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Author Topic: The waking stage is a big DREAM!  (Read 1798 times)

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The waking stage is a big DREAM!
« on: January 28, 2010, 08:53:51 PM »
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  • Sairam! The world is a big dream! Yes, the scriptures asserts that the 'world is an illusion, a creation of the mind. Shri Ramana Maharishi says, "The waking state is also a dream.When you wake up in your Real SELF, you will be aware that all along you were in illusion. What happens when we retire in the night for resting? We start dreaming.  In the dream world, we undergo varieties of experiences, emotions and interactions.  we undergo all feelings and some times we move our limbs also while resting in the bed.  Now, there is a sudden fear engulfing you due to some terrifying dream. Some wild animal like a tiger is chasing you in the dream. You are frantic to escape and starts running. In the physical body that is resting, there are signs of palpitation and perspiration.and suddenly you are awakened due to the extreme fear and shock of the dream. Now what you find? You are lying in the bed, the fan is rotating. Everything is calm. then you realize that all you experienced during the dream is a false and illusory experience woven by the mind! Hence the dream experience was true only when you were dreaming. Once you awake, it is negated  as false. Likewise there is a stage of "Spiritual awakening" wherein you will realize that the waking stage is  also false and all the experiences are just like a dream! But the "I" was present during the dream stage, during the waking stage and during the Deep Sleep stage, when you are blissfully unaware of any  thing and enjoyed supreme peace. In a way, the deep sleep stage is akin to "Samadhi" with a difference. In the deep sleep state, though there is a consciousness, as an individual self, you were absent. In "Samadhi" the Consciousness persists  even while enjoying  the Bliss and Peace. Hence we should ignore  the world, Be indifferent to the sensory inputs and remain focussed only on the Self, which is Pure Awareness and Bliss. Sairam, Saisaran.
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