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Author Topic: ll Novelty of Nine ll  (Read 5305 times)

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ll Novelty of Nine ll
« on: February 07, 2013, 01:42:12 AM »
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  • OM SAI RAM!!!

    ll Novelty of Nine ll

    Source: / saileela/2004/

    1.     It was on the second of November 1909 that Dixit met Sai for the 
            first time and had a meritorious and purifying darshan. ll157ll On the nineth of
            December, he took Baba’s permission and considered that very day to be an
            auspicious one, for laying the foundation stone. ll161ll
           – Ch. 4

    2.    Even if he (i.e. Bhajani) had not been available, Kaka would have
           performed the kirtan, because he knew by heart the composition about Ramnavami
           composed by Das Ganu. ll96ll
           – Ch. 6

    3.    That old Haji stayed in the Chavadi facing the north. For the first nine
            months Baba was displeased with him and was not ready to meet him. ll79ll
           – Ch. 11

    4.    They met after nine years. Their joy knew no bounds. The doctor
           also went after him unconsciously, into the Masjid. ll169l
           – Ch. 12

    5.    Amir Shakkar lived at the Chavadi for nine months. Just as one
           climbed the steps into the Chavadi, right in front, he spread out his bedding in
           the middle of the room. ll125ll Amir was asked to live there for nine months
           and was prohibited from coming for darshan even in the Masjid. ll127ll
           – Ch. 22                                                               

    6.    Immediately on reaching home, he took out and placed three
          more in his hand, totalling nine rupees. Yet the fakir was not satisfied. ll192ll
          As soon as the note came into his hands, he returned the change of nine rupees
          and the fakir left the same way he had come, walking with great speed. ll195ll
          Otherwise, why did the fakir who had nineteen rupees with him including the ten
          rupees note, give Appa nine rupees only ? It was because of Appa’s intense desire
          to give ten rupees, only. ll212ll
           – Ch. 33

    7.    Later, from 10th December 1909, Baba’s worship in the Chavadi,
            bhajan etc. also began. ll118ll   
           – Ch. 37

    8.    The interesting story related to the nine lights of the Rishabh lineage;
          that is, of Kavi, Hari, Antariksha and others (Prabudha, Pippalayan, Avirhotra,
          Drumil, Chamas and Karabhanjan). It was both instructive and pleasing. ll49ll
          All the nine of them were God Incarnate. They were the embodiment of forgiveness
          and peace. When they expounded the glory of Bhagvat Dharma to King Janak,
          he was still and spell bound. ll50ll   
           – Ch. 45

    9.    The path of Bhakti is the thorny path, like the path through the
           prickly Babul forest. It is full of pits and potholes. One or two steps, in the right
           direction, takes you really close to God. ll16ll

          You should avoid the thorns and step forward. You will reach the destination
          without fear. This is the only remedy, says the Gurumayi very clearly. ll17ll
           – Ch. 6

    "नानक नाम चढदी कला, तेरे पहाणे सर्वद दा भला "


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