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Author Topic: BABA - THE OMNIPRESENT !  (Read 8745 times)

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« on: February 27, 2007, 05:58:55 AM »
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  • He is present here, He is present there, He is present everywhere. Yes, He is Omnipresent.

    During September 1969, I was going from Hyderabad to Bhusawal to attend a training camp. I alighted from the train at Manmad in the morning at 9 a. m. As I was required to be at my camp only next morning, I took an on-the-spot -decision to visit Shirdi. I dumped my baggage in the cloak room and took a bus to Shirdi. The weather was dull with thick black clouds over our heads threatening heavy showers. I prayed in myself that I should reach the Shrine for the Mid-day 'pooja'. The bus was passing through the slushy roads. The drizzling weather added feast to the eye. We passed through many sugarcane fields, various fruit gardens, villages and bazaars and finally reached the Shrine by 11-30 a. m. And He helped me in taking to His abode in time. Yes, He answered my prayers. After a hurried bath I joined the congregation in the temple hall. I felt at ease and immensely happy for He afforded me His 'darshan' at the 'pooja' time After receiving the 'prasad' I dined in the lunch home, run by the Sansthan authorities. After a hearty and sumptuous lunch, I retired to the cottage. At 3 p. m. I took leave of BABA and boarded the bus for Manmad at 4 p. m. It was raining at the time with loud thunders. The main road suffered heavy damage requiring urgent repairs. We passed through an ordeal and bone-shaking journey and finally reached to a place some three Kilometers away from Kopargaon town.

    A patch of about 500 yards road was completely washed away which made a big ditch The scene was so bad that it was impossible for heavy vehicles to cross the area. Even the diversion was not possible as both sides of the affected area had many diches with water filled in The slippery black cotton soil was not fit even for walking over to the other end. We were stranded. It was growing dark. It looked all wilderness. Passengers were shivering due to shock and wet atmosphere There were no signs of rescue operations. Some passengers had taken the Lord's name and were uttering it in queer sounds. I was chanting 'Sai nama' in myself. I had to reach Manmad to catch a train to Bhusawal to be in time for duty next morning. That was my chief worry. But how to overcome the present debacle?

    After about 7 p. m. a jeep belonging to P. W. D. depart¬ment arrived there. It looked like a circus vehicle and of course it had to do the circus tricks even to reach that spot. The driver approached me and asked me to get in. He took a few more passengers and drove cautiously to the town. We arrived by this jeep at the Kopargaon bus stand. The driver refused to accept tips when he was offered and left with the words 'BABA WILL BLESS YOU'. This baffled me. Who was this man? WAS HE BABA HIMSELF?
    I took another bus for Manmad, which took me in time connecting an express train bound for Bhusawal. And I reached my place of duty quite in time.

    Isn't it divine? '

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