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Author Topic: The attitude of a human incarnation towards displaying miracles  (Read 1716 times)

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Demons perform miracles very frequently because their attitude is to expose their own greatness or even to make an impression on others that they are God.

The attitude of human incarnation like Sai Baba is quite different. Unless there are very much pressing circumstances, the miracle is not exhibited. God does not wish to expose Himself like a demon. In fact, one of the purposes that God came to this earth is to enjoy the life of human role like an actor identifying himself with the role completely and forgetting himself fully.

Hence, the human incarnation always tries to hide itself and its exposure is done only in the unavoidable circumstances.

Even if the miracle (exposure) is done, the human incarnation passes on the credit to external God.

Sai Baba performed several miracles but always impressed the minds of others by constantly saying that ‘God (different from him) alone is the Master’ (Allah Malik), which invariably suggests that Sai Baba is the servant of God.

The problem with the human incarnation is that if miracle is not exhibited, it will be treated as a scholastic human being only and no attention is given to the preaching. This is one extreme end like a drought. The other extreme end like flood is performing the miracles frequently like a demon. In this extreme end of flood, there is a lot of danger because devotees will try to use the miraculous power often for their normal problems also and this develops selfishness and lazy nature.

Moreover, these devotees try to praise constantly the human incarnation for the benefit of miraculous power and the human being component of the human incarnation may also be affected by ego and fall like Parashurama. Hence, the policy of human incarnation is only to perform minimum number of miracles in the unavoidable circumstances only.

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