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Author Topic: SHRI SAI LEELA (Official Organ of Shirdi Sansthan ) SEPTEMBER 1974  (Read 10636 times)

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1.   Editorial                  Shri Ganesh
2.   The Science of Religion            Swami Chinmayanand
3.   Saint Eknath                  Dr.S.D.Parchuru
4.   Lord Mahavira               Prof V.H.Pandit
5.   The Temple of Shri Sai Baba at Kurla      B.Narayan
6.   Yagiraj Vasudevananda Saraswati      Shri S.N.Huddar

Incident Relating to the Picture on the Cover Page
Incident Relating to the Picture on the Cover Page

Once a lady, who had come to pay a visit to Shirdi, started to go to Baba with a bread in her plate. On her way she met a dog. Hence taking pity on it, the lady gave that bread to the dog. The lady went back and took the bread that she had kept aside for her self. This time she met a pig on her way. She gave that bread to the pig. Later on when the lady went to Shri Sai Baba he said, "Oh mother, the breads that you gave to the dog and pig were received by me as I have complete,, communion with all living beings."
VOLUME 53            SEPTEMBER 1974         No,6

Love And Religion

There is no religion higher than love. Truth itself shines with the light of Love, Doctrines of religions derive their strength from the love of the great founders of Faith. When love declines and the followers impose their creeds on others with the weapons of hate, there is decay of faith, and the prophets are wounded preachers of cult and passion.
Aspire through love of individuals to Love itself;
Be true to love and so follow love, from height to height, until you touch the Love Supreme, and know that to love one is to love all, and to wound one is to wound all. All religions, all races, all sages and saints are but the masks of the one Kingdom, the veils of the One Spirit.
Editor :
Shri K. S. PATHAK Receiver, Shirdi Sansthan of Shri Sai Baba
Executive Editors:
Dr. S. D. Parchure M. A., Ph. D.
Shri Sadanand Chendwankar B. Sc., S. T. C. R. B. Pravin.
Annual Subscription Rs. 6.00 Single Copy Rs 0.60
Sai Niketan. 804-B, Dr.  Ambedkar Road, Dadar Bombay PIN 400014.
Tel. 3 443361
सबका मालिक एक - Sabka Malik Ek

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