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« on: October 21, 2005, 08:10:18 AM »
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  • Why Saikripa ?  
    Millions of children in India are deprived of a decent opportunity to grow into responsible citizens for no fault of their own. These are the abandoned ones, children orphaned or born n destitution. Society unwittingly robs them of nature's greatest gift ? innocence - and fails to provide even the minimal conditions necessary for them to grow into purposive adults.  

    Saikripa is voluntary organisation concerned about the plight of these children. The endeavour is to create an environment conducive to their regaining their lost opportunities. The endeavour is to provide a constructive family that helps them realise their potential and grow into self-respecting individuals who will further contribute towards a more healthy and humane society.

    Sai baba let your holy lotus feet be our sole refuge.OMSAIRAM

    dipika duggal
    साईं बाबा अपने पवित्र चरणकमल ही हमारी एकमात्र शरण रहने दो.ॐ साईं राम

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