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Author Topic: SAINT SHRI BAPJI MAHARAJ of Chalisgaon (Maharashtra)  (Read 10720 times)

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SAINT SHRI BAPJI MAHARAJ of Chalisgaon (Maharashtra)
« on: February 27, 2007, 06:02:55 AM »
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  • Dr. Anil Jayaswal, the author of this article, was a medical student some eight or nine years before. He was - progressing nicely; but when hardly three months were left for the final M. B. B. S. exa¬mination, he got an attack of paralysis (hemipligia) of the right side. For three days he was on gas. After three weeks treatment at Nagpur, he was advised to go to Bombay to consult a heart specialist, who declared that he would survive for not more than six months.

    In the year 1966-67 Dr. Anil's uncle who happened to go to Aurangabad for some work, visited Shirdi and prayed Sai Baba to cure his nephew. He also brought with him a photograph of Shri Sai Baba. Dr. Anil started praying Sai Baba from that day. He was eating the Udi in the morning and evening regularly. The Udi had the desired effect and Dr. Anil was able to speak. After a month, he got permission to appear at the final M. B. B. S. examination. As he was unable to write due to paralysis, he was allowed to waive a writer. Dr. Anil dictated the answers to the writer and with the grace of Shri Sai Baba, he got through the examination. After getting through the examination, Dr Anil had to go to Shirdi as per promise made by his uncle at the time of his visit when Dr. Anil became sick. Dr. Anil was there¬fore making preparations to go; but the main problem was money. This problem also was solved by Shri Sai Baba by prompting his eldest uncle to send him Rs. 100/-, as a present for passing the M. B. B. S. examination, under these adverse circumstances.

    Dr. Anil visited Shirdi and went back to Nagpur with his mind full of gratitude for Shri Baba. After a week Dr. Anil was perfectly normal. He therefore collected some materials and started a dispensary. The hand which had become absolutely useless due to paralysis became perfectly normal and Dr. Anil conducted more than five thousand operations with that same hand.

    Since Dr Anil was favoured by Shri Sai Baba, he has be¬come a regular visitor of Shirdi. He is also visiting other saints according to intuition of Shri Sai Baba. His experiences about Saint Shri Bapji Maharaj of Chalisgaon, have been narrated in the accompanying article. It is hoped that they will be found to be interesting by our readers - Editor.]

    His Holy Highness, a surrendered instrument of God, Bhakta Bapji Maharaj, let me sprinkle at Thy lotus feet a few flowers in the form of words. Whosoever he may be, if he keeps 'intense devotion' and 'faith' in Thy 'Ballads' with patience and if he follows them accordingly, he finds himself free from all his sorrows difficulties, ailments, grievances, all sorts of diseases and poverty too.

    Seeing     your     'Daivik' miracles   everyone feels   God's existence, The   Supreme Power.; Under Thy glance, every   crea¬ture is 'Jit/a' ???  and   'Shiva'.    In view   of Thy  selfless superman service,  sufferers   from  distant places are coming for Thy blessings and go   back   singing Thy glories! They come   crying and return   smiling.   Thou   art sowing  the   seeds of  God-existance  in their   heart and mind, irrespective   of their   caste and creed.   In short   I   venture  to say that Thou art showing them the holy path to obtain 'Mukti’.

    What pains Thou art bearing hours together by distributing the 'parche' and removing impiety. All that I have perceived at Thy Ram-devbaba Temple at Chalisgaon. Last year 1 was fortunate enough to have thy 'darshan’ there, while returning from Shirdi. Undoubtedly Shri Saibaba had directed me to Thee. I am post-haemoplegic (Right side) and that time I was suffering from fluctuating sort of malignant hypertension with several other complications thereof. I had consulted India-fame cardiologist at Bombay but all was in vain. By the grace of Almighty, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipre¬sent, Thou guided me and instructed some ' Daivik Vidhi' which I performed strictly and to my utter surprise my blood-pressure attained normal level. Past eight years period was vexatious and during that several medicaments were taken and number of inves¬tigations were carried out with no favourable effect. Now Thou hast cured me and blessed my survival for the service of mankind. This time I had brought my younger brother Dilip for Thy Holy blessings. He had an attack of epileptic seizures three years back. Since then he is taking anti-epileptic drugs regularly. But as is common, he is having side effects, which result in momentary loss of consciousness. He has also obtained Thy 'parcha'. And I am positively sure that he will attain definete cure. As I know Thou hast cured Shrimati Gautam, wife of Assistant Commissioner of Police, Bombay, a case of malignancy (cancer), which was utter failure to medical profession, by mere application of holy ash of "havan" after "Chandika-Path" which Thou had instructed them. And moreover there exists evidential proof in this context. The crowd of sufferers is progressively increasing at Thy place, day by day. But none went back disappointed. Amongst them I have seen the cases of primary and secondary sterility. Even to the menopausal aged woman thou promised conception -and she had come to thee with newly-born male child. Thou fulfillest the demands of sufferers according to their choice. If a male child is deman¬ded, birth of the male child is blessed and vice-versa. I have also seen below mentioned cases at Thy holy place which had no favourable response to medical treatment. Those cases are completely cured by Thee by performance of "Daivik Vidhi" only. The cases witnessed by me at Shri Ramdevbaba Temple, Chalisgaon, are as follows :-

    Carcinoma Pharynx, Diabetis Mellitus, Hyperpigmentation of skin, Whooping cough, Sterility (primary & secondary), Glaucoma, Vertigo of unknown etiology, Mania (mental disease), Anorexia nervosa, Peptic ulcer, Chronic otitis media (13 years duration), Itching dermatitis, Congenital aphasia, Paralysis,   Epilepsy    and several other diseases.

    They all were thoroughly investigated and medicinal treatment obtained without favourable effect. Lastly they came to Thy feet as a last resort and were surprised when they were cured without giving Thee a single paisa, as Thou demanded nothing but only love. These cases may be miracles for others, but as per my opinion it is "Daivikashakti (Godly Power). Thou hast awakened me and shown that all Gods are one, all saints are one - and they require nothing but "intense devotion” and "faith with patience, love from bossom of heart." But we are fools that we differen¬tiate them one from another. I pray that let Thy loveful sensous glance be directed to the below signed sinner, and beg a place at Thy lotus flourishing charan.

    Dr. Anil    M. B. B. S, M. R. S. H. (London)
    सबका मालिक एक - Sabka Malik Ek

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