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Author Topic: Inauguration of THE TEMPLE OF SRI SAI BABA in the Railway Colony at (Curla, Bomb  (Read 4281 times)

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The First temple of Shri Sai Baba was constructed and inaugurated by the Shri Bhagawati Sai Samsthan, Central Railway colony, Kurla at Panvel (near the C. Rly Station Panvel on the Bombay-Poona Road, about 70 Kms. from Bombay) on Thursday the first January 1970.
The second temple of Sri Sai Baba is recently constructed by the Samsthan and inaugurated by His Holiness Sri Sai Padananda, Radhakrishna Swami (President of All India Sai Samaj, Madras) in the midst of thousands of Sai devotees in general and a galaxy of prominent Saints from all over India in particular, on Sri Rama Navami Day i. e. Monday the 1st April 1974.

The celebration started a day earlier (i. e. on 31-3-74) right from 4.00 a. m. with the recitation of suprabhatam followed by Nagar sankirtan around the colony. During the Nagar sankirtan a rare piece of cloth used by Baba alongwith His portrait was carried personally by Sri Sai Sevak Narayan Baba. Through-out the Nagar sankirtan the devotees sang the glories of Baba in the form of bhajans. At different places the devotees performed the CHARAN pooja of Sri Sai Sevak Narayan Baba and received blessings.
After the Nagar sankirtan there was abhishek pooja and aarati in the Samsthan followed by PUNYA VACHANAM, MA-HA GANAPATHI POOJA. GANAPATHI HOMAM, NAVAGR-AHA POOJA, NAVA GRAHA HOMAM, VASTHU SHANTl AND KALASA POOJA at the New Temple.

It was a touching sight to see the "Poor Feeding and Distribution of Clothes" in which more than thousand people took part. The poor people made a systematic long queue and were allowed inside the Samsthan for darshan before they were given food and clothes.

In the evening, Pooja, Aarati and recitation of Sri Sai Mahima took place in the Samsthan. The Kalyan Bhajan Samaj took over the programme by their thrilling bhajans upto 9.30 p. m. when the Shej Aarati was perfomed. This was followed by Sri Sai Baba Akhand bhajans from 10.00 p. m. to 6.00 a. m. by Sri Sai Bhajan Mandali of Dadar.

The function was inter alia attended by the following out-standing persona lities:-

1.    H. H. Radhakrishna Swamy (Sri Sai Padananda) President, All India Sai Samaj from Bangalore.
2.    Sri Dandavate Maharaj of Gangapur.
3.    Sri Ratnakar Baba of Wada.
4.   Sri N. P. Avasthi from Poona, an associate of Baba.
5.   Dr. K. B. Gawanker also an associate of Baba.
6.    Sri D. D. Neroy,  India's  famous  Process Artist  and  block maker who is the first block maker of Sri Sai Baba's protrait.
7.   Shri H. B. Talim, the famous Sculptor who together with his Late father made the statue of Baba at Shirdi,

The "Moorti Mandap Pravesham" started at 6.30 a. m. on 1-4-74 with a well decorated chariot in which three moorties were placed i.e. Mula moorti of Baba, two feet six inches, UTSAV moorti of Baba in Italian marble, eighteen inches and the third one being Maha Ganapathi in Indian marble also eighteen inches.
'The decorated car was ceremoniously taken in procession with all accompaniments to the mandapam opposite the new temple where appropriate vedic ceremonies were in progress. On arrival at the spacious mandapam Maha Ganapathi pooja, Kumbha sthapanam :and veda parayanam took place.
At 9.30 a. m. Maha Ganapathi moorti sthapana was done, 'followed by the Mula moorti i. e. Sri Sai Baba Sthapana which was done by H. H. Sai Padananda, Radhakrishna Swami. The :Maruti moorti sthapana was done by Smt. Pushpa Chimanlal Mehta, an ardent devotee of Baba. Earlier to this, the Kumbha sthapanam was ceremoniously done by Sri Sai Sevak Narayan Baba. This was followed by Shanti pooja homam.
Before taking up the next item of the programme the devotees were given a golden opportunity to hear the amritvani of so many Saints from different parts of India, collected together at one and the same place, which is quite rare. Shri Dandavate Maharaj of Gangapur, Dr. K. B. Gawankar, Shri D. D. Neroy, Shri N. P. Awasthi and Shri Talim addressed the gathering. They explained from their point of view, ,the importance of the occassion.

Sri Ratnakar Baba of Wada spoke with great eloquance and power expounding the inner meaning and significance of certain rites of the Upasana Khanda of the Vedas. He is a Gayatrimantra Sidha and words of light and power flowed out of him without any hindrance like the Niagara-falls. Concluding his speech he remarked that the assembly of so many saints and mahatmas here was not so remarkable as the power of this zealous Sri Sai Sevak Narayan Baba attracting all of them irresistably like a magnet attracting iron. This was more significant.

While describing how SRI  Sai Sevak Narayan Baba came under the   influence   of   SRI   SAI BABA,   Ratnakar   Baba   said,

"In 1958-59 Narayan Baba got a vigraham of Sri Sai Baba from Bal Yogini Saraswati Amma, who had the miraculous power that whenever she dropped a pinch of kum-kum in an open palm of a devotee, it would turn into a metallic moorti or figurine of e. g. Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Hanuman, Devi, Jesus or Mary etc; but in Sai Sevak Narayan Baba's hand it was a figure of Sri Sai Baba that materialised. Again the following week yet another bigger moorti of the same Sri Sai Baba appeared. At that time Narayan Baba did not know much of Sri Sai Baba much less His devotee, he was puzzled and inquired, what these figurines were and their significance. Balyogini Saraswati Amma had gone into trance at this inquiry and when she came out of it, she explained that though he did not know Sri Sai Baba much less that he was a devotee of Baba, yet Baba had chosen him for manifesting His powers. There was something unprecedented and unique about Baba that the like of which he had not come across in any scriptures or religious literature."
The Chief Guest H. H. Sai Padananda, Radha Krishna Swami, who had the  privilege of association with Seshadri Swamigal and Ramana Maharishi and   Narsimha Swami, opened his illuminative address with a verse from Vivek Chudamani of Adi Shan-kara, starting with "Sath Sangatvc......and ended  with the value of Sath Sangh." He was much struck by the self-control of the audience who without any volunteers to regulate the crowd, were regulating themselves quietly and promptly. This was surely a sign and symbol of their Shradha and Bhakti,

Before the sthapana of the Mula moorti by H. H. Radhakrishna Swami, Sai Sevak Narayan Baba accompanied by some Samsthan members sang in chorus the 'Sai Mahima' extolling the limitless and incomprehensible glory of Baba. Earlier Narayan Baba had sung a soul-thrilling song how one may travel to liberation by meditating on the holy name of Sai, Sri Sai; the song was so thrilling that many including H. H. Radhakrishna Swamy,
Sri Awasthi and others asked for a copy of the song.

This   was   followed   by   the   Prana   Prathistha   of the Mula moorti of Baba by H. H, Radhakrishna Swami

The evening programme started at 6.00 p. m. with pooja aarati and bhajan. During this programme, some of the Rly. officials e. g. Sri Ramchandran, Divisional Personnel Officer, Shri Balbir Singh with other officers participated. This was followed by the famous Rathotsav in which Baba's original portrait with a rare piece of cloth worn by Him during His life time was carried in an illuminated chariot tastefully decorated with flowers, around the colony. The Rathotsav was musically well led by the famous Nadaswaram players (Nadaswaram Vidvan Sri Thirumalai and party) from Matunga in addition to Bhajan goshti and fire works.
The Rathotsav ended at 11.30 p. m. with hearty shouts of Jai Jai Kar and charan pooja of Sri Sai Sevak Narayan Baba. Thus ended the celestial celebration of Kumbhabhishekam of the New Temple held on the Shri Rama Navami Day.

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