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Author Topic: Why the majority fail in Lord Datta's tests  (Read 538 times)

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Why the majority fail in Lord Datta's tests
« on: October 30, 2016, 11:41:35 AM »
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  • Why is the human form of the Lord (Datta) not easily accepted by people. What are the factors that cause a person to fail in the tests of Datta?

    The human form of the Lord, which comes to test you, is called Datta. People are fond of idols because it is a no-loss proposition. People only want to do business with God. They want to give little to God and gain far more. Under no circumstances do they want to lose anything. They come to temple with meager offerings and pray for something much bigger. Even if what they ask for is not granted, at least there is a guarantee that the things that they offered to the idol in the temple will not be consumed by the idol. They can always have it back. So there is definitely no loss.

    On the other hand if they offer anything to God in human form, then it is a risky business. He will take what they offered and there is no guarantee that He will grant what they prayed for. Therefore they are not interested in the human form of the Lord. The Lord sees through this business-like attitude of the devotee. Whenever anyone claims to be His devotee, He will subject him to severe tests. Only the true devotee will pass all the tests. The mediocre devotee and the businessman-devotee are sure to fail in these tests. The following questions will determine the success in the tests of Datta.

    1) Do you give more value to the Lord than anything and anybody else in this world?.

    2) Do you believe in the human form of the Lord, who is before you, completely and without any trace of doubt?

    The majority of people drop out at the first question itself because they love their family or themselves more than God. They only use the Lord to achieve happiness and wealth for themselves and their families. God, to them is merely an instrument for the well-being of their family. Such an instrumental God cannot have more value for them than money or their family.

    Only a handful of devotees succeed in this first point. Most of those who pass the first criterion, fail the next. They fail in recognizing the human form of the Lord and believing in Him completely. Only one in millions of devotees and that too in one birth out of millions of births of that individual, can one succeed in both the points. The Bhagavad Gita says the same (Kaschitmaam Bahunaam Janmanaam). The factors that will help you pass the test of Datta are the unwavering faith in the Sadguru and mental determination, which is attained by you either in this birth or in the previous births. The Sadguru alone can explain the true path given in the Vedas (the scriptures; the revealed Word of the Lord).

    Source: (Q. No. 11)


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