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    One special day, shortly after the return of Sri SitaRama, the Royal Assembly was packed with honorable people come from far and wide to witness the transformation of Prince Rama to King Rama. Sugriva, Angada, Vibhisana, Laksmana, Bharata, Satrughna, and a host of valiant guest kings entered the large solar auditorium filled with people, and highly embellished since the coronation of the Emperor and Empress. Speaking with love and respect reflecting through their eyes, faces, words, and gestures, everyone took their seats in the assembly.

    Then, to the musical sound of clarinets, conches and drums, the Emperor and Empress entered and ascended the stage. Offering their respects to the Sages they took their seats under the Solar Arc, majestically, like a lion and lionness.

    Sita and Rama were humorous that day. They kept looking at each other and towards the humble, serviceful, meek but very sensitive Hanumanji. Then Sri Rama's voice echoed, "Dear Empress, tell Hanuman today who I really am, as well as yourself, and also what this entire world is. Tell him kindly where all beings of the world are heading, and to which all knowledge uplifts, enlightens, and liberates. Tell him that."

    Sri Rama looked at Sita and said this. Sitaji looked at humble Hanuman and spoke, "Dear son Hanuman, look at me. I am so pleased with you that I would like to introduce you to ourselves. Listen, Sri Rama is beginningless, endless, eternal, and imperishable. He is inconceivable and indescribable. He is beyond the reach of thought and action." Hanumanji looked up and began constantly looking humbly to Sitaji as a child looks at his mother when she is teaching him some important point of life.

    "Death, misunderstanding and afflictions do not reach my husband. Therefore, he is indicated as Satchidanandamaya. He is motionless, doing nothing he just exists. All that is attributed to him as though he did it, are all my creations. They are my performances. Even his appearance in this form has taken place because of me. I am the 'Yogamaya'. I am not outside him. His existence is not possible without me. I am his eternal power. Appearance of this phenomenal world is my luxury, my pleasure. Millions and billions of cosmic universes emanate from me. I am the power of this Sri Rama. Completely non-different from him."

    "Imposed by me, upon this Lord of my heart, the Truth, consciousness, and bliss reflect back upon me and through vibrations of these reflections, I introduce the transcendental worlds of Saketa, Goloka, Vaikuntha, and so on. When the rays of their dazzle travel far below, enveloped by my gross power, they transform as satva, rajas, and tamas. From these comes forth the world. But, I've no meaning of me for myself at all, except his love. I have no purpose to exist at all unless and until or as long as this, my beloved, keeps looking at me. The purpose of my existence is to entertain him. I am alive, in appearance only as long as my lord needs me. As soon as he no longer needs me, I submerge into him. I become one with him."

    Tears rolled down the molten gold cheeks of Hanumanji. He remembered when, in Lanka, Lord Rama refused to accept her, she had entered the fire and tried to cease to exist. As soon as he accepted to keep her, she came from the midst of the burning flames of the fire.

    "Oh mother, mother, don't do that anymore. Never, never. I can't bear that. This time if it happens I too would vanish with you." Hanumanji plunged into a sea of emotion and spoke abruptly. The whole assembly melted in devotion with Hanumanji.

    Sri Rama said:
    "Empress Sita is an embodiment of devotion. You are blessed. You have her mercy. She will never leave you with her devotion form. Your existence and devotion is unanimous. No matter what form, as long as devotion survives in your heart, life-size towering above all worldly ambitions, you are always my family member. Upliftment and understanding are her two sons. Until and unless this love-incarnate illustrious Goddess Supreme comes in life, the heart remains dirty, unclean, and eyes remain blurry in context to Truth and illusion, right and wrong. This apparent, vast diversity of the world is nothing but a display of the gunas acting upon the gunas. As long as heart is contaminated by their smearing of holy cow dung, soul goes on being encapsuled by bags of flesh, blood and bone. The soul becomes obsessed by each new form. Through emperialized education, helpless but bright children are programmed like computers only to remain in the hypnotic trance of identity crisis, obsessed with body-ambitions, directed toward for a short time to the visible material world, targeting only fame, wealth, and sex. Thus, birth disease, old age and death cycle inevitably and become an inseparable part of human life."

    "The world is like a dream within a dream. Truth by not believing it as truth, cannot become a non-truth. It keeps shining. The world is a vast dreamscape made by textures of the gunas acting upon the gunas. It is like clouds rolling, colliding, and crashing into each other, and forming different shapes and colors. Sun arcs remain dazzling above. This all is the luxury of Empress Sita (Maya Shakti). Her sporty adventure, her play. This play is beginningless and endless. It is to keep all beings occupied and entertained. In this there is nothing right, nothing wrong. According to the quality of your intellect things appear to be right or wrong. What was right before may become wrong later. What was wrong before may become right later.

    As soon as one projects one's doership, he or she becomes trapped. Your hands cannot reach to another's Atman nor can his reach yours. It is only one dream figure hurting or helping another dream figure. You are dreaming and because you have identified with this dream, you are suffering. Even though one is totally innocent and uninvolved, still he or she has to suffer in vast varieties and depths which continue to multiply all along because of this sense of doer-ship.
    Hanuman, in the lap of Empress Sita all beings are sleeping and seeing dreams. Out of mercy, She tries to awaken these screaming, yelling, and crying dreamers but they take it as a terrible misery and escape it. She is the 'Light of awakening' itself. She has sown the very seed of awakening in the heart of every being in the form of love. She resides in people's heart in the form of love. But not understanding the crystal clear transparent form of love, people attach it to figures and objects which they see in the illusion of their dream. As soon as love becomes disillusioned, clean, and flows uninterruptedly towards Sita Empress, she takes care of him/her like a mother to her child. As soon as you start getting into devotional trances she starts taking care of you. Her vigilant protection, guarding, nourishing, and growth makes you fearless. You go on becoming disillusioned and awakened and enlightened and liberated.

    The illusion of conditioned identity is the bondage. Its complete elimination is attainment of perfection. Without this perfection, people will always remain miserable. And total surrender of this conditioned identity unto her lotus feet is not possible unless she chooses personally. All one can do is to attach his or her love in our pastimes expounded in Ramayana. And you, Hanuman, will be helping them till the end of the world. For the oncoming few billion years, we want to keep you on the earth, to help the striving illusion entranced dreamers to be free from their mental projections. Until you have awakened those ten billion creatures, you will wander around the world. Wherever the Ramayana is sung, be present there.

    Hanuman, meditation only means constant discipline, constant vigilance and constant effort. Because illusion takes over. Get up,  immediately. Otherwise, situations and circumstances are very hard. The push and dash of domestic needs and adjustments are too strong. The push and pull of business-like love and hatred is heart-rending. You may never be able to get up. Efforts, vigilance, and discipline have to be continuous until they become your second nature. Here Hanuman, I crown you the first prophet of "Sri Sita Rama Consciousness". I'll be glad if you give a discourse on your own version of this knowledge tomorrow. And you are set." Saying this, Sri Rama placed a gorgeous gemmed sparkling crown on Hanuman's golden head.

    Hanuman's Enlightenment Hearing Sri Sita and Rama's teaching, Hanuman's face bloomed. His eyes became full of love. He prostrated at the lotus feet of the Emperor and Empress. After blessing him, the assembly dispersed for the day, and re-congregated the next morning. Wearing his newly gifted, wonderful golden crown, the yellow eyed, red faced Hanuman spoke, addressing the dazzling forms of Sita Rama seated on the royal throne.

    "As far as illusion-bound physical life is concerned, its meaning lies in the loving service of your lotus feet. Name, form, and the possessions of people are all illusion-originated. Body is just an appearance in the tremendous flow of energy, appearing as matter out of misconception. It is all a matter of faulty perspective, viewed from too short a span of time, with too little attention or care paid to find out the reality. By inquiry, from many different angles, trying again and again, one can catch a glimpse, and then prolong the glimpse into a right perspective. In your service alone lies the true meaning of the body. If there is no "SitaRama darshan", no service or love at your lotus feet is born.

    As far as mind is concerned, it is a small fraction of consciousness. Wherever consciousness reflects, mind assumes that quality, habit, ability, and strength. The earth is not green, the water is not blue, the desert is not hot, the arctic is not cold. They are all handy name-tags pasted out of convenience, which later become so realistic in life. Doer-ship which brings about various difficult situations, is due to projecting the nightmare of mind, intellect, heart, and ego upon oneself. The Self is always beyond all these. Originally it is one ray of yours, the sun and moon of Pure Consciousness. As soon as it unites with you, it becomes an indivisible, extended part of you. This ray has to submerge into the bliss of your ever-expanding love's light. The only way to do this is to sink one's heart and mind in the wisdom of your holy Ramayana. Your pastimes, your form, your abode, your holy name should impart a new meaning to life.

    Please bless me, my Lord, that I will be able to help those people who try to uplift themselves by reading, listening, and discoursing on your Holy Ramayana.

    Just at that point, a golden and emerald reddish light descending from two palms above, bathed Hanuman's head. Tears of joy began to flow from his eyes. He was in Bliss Supreme. Celestials showered flowers and the Existence rejoiced on Hanuman's enlightenment.
    om sai ram!
    Anant Koti Brahmand Nayak Raja Dhi Raj Yogi Raj, Para Brahma Shri Sachidanand Satguru Sri Sai Nath Maharaj !
    Budhihin Tanu Janike, Sumiro Pavan Kumar, Bal Budhi Vidhya Dehu Mohe, Harahu Kalesa Vikar !
    ........................  बाकी सब तो सपने है, बस साईं ही तेरे अपने है, साईं ही तेरे अपने है, साईं ही तेरे अपने है !!


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