao Kirvandikar lived in Shirdi. He was very poor fellow. His daughter Shanta, who was only three years old had great devotion for Sai Baba. All day long she used to play in open courtyard of Dwarkamai. Baba also loved her a lot and played with her. She used to say, "I am Sai Baba's younger sister".

    A well is located in Lendi baug. It is known as "Itiyaa Kuvaa_ (meaning a well made by bricks). Baba used to draw water from that well and water plants and sibblings in Lendi baug using two unbaked earthen pitcherss. A beautiful garden came to sight due to Baba's hard efforts. Today this garden is trodden by many devotees and it is located in Samadhi Mandir premises.

    Once little Shanta reached a corner of Lendi Baug while playing in Dwarkamai. Accidently this little girl fell into the well. There was nothing to hold above the water level in the well, still she caught hold of something and hanged there. Soon this spread in Shirdi like wildfire. So the villagers gathered near the well. When they peeped inside the well they could find nothing which this girl can hold and hang for long. To everyone's surprise only one thing was visible and that was that the girl was hanging with some support. But no one could guess what this support was. With great efforts and pains, finally the girl was taken out of the well. When asked the girl replied, "Sai Baba was present in the well and He Himself held me above the waters !!!"

    A Person, who has controlled his mind, can achieve any success in his life. How far you are trying to control your mind?
    The mind that judges not others ever remains tension-free.

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    Re: Allah Is Sole Protector Says Shirdi Sai Baba
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  • We always love you
    Walking with a Stick in hand, and looking around,
    Chiding the evil, by sprinkling flour on the ground;
    Talking to people and listening to them,
    You wash their troubles, right from their roots to the stem;
    Uttering "Allhaa Malik" you always speak the truth,
    Oh, how ignorant are we, we still don’t follow your route;
    Your abode is our heart, that’s what you said,
    Still we look for you in the leaving and the dead;
    Your love is pure, and so is your care,
    Please forgive us, for our foolish scare;
    Shardha and Saburi, are the "two paisa" you want,
    We think we are rich, and ignore that "two paisa" to count;
    We apologize, dear Baba, for all the mistakes we made,
    Please do let us in, under your LOVING SHADE;
    We see our Father, Mother, and every one in you,
    We thank you dear Baba, we always LOVE YOU.

    A Person, who has controlled his mind, can achieve any success in his life. How far you are trying to control your mind?
    The mind that judges not others ever remains tension-free.

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    Re: Allah Is Sole Protector Says Shirdi Sai Baba
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  • Sai Nath Grah Shanti Mantra - In English

    Sai Tum Me Sab Lok Samaaye
    Sab Grah Tum Se Hi Gatiya Paye

    Surya Dev Ki Tej Se Manav
    Yash Pratap Ki Doulat Paaye

    Chandra Devta Ati Prasnna Ho
    Tan Man Ko Sheetal Kar Jaaye

    Mangal Bhi Amangal Taj Kar
    Mangal Mangal Hi Kar Jaaye

    Budh Gyaan Bhandaar Badhaaye
    Jab Dharti Par Prakaash Phailaaye

    Brahaspati Sab Sukho Se Bhar De
    Teri Bhasm Jo Maath Lagaaye

    Shukar Aanishta Nahi Kar Paaye
    Jab Baba Prem ki Gangaa Bahaaye

    Shani Kabhi Naa Vakri Hoye
    Tere Charan Aa Rakshan Paaye

    Teri Ek Nazar Se Baba
    Raahu Rafuchkar Ho jaye

    Ketu Apne Shub Grah Me Rah
    Tere Jan Ko Laabh Karaaye

    Shraddha Rakh Tere Dar Jo Aaye
    Karm Lekh Unkaa Mit Jaaye

    Baba Tumhaari Kripa Drishti Se
    Sab Grah Sahi Dishaa Par Aaye

    Kaahe Vidhi Kaa Lekh Daraaye
    Jab Karunasindhu Sab Paap Mitaaye

    Tere Chamatkar Se Deva
    Tera Bandhu Navjivan Paaye

    Ved Vedaant Shruti Samjaaye
    Teri Mahima Kahi Naa Jaaye

    Sai Nath Grah Shanti Mantra - In Hindi

    साईं तुम में सब लोक समाये
    सब ग्रह तुम से ही गतियां पाये

    सूर्य देव के तेज से मानव
    यश प्रताप की दौलत पाये

    चन्द्र देवता अति प्रसन्न हों
    तन मन को शीतल कर जायें

    मंगल भी अमंगल तज कर
    मंगल मंगल ही कर जाये

    बुद्ध ज्ञान भण्डार बढाए
    जब धरती पर प्रकाश फैलाये

    बृहस्पति सब सुखों से भर दे
    तेरी भस्म जो माथ लगाये

    शुक्र अनिष्ट नहीं कर पाये
    जब बाबा प्रेम की गंगा बहाये

    शनि कभी ना वक्री होये
    तेरे चरण आ रक्षण पाये

    तेरी एक नजर से बाबा
    राहू रफूचक्कर हो जाये

    केतु अपने शुभ ग्रह में रह
    तेरे जन को लाभ कराये

    श्रद्धा रख तेरे दर जो आये
    कर्म लेख उनका मिट जाये

    बाबा तुम्हरी कृपा दृष्टि से
    सब ग्रह सही दिशा पर आये

    काहे विधि का लेख डराये
    जब करुनासिंधु सब पाप मिटाये

    तेरे चमत्कार से देवा
    तेरा 'बंधू' नवजीवन पाये

    वेद, वेदांत, श्रुति समझाये
    तेरी महिमा कही ना जाये!!

    A Person, who has controlled his mind, can achieve any success in his life. How far you are trying to control your mind?
    The mind that judges not others ever remains tension-free.

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    Re: Allah Is Sole Protector Says Shirdi Sai Baba
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  • Sai Baba used Bade Baba as a Medium of Instruction

    We have read about Bade Baba's strange behaviour towards Sai Baba. Pride arouse in Bade Baba's mind as he was respected by Baba in the form of highest Dakshina of more than Rs. 100 everyday. At times Bade Baba even acted against Baba's wishes. The devotees felt that Bade Baba must use his language carefully and politely while at least speaking to or about Baba. But, his choice of words bordered on sheer arrogance.

    Once Baba's devotee Shri Raghuvir Bhaskar Purandare was suffering  from severe headache. Whole night, he was restless. In the same condition, he went to Baba. Bade Baba, who was sitting nearby, told harshly to Baba, "Purandare has suffered during the entire night. He has got a sever headache. Look after him. Don't make him so much ill."

    Another similar event. Once, Baba was very much upset with Purandare. Therefore, Baba did not allow Purandare to fix the plants of beautiful scented flowers that he had specially bought. Obseving this, Bade Baba told Baba rahter self-righteously, "Why are You getting so angry with Purandare? He is dying for You day and night. he forgets to even drink or eat while serving You. You also remember him at all times. But, when he comes to You, You act as if You are upset. What is this strange behaviour?"

    After having his lunch it was Bade Baba's practice to get ready to go. Everyday, Baba would bid him good bye by walking a few steps with him. After the previous said arrogant utterance, Bade Baba further added as usual, "Achchaa, I am going now. Are You coming or not?" Baba did not take offence at these words; but quietly got up and saw him off.

    In the initial period, whenever the devotees made preparations for Arti, Bade Baba would get up and go down to the Sabha Mandap. He did not participate in the Arti. Later on, as persuaded by Kakasaheb Dixit, he did not move to the Sabha Mandap; but continued his abstainace from participating in Arti. Many Hindu devotee disliked this. However, Kakasaheb as per his kind and loving nature managed to persuade the Hindu devotes to overlook Bade Baba's behaviour. He said, "Sai Baba has accepted Bade Baba as His. Therefore, he is one of us. Then, where does the question of discrimination arise?"

    Bade Baba's bloated ego had become a nuisance to other devotees. They covertly hated him. Therefore, they even did not let out their rooms for Bade Baba's stay. Ultimately, Kakasaheb came to his rescue and allowed him to stay in one of his rooms in his Wada. Kakasaheb said, "We must see ourselves in anyone who has been accepted by Baba".

    It is only the fortunate few who are able to spend time with saints. But, even they must strive to overcome ego.

    Baba treated Bade Baba as one of His near and dear ones. He was accorded the honor reserved for guests and friends. Baba always kept a seat next to Him for Bade Baba. A lot of amount was everyday donted to Him. Bade Baba was even given several opportunities for Parmeshwar-prapti.

    But, Bade Baba wasted all the opportunities because of his bloated ego.

    While giving money, Baba always cautioned, "This belongs to Allah. Eat, but don't defecate". The money given by Sai Baba was not to be used for seving self-interests. Those who used it for the betterment of others, prospered. However, Bade Baba spent money received from Baba for his family. However, within two months after Baba laid down His mortal physical form - Bade Baba became pennyless. He had to go begging from village to village. He passed away at Nagpur in January 1926.

    It appears that Baba used Bade Baba as a medium of instruction. Through this, Baba wanted to set an example, from which other devotees could draw a lesson.

    The then Editor of Shri Sai Leela Magazine Shri Kakasaheb Mahajani writes in his article, "Maharaj had some unique ways of imparting His teachings. One such method as Fakir Baba's (Bade Baba's) stay in Shirdi and Baba's behaviour with Him. One can draw a lot of lesson from this example.

    A Person, who has controlled his mind, can achieve any success in his life. How far you are trying to control your mind?
    The mind that judges not others ever remains tension-free.

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    Re: Allah Is Sole Protector Says Shirdi Sai Baba
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  • Shirdi Sai Baba gives Special Honour to His Devotee

    We have seen how Sai Baba became one with Lord Shiva and blessed Chandrabai Borkar while she was observing Kokila Vrat. Now in this post we shall see how Sai Baba gave her honour as first worshipper of Upasani Maharaj who resided in Khandoba Temple.

    A short reference of Upasani Maharaj has been given in Sai Satcharitra. When it was proposed to install Baba's Padukas as a remembrance of His first advent in Shirdi, it was Upasani Maharaj who suggested the sloka to be inscribed on Padukas depicting importance of Sweet Neem tree. This verse is incorporated in third verse of Sai Mahim Strotram. Sai Mahim Strotram is sung during Madhyayan Arti and Dhoop Arti. Now let's proceed to the main story.

    It was Friday and Gurupoornima. Chandrabai was seated in Dwarkamai with pooja articles waiting for her turn to worship Sai Baba. Dwarkamai was crowded to suffocation. Many devotees had turned up for Baba's darshan due to Gurupoornima. Everyone was waiting for his/her turn.

    Chandrabai's pooja dish had all sorts of pooja articles in her dish. It contained Haldi (turmeric powder), Kumkum (red-coloured powder), rice grains (Akshat), a small bottle of Attar (perfume or scent), fruits and milk. Baba said, "Go to Vithoba's place!"

    Baba used to call Lord Khandoba as Lord Vithoba. Lord Khandoba is said to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva while Vithoda is Lord of Vishnu and Vaishnav caste. Orthodox thinking prevailed in those days. Ignorant people of Vaishnav caste did not enter Lord Shiva temple. By symbolizing Khandoba as Vithoba, Sai Baba explained His devotees that there is least difference between them and there are one and the same.

    Chandrabai said, "O God! You are asking me to go to Lord Vithoba's temple. Upasani Maharaj, who in always in meditation, throws pooja plate if anyone goes to worship Him. Even more sometimes there are chances of getting beating also."

    Sai Baba who are wanted to give her a special honour pointed pooja plate and again said, "Take it and go to Vithoba temple".

    Chandrabai was Baba's true devotee and His word was order which she could not deny. She was determined to abide by Baba's words even if she had to undergo many difficulties. She went to Khandoba temple and worshipped Upasani Maharaj to which Upasani Maharaj also did not object. Thus Baba gave her honour of first worshipper of Upasani Maharaj.
    A Person, who has controlled his mind, can achieve any success in his life. How far you are trying to control your mind?
    The mind that judges not others ever remains tension-free.

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    Re: Allah Is Sole Protector Says Shirdi Sai Baba
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  • Chapter 1 - Kakasaheb Dixit Diary

    The present work has taken shape by translating and scripting Telugu audio of Kakasaheb Dixit Diary into English script from Taking up this task of translating the audio and scripting it in English was of highly tedious and lengthy nature. Still grace and will of Lord Sai Baba worked on because it was His direction to do so. On this occasion of Gurupoornima (2012) i am glad to share this treasure with Devotee Readers. Parts of this diary will be shared subsequently. Kindly visit our blog for full version of the diary.

    This is how all things happened.

    About one year ago (i.e in early 2011) while getting hooked with my daily emails, I came across with an email from a devotee with subject “Sai Darshan”. This email used to flash every Thursday containing interesting links, literature and bhajans of Lord Sai Baba. A link with Kakasaheb Dixit Diary was noticed and without any pause it was clicked to be opened. It was in audio form in telugu language, so it rather disappointed me as I could not understand this language and this treasure will go un-turned. The gems of history will remain buried. It took place in my system and remained there.

    With passing time this treasure was completely forgotten. After one year, I again remembered and tried various methods to get it translated and get English script ready. A devotee’s name was then flashed in my mind and contacted her quickly. Luckily she knew this language and translated all twelve parts (herewith considered as chapters) within no time.

    The unexpected helping hand of Sai sister Sujata K has given shape to a thought. I am thankful to her from the bottom of my heart. References from the book Baba's Vaani by Vinny Chitluri have been taken to check authenticity of the information and stories provided as it is also based on the same subject matter.

    Every possible care has been taken to put forth facts and information in this book, still if they are shortcomings in it, kindly treat them as mere human nature and I seek apologies for the same.

    Lord Sai Baba’s name has been a name giving solace to many peace seeking souls. His Karma-Bhoomi is Shirdi. He lived in Shirdi sporting in flesh and body for sixty untiring years. During this time span devotees like Madhavrao Deshpande (alias Shama), Mhalsapati, Govindrao Dabholkar (alias Hemadpant), Nanasaheb Chandorkar, B.V.Dev, Hari Sitaram Dixit (alias Kakasaheb Dixit), G.S.Khaparde and many more to be added in the list, were associated to this Divine Embodiment. Except the first two, others were highly learned and had acquired considerable good position in social and professional fields gathering immense wealth, name and fame. Still their association with this Lord living in rags and dilapidated mosque was as deep as water in the sea. With their knowledge of words, many have written literature which serve as good source of history to the devotees of today. Hemadpant was given responsibility of noting down incidents happening in Shirdi and make biography of Lord Sai Baba named “Shri Sai Satcharitra”. This task has been taken up with full faith and devotion by Hemadpant and presently this is the most popular literature read and followed by devotees of Lord Sai Baba.

    The present work “Kakasaheb Dixit’s Diary” is also another treasure of divine incidents which took place in Shirdi in times of Lord Sai Baba as gathered by Hari Sitaram Dixit (alias Kakasaheb Dixit). Sai Baba used to call him affectionately Langda Kaka. Kaka Saheb Dixit was known for his obedience to Baba’s orders.

    About Kakasaheb Dixit

    Hari Sitaram Dixit alias Kakasaheb Dixit was born in a Brahmin family in a taluka named Khandva in Madhya Pradesh in the year 1864. His primary education was completed in Khandva and Hingan Ghat, after that he took admission in Alfiston College of Mumbai and became L.L.B. at very tender age of 19. After that, he appeared in Solicitors examination and at the age of 21 only, he joined a solicitors firm by name Little & Co. Then he started his own solicitors business. Due to sharp intelligence & good presence of mind he started earning good amount of money. He built a bungalow of his own in Lonawala from the wealth he earned. He was well versed in English language similarly he had good knowledge of Sanskrit too. He had a practice of reading Ramayan, Mahabharat, Yog Vashit and Jnaneshwari.
    Injury to leg:
    Once Kakasaheb Dixit went to London for some social service, while trying to board a fast train he missed a step of the train and fell at platform. There was sprain in his leg. It was a deep wound. Due to this reason he was not able to walk straight. He went through many treatments in London, operation was also undergone, still he was not able to walk properly and this remained till his end.

    This Lameness of Kakasaheb Dixit's leg occurred only due to remove the fickleness of mind. Due to his lameness he got a chance of placing his feet on the soil of Shirdi. When calamity befalls on a human being, he dislikes everything. But sometimes such calamities prove to very useful.
    When Kakasaheb Dixit returned with his lame leg to India, Sai Baba's name was not known to him. In the year 1909, once he went to Lonawala to spend vacation and stayed in his bungalow. There he met Nanasaheb Chandorkar his 'separated classmate'. After school education, Nanasaheb got engaged in government service and Kakasaheb started his own business. After many years they met in Lonawala.
    Kakasaheb narrated his leg problem to Nanasaheb in detail. Nanasaheb said, "When all the dava (medicines) stop working then only Duaa (prayers to God) work.
    Kakasaheb said, "Nana, I agree with you totally but today true saints are rare to find. If by chance we are successful in finding one, then it is only we have to repent in the end."
    Nanasaheb answered, "Let me tell you something and hope that you will trust me truly. I am a disciple of one Guru Maharaj. His name is Sai Baba and he lives in Shirdi a small village near Kopergaon. You take his refuge, your lameness of leg will be cured and also the fickleness of your mind be destroyed. I have shared my views and opinion with you. My Guru Maharaj always said - If a sparrow's leg is tied to thread and pulled it is drawn to us without any effort, in the same way I draw My men towards Me from any corner of this earth. Those persons whose good fortunes have not risen are not called to Shirdi."
    Kakasaheb was also a person of religious nature. His roots had deep knowledge and an urge to study spirituality. Nanasaheb was a learned person and he would not say anything meaningless. On hearing the words of Nanasaheb a new love towards Baba rised in Kakasaheb's heart. A divine devotion started growing and Maya (attachment) started decreasing. There and then he decided to meet Baba.
    In the year 1910 Kakasaheb had to go to Ahmednagar for election work. He resided at Sardar Mirikar’s house. Mirikar’s were well known Sai devotees. Every member of Mirikar’s family had full faith in Baba.
    In those days horse race gambling was popular. People were very interested to witness horse races. Sardar Mirikar also went to horse race with Kakasaheb and they met Balasaheb Mirikar, Mamlatdar of Kopergaon. Sardar Mirikar and Bala Saheb Mirikar were cousins. Nana Panse and Appa Gadre also turned up in due course. All started sharing infinite leelas of Baba with each other. Nana Panse said, "An intimate devotee of Baba, Madhavrao Deshpande is in Ahmednagar".
    After retiring from horse race, Mirikar sent his servant to fetch Madhavrao. On his arrival Kakasaheb got excited and hugged Madhavrao lovingly.
    Madhavrao said, "My mother in law is now well due to Baba's grace, so leaving behind the advantage of darshan of Baba, now there is no need for me to stay here. I am leaving by today night's train". Kakasaheb Dixit thought that Shirdi is not very far from Kopergaon. The work of election can be done anyday. When the golden opportunity of Madhavrao's company is in front of me, I cannot miss it”. They boarded in train at 10 o'clock from Ahmednagar and when they alighted at Kopargaon, they saw Nanasaheb Chandorkar standing on the platform.
    Nanasaheb said, "Had not I said that Sai Baba pulls his devotees like a sparrow with its legs tied to thread."
    The trio fully engrossed in happiness, took darshan of Lord Dattatreya and hired a tonga to Shirdi.
    As soon as Kakasaheb stepped in Dwarkamai, Lord Sai Baba said, "O Welcome Langda Kaka!"
    After that Lord Sai Baba started calling him Langda Kaka and other people of Shirdi started calling him Kakasaheb.
    Kakasaheb Dixit got engrossed with Lord Sai Baba's darshan and he become still as picture drawn on canvas. His eyes were fixed as a stone.

    Construction of Wada:

    During his short presence in Shirdi he stayed in Sathe Wada. But he was uncomfortable there so he decided that God has given him money in abundance and it must be used for Him only.
    Kakasaheb shared his heart's desire with Lord Sai Baba and for his noble work, His permission was seeked. He bought a small piece of land exactly in front of Sathe Wada. With the permission of Baba, the construction of wada started on December 10, 1910 and it was completed after four months. The wada was put to use from March 12, 1911.
    With the powers, that rest in abode of Lord Baba, Kakasaheb's interest from worldly attachments and affairs started decreasing and he made Shirdi his home. He, one day said to Baba, "Baba, God has given enough money for food then why I be engaged in these worldly knots? I have got a chance to live in Shirdi by good fortune. I have no desire to leave the pleasure of heaven like Shirdi and go to any hell. I wish to wind up this solicitor's business and live in Shirdi forever."

    Lord Sai Baba spoke in sweet voice, "Kaka Why there is need to wind up your business?"
    Kakasaheb answered, "O Baba in my business, I have to falsify the truth and false facts are to be made true."
    Lord Baba said, "Others may do whatever they like, but why should we do? Do your business honestly without any false action, but there is no need to wind up the business."
    Like this as per Lord Baba's advice Kakasaheb continued his business, but he spend most time of the year in Shirdi and served Lord Baba whole heartedly.
    Lord Baba gave him updesh to read Eknathi Bhagwat in morning and Ramayan at night daily, which he followed strictly even if he was traveling in train. This was his routine till the age of 62 when he took leave from this world forever.
    In the year 1926, Kakasaheb Dixit's son Ramkrishna fell ill. He was admitted in hospital of Dr. Deshmukh. Kakasaheb intended to see him so he went to meet Govindrao R. Dabholkar in Colaba from Vile Parle. Before starting for the hospital, he lighted perfumed incense stick and sung the following melodious gazal by Dasganu Maharaj:
    Sai Reham Nazar Karna... Bachoo Ka Palan Karna... Jaanaa Tumne Jagat Pasara...Sab Hi Jhoot Zamaanaa... Sai Reham Nazar Karna... Bachoo Ka Palan Karna... Main Andha Hu Banda Apka...Mujh Se Prabhu Dikhalana... Sai Reham Nazar Karna... Bachoo Ka Palan Karna... Dasganu Kahe Ab Kya Bolu...Thak Gayi Meri Rasna... Sai Reham Nazar Karna... Bachoo Ka Palan Karna... Sai Reham Nazar Karna... Bachoo Ka Palan Karna...

    Then he left and reached Mahim station with Dabholkar where he meet Lord Baba's intimate devotee Raghunath Purandhare. On hearing about Ramkrishna's bad health, he also expressed his desire to go and see him in hospital. When they reached Mahim station, they were late by three minutes; still they were able to board the train with Lord Baba's grace.
    After boarding the train, Kakasaheb said, "How kind is Sai Baba? He takes care of the minutest needs of His devotees. If we had missed the train our day would have spoiled and we had to spend the night in Colaba". Saying these words Kakasaheb closed his eyes. Purandhare and Dabholkar assumed that Kakasaheb got engrossed in Lord Baba's meditation.
    About four to five stations passed away, now Dabholkar whispered to Kakasaheb, "Bhau, are you awake?" He repeated his question about three times, but he did not get reply and Kakasaheb seemed to be turning. So a doctor of railway was called from Mahim station. On examination doctor concluded while speaking Kakasaheb left this mortal world.
    Kakasaheb's dead body was taken to his house in Vile Parle. On July 5, 1926, Monday, Ekadashi day at the age of sixty two, Kakasaheb entered Lord Sai Baba's real world (i.e. heaven). Lord Baba always said him, "Kaka! I will take you in aeroplane".
    From the point of view of a Sansaari purush, Kakasaheb's death was pleasing, fearless and surprising.
    From the point of view of spirituality, his death could be considered as a blessing from his Sadguru.
    It is said in Gita, "The last wish or thought that a man has at the hour of death, determines his future course and he attains the same".
    In this case, when Kaksaheb was talking about Lord 0Sai Baba' fame and kindness, he breathed his last. Thus he attained Sadgati. It is very rare that at the time of death a person has Lord's name in his mouth, only great person like Kakasaheb Dixit cannot forget to take the name of Lord Baba in his last moment.

    Chapter 1 - Kakasaheb Dixit Diary
     Few youngsters came to Shirdi for Lord Sai Baba’s darshan. They wished to capture photograph of Lord Baba. When they did not succeed in this task for next two days, they disclosed their heart’s desire to Madhavrao Deshpande (alias Shama) to request Lord Baba on their behalf. Shama advised them to meet Lord Baba when He returns from Lendi near Sathe Wada. So they all marched towards the Wada and stood there waiting for Him. Lord Baba returned from Lendi and reached near Wada. He questioned Shama about the matter. Shama quietly answered, “Baba, these young boys want to take Your photo and that is the reason we all have assembled here. Please stand here for a while” Lord Baba said, “There is no need to take My photo. To know My Real Form they just need to break the wall of difference between us” and quickly went to Dwarkamai Masjid. The youngsters wished to take photograph of three and a half feet of body of Lord Sai Baba which exactly was not His Real Form. They failed to realize that this world and Lord Baba are not different. The feelings of Dwaitya (duality) existed in their hearts and they saw Him only as a Body with Flesh and Blood. This ignorance was noticed by Him, so He wished that this wall of difference should be demolished. He wanted to His every devotee to get rid of hindrances in the path of spirituality and learn His Real Form.

    Sometime later, a person from Prabhusamaj came for Lord Sai Baba’s Darshan. He was working as a photographer for sometime in a photo studio in Bombay. Even he had the desire to take BABA’s photo and he decided to take BABA’s photo without HIS permission as he was unsure about seeking His permission and went on to take BABA’s photo. After returning, when he cleaned the negative of the photo, to his amazement he found his Guru’s photo instead of Lord Sai Baba’s. He was dumb founded seeing this extraordinary miracle. He then came to a conclusion that Lord Sai Baba has shown this miracle to teach him a lesson that one should have determined faith on his own guru.
    After few years of Mahasamadhi of Lord Sai Baba, there was heavy flood in MW region. Lord Baba came into his dream pointing towards a box said, “There is a green coloured cloth in this box and I wish you sent it to Shirdi to cover My Samadhi”. He was not aware of any cloth in the box as he had forgotten. When he was reminded about the box and cloth in dream, he made a deliberate search for it in the box. To his amazement, he found green cloth. Accordingly he informed about dream and green cloth to Shirdi Sansthan and sent it to Shirdi. After 1923, this cloth was frequently used to cover Mahasamadhi of Lord Sai Baba.

    A boy who belonged to Thane region of Mumbai was missing from many years. His father made all possible efforts to find him, but in vain. At last he went to Shirdi and told Lord Sai Baba about his condition. Lord Baba comforted him saying that he will get back his son very soon. After spending two days in Shirdi, he returned home with permission of Lord Baba. He boarded train from Manmad to Bombay (now Mumbai) and reached Thane. At the same time a train came and halted. The father saw his son alighting that train. Both father and son met after a long time and Lord Baba’s words came true.
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    A Person, who has controlled his mind, can achieve any success in his life. How far you are trying to control your mind?
    The mind that judges not others ever remains tension-free.

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  • Chapter 2 – Lord Sai Baba asked Dixit (Kakasaheb Dixit Diary)

    In the last post, we read introduction and Chapter 1 of Kakasaheb Dixit Dairy. We shall now proceed to Chapter 2 of the same.

    Once Lord Sai Baba appeared in Shama’s dream to inquire whether he had been to Govardana Das’s house. On receiving negative answer from Shama, He said, “Govardan’s mother is no more, so you should go and console him. Shama had no doubt in Lord Baba’s words, so he went to meet Govardan the next day at about 3 P.M. On reaching, he found that Lord Baba’s words in his dream were absolutely true. Govardan’s mother died the previous day and Shama was sent there timely.

    A person named Dwarkanath come to Shirdi. He carried a letter for Lord Sai Baba which was given by his uncle to be given to Lord Baba. Dwarkanath’s uncle had described his daughter’s health issues in the letter. When the letter was handed over to Lord Baba, He whispered that she will pass away soon. I (Kakasaheb Dixit) heard these words distinctly, but others could not. Later on, when the letter was read out to Lord Baba, Dwarkanath asked Him, “When can I bring my wife here?” Lord Baba said, “She will herself come to my place after four days”. On fourth day, she passed away and Lord Baba’s words came true.
    Once on Guurpoornima, Hemadpant came to Shirdi alongwith his family. The money which he had brought with him got exhausted in two days leaving him penniless. After one day, I and Moreshwar Pardhan reached Shirdi. Pradhan was also left without money soon. Next day, Lord Baba asked for dakshina from Pradhan. He said, “I do not have any penny with me”. Lord Baba said, “Go to Anna Sahib (Hemadpant) and get the money”. Pradhan knew that even Hemadpant’s money was exhausted. But Lord Baba’s command had to be followed. So without saying a word, Pradhan went to Hemadpant and asked for money. Hemadpant was rather perplexed at such a demand of Pradhan. He questioned, “How did you know that I have money with me now? Just now a person residing in Bandra got money for me.” Nobody knew about this affair because it happened a few minutes ago before Pradhan went to Hemadpant, but what was secret from the divine vision of Lord Baba?
    A Muslim devotee went to Lord Baba. His friend who was Brahmin by caste was sentenced to death. The devotee requested Lord Baba to save his friend from this punishment. Lord Baba blessed him saying, “He will be blessed by God in four days.” At the said time, the Brahmin was released on an appeal and he was freed from death sentence.
    Shri. Chidambar Gadgil was a devotee of Lord Ganesha. He was also devoted to Lord Baba and saw Lord Ganesha in Him. He did pooja to Lord Baba in the way as he did to Lord Ganesha. Lord Baba wanted to confirm his faith in Lord Ganesha and once when Gadgil was worshipping Lord Baba, He suddenly spoke, “This old man is a deceiver. Throw this Mahatara (an endearing name for fellow devotee) out, he says that there is a rat below my gaadi (mattress).” Gadgil was happy to note that Lord Baba accepted his worship and his seeing Lord Ganesha in Him.

    One day, in afternoon, Lord Sai Baba asked me (Dixit) whether Pradhan has come. I answered that he has not come. I seeked permission from Lord Baba to send a message to Pradhan to come to Shirdi. Lord Baba answered in affirmative. So a message was sent to him through Bala Shimpi.

    At the same time when Lord Baba enquired about Pradhan, he was with some person in a bar room in Bombay (now Mumbai) High Court and suddenly he fell unconscious. He was continuously chanting name of Lord Baba. His friend went to seek medical aid nearby and by the time he returned, Pradhan had regained consciousness. After some time, he returned his home in Santacruz by travelling in train without anybody’s help.

    Next day, Bala Shimpi came from Shirdi and gave him Lord Baba’s Udi and a letter written by me regarding the message which Lord Baba wanted to convey. Pradhan was even told that suddenly Lord Baba remembered him. He came to know for what reason did Lord Baba asked about him. Thus this merciful God takes care of His devotees when they are in trouble and even though they are very far from Him.

    Once Pradhan wrote a letter to Lord Baba in my name, when I was in Shirdi to invite Him for opening ceremony of Lord Ganesh’s idol in a temple constructed in Santacruz. I informed about the letter and matter contained therein to Lord Baba. He gave affirmation on the same. I wrote a letter about Lord Baba’s approval to Pradhan. On the same day Pradhan’s sister-in-law named Smt. Thaaibai saw a dream. She saw someone installing Lord Ganesha’s idol. She informed about her dream to everyone in morning. After some time, Pradhan received my letter. Thus Lord Baba informed Pradhan about His approval even before my letter reached to him and increased his faith many folds.

    Kakasaheb Dixit Diary Image 2.3
    My friend once complained to me that he was not able to sleep even for a minute for past eight days when we both were at work. Doctor’s medicines were not helpful as well. I gave him Udi which I got from Shirdi and asked him to keep it near him for three consecutive days. Next day he came and happily informed me that he had sound sleep the previous night as soon as Udi was placed near him.

    Another friend of mine who resides in Bandra came to Shirdi with his son who was also suffering from sleeping disorder. That night he slept calmly without any problem in Shirdi. Henceforth this disease left him for lifetime.

    Kakasaheb Dixit Diary Image 2.4
    Due to the love and devotion for Lord Sai Baba in my heart, Shirdi had become my permanent home. One day I decided not to have dinner for the rest of his life. This was shared with all others in Wada (Dixit Wada). After Madhyayan arti that day, Lord Baba asked him what he was planning to have for dinner that day. I replied, “I am ready to cook and serve You anything You wish.” “As usual prepare Dal (Lentil soup) and Poli (Chapati – also known as Roti)” came the reply. I asked him, whether I can prepare the same for that day’s dinner and offer as Naivedhya to Him in Dwarkamai. Lord Baba answered, “Bring the preparation here but you have it in Wada itself”. I said, “Today I will have dinner as per Your wish, but from tomorrow I have vowed not to eat anything in dinner”. Lord Baba did not answer me at that time.

    The next day again He asked me to prepare Naivedya of His wish and asked me to have the same. In this way He did not allow me to fast and also showed His disinterest in carrying fast. After sometime, He did not ask me about dinner because He knew that I was having dinner regularly by not sticking to my vow.

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    A Person, who has controlled his mind, can achieve any success in his life. How far you are trying to control your mind?
    The mind that judges not others ever remains tension-free.


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