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Author Topic: Shirdi become prominent due to Saibaba!  (Read 2168 times)

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Shirdi become prominent due to Saibaba!
« on: January 28, 2010, 11:02:38 PM »
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  • Sairam! Shirdi was once a remote village, not known to any. It was Baba, but for whom, the name of Shirdi would not have  known  to any. It was along Chand Bai's relatives marriage party, that brought the young Sai, to the precincts of Shirdi. It was Bakat Mahlsapathy who accosted Baba as "Ya Sai, when he was descending from the cart. That name  struck. It was a Divine Name with spiritual implications.Sa Ayi represents the Mother. Baba represents "Father". Hence the name Saibaba represents the Divinity with mother and  father aspect.  Yes, Sai looks after His devotees as His own children. He wards of the dangers that await them. We are safe in the hands  of Sai. Only we have to remember Him by uttering  His name. Wherever we may reside, if we call  the name Sai, He is verily there by His side. Baba has assured, "Even if my devotee is 3000 miles away, i will bring him here as a sparrow is brought near by  a string attached to its leg. Sairam, Sayipriya.


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