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Author Topic: The Divine Role Of Shirdi Sai Baba  (Read 1803 times)

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The Divine Role Of Shirdi Sai Baba
« on: September 16, 2008, 03:05:32 AM »
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  • Heaven walked on earth...

    The Divine Role Of Shirdi Sai Baba

    The divine role of Sai Baba of Shirdi through His physical presence covered a period of about 64 years between 1854, when He made His first appearance in Shirdi, and 1918 when He left His body. However, His sixty years of stay at Shirdi on His second appearance between 1858 and 1918 manifested the depth and expansiveness of His unique role. India was in a cross - road of cultural and religious mix. Religious and cultural intolerance were on a rampant growth. It could not have been possible for any one to bring about harmony among the divergent religious, cultural groups in such a situation. It was only a God in human form who could accomplish the task of bringing unity between the different religious and social groups. Sai Baba was really the God Who descended on earth, and had large number of Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Parsee, and Muslim devotees spread all over the world. All were treated by Him alike. Under His cover, both the Hindus and Muslims happily took part in each others religious festivals. He had introduced the tradition of group worship, group prayer and group dinning for all and would share His ‘chillum’ (tobacco pipe) with all. He even showed highest compassion for animals and birds, and encouraged His devotees to feed and take care of them.

    Sai Baba founded no religion or sect, developed no trademark, started no movement, initiated not a single disciple, and left behind no apostles. He simply practiced and preached humanism and universal brotherhood, and established the superiority of love and compassion above egoism. He taught simplicity of livelihood and excellence of human virtue reflected in day to day conduct. Significantly, the Shirdi phenomenon defies easy explanation. It perhaps owes itself to the will of Baba Himself, Who is considered an Avatar of no less than the Almighty.

    Today, the mundane world is looking ahead for a magical solution to its problems of cultural, racial, national and religious differentiation. All intellectual exercises to bring about peace in the world and happiness to mankind have failed for these efforts are not based on humanism, universalism and love as taught by Sai Baba. With His captivating teachings He rules the heart of millions of His devotees, whose number is ever growing with each passing day. The ever growing number of Sai temples and devotees of Baba in India and abroad establishes the ever- increasing relevance of His preaching today. What Baba preached was actually quite simple. According to Him, real sorrow is the cycle of birth and death and the real happiness is liberation. He suggested :-

    • Accept your lot cheerfully. If you acquire wealth, become humble the way a tree laden with fruit bows down. Money is a necessity, but don’t get obsessed with it. Yet, don’t be a miser, be generous.

    • Perform your duty conscientiously and with detachment, not regarding yourself as the doer.

    • Surrender the fruit of action to God, so that action does not bind you. It is ties of indebtedness from previous births, which bring human and other beings together.

    • Give reins to the negative states (avariciousness, anger, hatred, pride, etc.) only as much as is essential to go through the Karma earmarked for this physical existence.

    • To steady the mind, idol worship is a way, even though the idol is not God. If you do Pooja with devotion and emotion, you can concentrate better.

    • Herculean effort is necessary for God-realization. There are four elements in Sadhana : Discrimination between the eternal and the ephemeral : that Brahman alone is true, the world is not. Next, renouncing all desire about this life or the thereafter. The third is to inculcate these qualities : control of the mind, bearing without anguish the fated pain and sorrow, remaining ensnared by Maya, knowing that money, wife, children and relatives are all ephemeral. The fourth is an intense desire for liberation.

     Though Sai as a human embodiment is gone, His spirit remains. Although His body cannot be seen, yet the magnetic pull of His Divine Soul is felt by all those who merely think of Him and particularly, those who visit His Samadhi (Tomb) at Shirdi. Baba had promised that whosoever would put his feet on the soil of Shirdi, his miseries would end.

    All devotees of Baba find His promise come true, even after He left His mortal coil. Baba used to call His devotees as children; and like the true father, kept them busy day-in and day-out for their temporal as well as spiritual upliftment. In today’s world His children, torn asunder by religious, social and sectarian strife, should run to Him to experience that love which can only unite them. The lesson has been preached Him. It is for us to practice to make the world a paradise to live.

    – Dr. Subodh Agarwal
    ‘Shirdi Sai Dham’,
    29, Tilak Road, Dehra Dun - 248 001,
    Mobiles : 09897202810 * 09897384814
    Tel. & Fax : 0135-2622810
    e-mail :

    Courtesy: Sai Leela Magazine Jan-Feb 2008

    Om Sai Ram. Baba bless us all.
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