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  • Again as a result of inner urge, I had to visit Shirdi in 1966. But this time, I went with my family and the families of my both the brothers. We were all sixteen in number. Yet our journey and sojourn at Shirdi and Pandharpur were quite pleasant and exhilarating.

    Since we went with families, we carried all articles with us for preparation of food. We spent two days at Shirdi. There¬after my brother suggested that we may visit Pandharpur. Before leaving for Pandharpur, when we estimated our requirements of food provisions, we found some rice and other articles in surplus. In that area scarcity of rice was so much that it was a problem for people to secure rice even for important festivals. Having come to know about such a situation, I offered, as a token of courtesy, surplus rice of 3 Kgs. to an attendant in the ''Maha-samadhi Mandir"; but very politely he refused to accept. Here is an example of a high sense of honesty and integrity, which employees of the Samsthan imbibed with the grace of Baba.

    We reached Pandharpur. I had an inspiration of Vitthal as a result of many stories I read and bhajans I heard about ardent devotees of Vitthal. While we entered the temple, a "Pandya" approached us and guided us as to what we should do to perform Pooja of Vitthal. We purchased all Pooja material. The Pandya took us to main diety, "Vitthal", where another Pandya was already conducting Pooja by some other devotees. The moment our Pandya started conducting our Pooja, the other Pandya discontinued the Pooja and picked up a quarrel with our Pandya. There was exchange of words between both the Pandyas in utter disregard to Vitthal. Such a behaviour of the Pandyas disturbed serene mental atmosphere of the devotees present in front of the deity. All this quarrel was, I was told, about the "Dakshina" to be shared by them. After Pooja, I, along with other members, left Pandharpur with a confused mind.

    After 1966, for about eight years till 1974, I could not visit Shirdi, although I often tried in vain to have the darshan of Baba. For this, I do not find any explicable reasons except that I had, all the while, to encounter several vicissitudes of life. With the blessings of Baba I had to sail through good and bad weather. The sense of gratitude compels me to confess that Baba always saved me whenever I was to be caught in a whirlpool. Instance of perilous sickness of ray lone son, who had meritorious academic career, is to the point. My son, who passed M. Tech in 1st division, suddenly took ill in the 3rd week of October 1972. A band of renowned medical specialists, who spared no pains to treat him, lost every hope and became rather frustrated, as it was swift deterioration in his condition. It was at about 2 a.m. when one of the doctors at last gave tongue to their helplessness. Then I had nothing in this world except the grace of Baba, to invoke as a last resort. Believe me, from the very moment the signs of improvement started appearing to the utter astonishment all the doctors.

    In March 1974, I paid my overdue visit along with my son who with the blessings of Baba, could recover by then. After we both completed "Abhishek" Pooja on Thursday, we went to the office of the Receiver to ascertain about the feasibility for forming "Archana" and offering "Arati" on Friday. The gentle man in the office informed, to our disappointment, that it would not be possible for issue of tickets for "Archana" and 'Arati' on Friday in view of the heavy rush of devotees. Further, he indi¬rectly expressed his mind that we need not stay on Friday for such purpose. But we stayed as per our programme. The very evening, I suddenly fell sick. Another devotee from Bombay; finding me in a bad condition, got me admitted to Sainath Hos¬pital and helped me by all means. I find no appropriate words to express my heartfelt gratitude to him. After two days of my stay in the hospital, the Doctor advised me that I could travel safely to Hyderabad.

    Difficulty in getting reservation of berths at Manmad Junc¬tion is generally known to all. But by the time, we reached Manmad, all the berths, except only two, were already reserved in advance. Thus we secured, with the blessings of Baba, accommodation and could come back safely.

    Quite unexpectedly and to the utter surprise of all, my son got an employment in April 1974, on a temporary basis. Soon after the temporary employment was over, he got a regular employment with Baba's Blessings.

    M. Ganga Reddy
    [The following appeal received from Shri Thawani of New Delhi, is- published for the information of Shri Sai devotees. Those who are interested, may send their replies direct to Shri Thawani - Editor.]

    N. U. Thawani
    D-31, Lajpat Nagar - I
    New Delhi-24
    Dated : 19-6-1975

    Dear Devotees,

    You have read experiences of Sai Devotees of very very old times. It has been the feelings of many Sai Devotees that recent experiences about Sai Baba (SHIRDI) may be collected and published.
    It is requested that any experiences that you have met with about   Sai   Baba may   please be   sent on the   following address, latest by  31-12-75,   so   that   the    same   may   be   compiled    and published in book form.

    Yours in the   service of Sai Baba.


    JAI   SAI   RAM
    The Editor,
    Shri Sai Leela,

    Dear Sir,
    Dated : 2-7-19751

    Please refer   to your reply   to my   question, on page 39 of Shri Sai Leela for the month of June 1975.
    I am more than fully satisfied and agree with your answer. If any of   Sai   Bhaktas   still have   doubts, they   may be asked to write to you giving reasons for their point of views.

    I am still looking forward to answer to my first question.     It appears no readers and Sai Bhaktas are coming forward with a proper reply.    Will you kindly enlighten  me.?

    Wishing you all the best.
    Sincerely yours,
    V. B. Nandwani
    Bombay 400016]

    As announced in the issue of Shri Sai Leela for the month of April 1975, page 42, we are awaiting the replies from our readers to Shri Nandwani's question. After waiting for sometime, if no reply is received, the Editor will give a reply to Shri Nandwani's above question. - Editor.
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