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Author Topic: Virtue of Repentance  (Read 2227 times)

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Virtue of Repentance
« on: December 11, 2004, 09:57:17 AM »
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  • Virtue of Repentance !

                     Heera, a blind convict, came to Shirdi to seek Sai Baba. He came with his young son. After visiting Baba and spending some time in Shirdi, the blind Heera rested on the fields in the outskirts when he heard a voice, "tired?" It took no time for Heera to figure out that it was Baba speaking to him.

    "Falling to the way of vices, you sinner, did not hesitate to kill even your wife. You killed her for her jewelry, and spent all the money on your bad habits. You also lost your sight due to an accident", Baba told Heera. Heera replied in a repentive tone, " Yes, Baba. I have paid my price by doing my time in the prison and I regret all I have done. I have come to you to seek your blessings for my son".

    Sensing the true regret and a sense of repentance in Heera, Baba said, "Do not worry about your young one. Leave it on me. It is my duty to protect him". Heera was relieved to hear this. His worries about taking care of his son duly addressed, Heera begged Baba, "Oh my Sainath, please let me touch your feet at least once". Baba enticed him to walk forward as the blind ex-convict surged forward until he hit the trunk of a tree and fell down bleeding on the forehead, unconscious.

    A while later, Heera's young son came back to see his father lying unconscious. Perturbed, he started to wake him up. Heera slowly woke up and the unbelievable happened. At an instance, Heera realized that Baba had restored his sight. Now he could see his young son with his own eyes! His joy overboard, he shouted, "Sai Baba..! And he began walking briskly towards the hamlet to fall at the feet of the God that realized his true repentance. He heard the voice again, "There is no need to see me, you may go back to your village". There was no need to go anywhere to see Baba. True repentance is God realization.  

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