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Author Topic: Don't chase visions of God. Instead, serve Him practically by sacrifice.  (Read 1394 times)

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Generally, devotees think that if one has seen the energetic form of God, it is the highest stage. But, I assuredly tell you that it is the lowest step. There is nothing in it. Several times Ravana saw the energetic form of God (Shiva). But, Ravana was not blessed by the God and was bitterly killed along with all his family! Rama never saw God Shiva, but was blessed by God with grand victory.

What you should aspire is the grace of God and not mere vision of God. As the Prime Minister goes in the street, you might have seen him. But, you are not favored by him in anyway. There is another person, who has not at all seen the prime minister. But, the Prime Minister was pleased with his application and sanctioned a big post to him. Between these two, who is the lucky person? Obviously the second person is fortunate.

Hence, you must always try to impress the mind of God by your sacrifice and service and should not crave for vision in which there is nothing!

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