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Author Topic: Sai Prashnavali now available in Android phones for free  (Read 12459 times)

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Jai Sairam,
"Your Questions and Shri SaiBaba's Answer" was a famous book published by Shri Madhav Lele for the benefit of Shri Sai's devotees seeking Baba's advice at difficult times. It is believed that Shri Sai Baba uses this book as a medium to convey the appropriate message to his devotees who are seeking his guidance. The book contained 720 messages and instruction on how to use this "SAI PRASHNAVALI" to get an answer from Baba. We are blessed to make this book and the system available in the form of a Mobile application. The original book contained messages only in english. With some additional effort and Shri Sai's blessing we are providing this in 3 languages
1. English
2. Tamil
3. Telugu

To download the application:
alternatively you can search for "Sai Prashnavali" in google play store and install in your android mobile.

How to use this application:
1. Have faith. Humbly pray Baba seeking his guidance.
2. Think of the problem or question that you want to be answered by Baba
3. Think of a number between 1 to 720
4. Key-in that number in the application and press "Ask" button for Baba's Answer
5. Read the message given and act accordingly.

The default language is English. If you need the answers in another language, Goto settings page in the application and change the language. The language preference will be persisted. Tamil and Telugu language support are subject to your device capability of handling unicode characters.


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