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Author Topic: What is Sanskar ?  (Read 17366 times)

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What is Sanskar ?
« on: January 24, 2013, 01:32:46 AM »
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  • OM SAI RAM!!!

    What is Sanskar ?

    Every work that we do reflects our sanskars. For example, throwing the
    skin of a banana after eating it is an 'action', throwing it in a dustbin is a 'character or
    nature', whereas throwing it on the ground is 'perversion'. Picking up the skin thrown
    on the ground by someone else and putting it in the dustbin is 'culture'.

    Eating when one is hungry is 'nature', eating someone else's food is 'perversion',
    whereas, enquiring whether everyone in the house has had food, and then only after
    offering the food  to God and eating it as a sacrament is ‘culture’.

    One who does an action only after contemplating on all its aspects is a human.
    There is a need to inculcate sanskars for good thoughts and right actions.  According
    to Bharatiya  Sanskar, each and every action should be virtuous in nature.

    Sanskar means multiplication of our merits and division of our demerits. Sanskar means
    inculcating good habits and removing the bad ones.

    What does teaching good values to children mean ?  It means teaching them values
    such as paying salutation to parents everyday by touching their feet, not finding faults
    with others, etc. However, these values should not be taught to them just by preaching
    them or by bribing them with chocolates and ice-cream, but by setting an example through
    our own actions. If an 8 year old child is instructed to touch the feet of elderly people daily,
    he will do it for a few days and  then stop it. He won't do it regularly even if he is taught the
    reasons behind it. However, if the parents themselves touch the feet of their elders everyday,
    the children too will imitate them and in a few days, even they will touch the feet of their
    parents and grandparents. They will feel ashamed of the fact that their parents are touching
    the feet of grandparents while they are not.  

    Thus, inculcating sanskars means teaching through our own righteous actions and
    not just preaching.


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    JAI SAI RAM !!!

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    Re: What is Sanskar ?
    « Reply #1 on: February 01, 2013, 10:54:44 PM »
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  • OM SAI RAM!!

    What is Sanskar?

    It is very difficult to define 'Sanskar' in a few words. The word 'Sanskar' has its origin in the Sanskrit language. There is no word in other languages comparable to 'Sanskar'. So several main languages of the world have adopted the 'Sanskar' word in their vocabulary or have included this word in their dictionary. The surfacial meaning of the word 'Sanskar' is to purify, to refine, to supplement, to brighten, to adorn the inner conscience. However, its meaning in wider sense is as deep as the depth of the ocean and as vast as the spread of the sky.

    'Sanskar' is a process, which transforms a person into an ideal & outstanding personality by eradicating/controlling the negative mental tendencies existing in him and by inculcating human values & qualities to make him more dynamic, discreet, duty conscious and responsible towards himself as well as family and the society.

    'Sanskar' is like plantation of a seed of human values into the subconscious of a person during his childhood so that adherence of these values becomes part of his nature and keeps on guiding him throughout his life. A person acts according to the ideals which exist in his subconscious without being aware of them. Thus his decisions, his reactions to actions of others and the quality of his actions depend upon the values existing in his subconscious. Conduct and behaviour of a person are always according to his inner values.

    'Sanskar' purifies feelings, thoughts and actions/deeds and adds momentum of life.
    'Sanskar' purifies inner conscious of the person and makes life meaningful.
    'Sanskar' adds good conduct, good thoughts and human qualities to a man's personality and sublimates his mind.
    'Sanskar' forms a culture and develops social values. The Conduct & Behaviour and Sanskar are integrated to each other.

    The Process of Sanskar:

    Basically the process of 'Sanskar' has three components, namely:

    Purification (Doshapanayan) - To purify a person physically, vitally mentally and to eradicate/ weed out the negative mental thoughts and tendencies, which may exist in a person at the time of his birth and/or which he may have acquired from his family and surrounding environment.

    Making up Deficiency (Heenangpoorti) - To make up the deficiency of human values which he lacks.

    Value Enrichment (Gunaadhaan) - To inculcate qualities and transform him into an ideal, compassionate, responsible, dutiful and outstanding human who follows his duties diligently towards himself, his family, the society and the universe.


    We know about diamonds, which reach us after undergoing many processes. A raw diamond stone when extracted from mines looks like an ordinary stone. In the first place dust and other foreign materials are removed by cleaning. Then the process of refinement, cutting, polishing etc. is carried out to transform it into a finished diamond. Then only that diamond is made into an ornament so that it becomes more beautiful, useful and valuable. The process of transforming the raw diamond stone into a finished diamond is the 'Sanskar' of raw diamond. The act of cleaning, removing dust and other foreign material is purification, the act of refinement, cutting, finishing, polishing is 'making up the deficiency' and the act of making it into an ornament is 'value enrichment'.

    "नानक नाम चढदी कला, तेरे पहाणे सर्वद दा भला "

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    Re: What is Sanskar ?
    « Reply #2 on: February 03, 2013, 10:17:48 AM »
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  • What is sanskar?

    Sanskar is sanskrit word. So, in every language, we speak Sanskar. It means good habits. Every day, we learn some new good things. This learning never vanishes. Even after our death, our Sanskar goes with our soul. Suppose, a 6 years child speaks a sweet song or has capacity to remember everything. They all have Sanskar which they earned some in this birth and some, they have earned in past births. So, everything what we learn never goes to waste.

    In Indian family, you know the importance of Sanskar. There is no need to give money, building and luxuries to our children. One good thing which we have to give that is Sanskar. If you have Sanskar, transfer it to your children. Simple way of transferring Sanskar.

    1. Never speak abused words .

    2. Never drink or smoke .

    3. Never speak lie .

    4. Keep peace and happy  behavior .
    6.  giving respect to all people.

    7. always follow the true path.

    8. helping poor people.

    9. dont hurt any one.

    10.  understand and perform your all responsibility and duty.

    11. having full faith on GOD etc....

    sanskar is depend upon you.. if you will do good, you will always think good and this internally will generate good sanskar..

    sanskar is the one  which we carry with us after death nothing else....

    Jai sai baba

    Anu Devang Desai


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