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Author Topic: Enjoy the Test of Waiting  (Read 3194 times)

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Enjoy the Test of Waiting
« on: December 29, 2009, 04:36:43 AM »
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    The below article written with Baba’s blessing and grace
    My beloved and blessed Sai Family

    From the topic of this article….most of you will ask, if it’s a test…how can anyone enjoy it??

    That is what the writer is trying to uncover
    All of us always face some or the other kind of problem/issue/situation in our life
    During that period, 2 senses of our body start working overtime,
    1)   Conscious/physical Mind (let’s call it Ego for the article sake) which we use in everyday life, for all mundane activities, like talking, walking etc…
    2)   Sub-conscious/Spiritual Mind (let’s call it Baba for the article sake) who works everyday too, but we hardly obey/listen to it
    In a problematic situation, both our minds start analyzing and calculating and checking possible solutions
    Most of the time we choose solutions that are easier to achieve by us, because we want to “solve” the problem, (maybe to make sure that things are under our control, and we won a brownie point)
    This solution is mostly presented by the “Ego”, At that time the focus is “solution”
    Our Ego has already calculated and solved it,  we accept because we only want to solve the problem
    We are so engulfed by the situation that we only care to be out of it
    And once we have solved it, we feel such a relief and proud that “we” did it, that “we” solved it
    All we can remember is just what “we” did and how “we” overcame it all. We want to let everyone know how we achieved it all
    To put it more practically for better understanding, take an example of Mr. A, his boss has given a situation which needs to be resolved at his workplace. The boss is clear in his instructions “Solve the problem”. Mr.A’s both minds start analyzing, calculating, etc. To get to the solution
    Mr.A’s ego decides to supercede the spiritual mind He solves he problem and wins accolades from the boss. He is excited and wants to tell all his colleagues about his achievement
    What he doesn’t know, is that, there has been waiting and testing in this, but Mr..A knows the solution
    He knows the resources he is using and has control over them. Hence he has enjoyed the test and never realized how much he has waited.

    The writer has previously mentioned spiritual mind or Baba.  What is it and how is it related to enjoying the test of waiting?
    In every problem, Baba also gives a “way” to solve the problem. But we obey our Ego because it is showing us the “solution” and not the ‘way”. And our focus is “solution” that too in our favor.
    However there are situations in life, where all solutions of the Ego aint happening, it’s not working out.
    Disappointed and dejected we want to obey Baba so that we may get solution that we desire
    P.S; Even now, the focus is the “solution”
    So, we are ready to walk the “way” as guided by Baba. Over a period of time walking the way, Ego comes and asks “do you have the solution, yet?”
    This question puts us in a doubt and suddenly we stop to  take stock of the situation. We look back and see how far we have some and how far we have to go…how much more to wait??

    All this is because we are still focused on the solution thinking that the problem is still there.
    What we cant see is that the way we have walked, (though we may not have reached the solution), but we have gone close to Sai, our father by merely walking his way.

    Waiting or the test of waiting is a journey. We fail to see that because we are more bothered about reaching the destination (Solution), we have missed to see the beautiful sights on this journey, cause we are totally immersed in our problem. We haven’t let go of it. When we chose Bab’s way, the first and foremost thing is to off load the baggage (problem) in the hands of the guide (Sai) Feel light and enjoy the hourney. However, all the while we are worried about the baggage

    Why does this happen??
    This is because we don’t trust anyone except ourselves. We like to be in control and feel that we are the show runners. Though we want someone else (Sai) to solve our problem, we don’t completely trust him. When Mr. A, in the previous example was in control of the resource, he was confident that he will solve the problem. But the moment he has to delegate the resources to someone he will continuously track the status. The Ego keeps popping up and put us in doubt, that is the test. So we ourselves put ourselves to test.
    Sai always says to have Shraddha and  Saburi
    But its’ our ego more than anyone who plays these games and makes us feel Baba is delayed
    This is when we start feeling anxious, depressed, etc. At such times, it helps to remove our focus from the problem and the solution. Concentrate on the journey and enjoy the ride with the Guide (SAI). He is not the ordinary tour guide. He has brought you to the journey and he will safely take you to your destination.
    Let’s face it, even he knows, once we reach the destination we wont require him until our next jpurney.
    So, the next time, when you say, “Baba….how much will you test my patience?” Plese make an effort to shift your focus from your problem and its solution to the journey you are taking with SAI

    Every time you pray to him/ read his books, forget your problems and stop worrying about the solution.
    We normally start with a thought that this might be it. Rather than that, the thought should be “I want to enjoy this prayer and be with you as long as I do this”
    Give some time for this to take effect, what else do you have but time??

    This a small effort on my part, to ease the anxiety and dejectedness, that the writer has read in many posts on the site. Hope it will help some.
    Above are solely the writer’s views.
    Comments are welcome
    Till then…..

    Keep praying!!
    Others like, time, people, YOUR MIND, etc. are fragile and prone to frequent changes.

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