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108 Names of Swaminarayan

1. Om Shri Krishnãya Namaha
I bow down to: One who attracts the mind of others (i.e. ‘karshati iti’)

2. Om Shri Vãsudevãya Namaha
One who is ‘Vãsudev’ – God.

3. Om Shri Nar-Nãrãyanãya Namaha
One who is ‘Narayan’ – God – and is with ‘Nar’ – His ideal devotee.

4. Om Shri Prabhave Namaha
One who is the highest authority and power, and owner of everything.

5. Om Shri Bhakti-Dharmãtmajãya Namaha
One who has incarnated as the son of Bhakti and Dharma.

6. Om Shri Ajanmane Namaha
One who is not subject to birth due to karmas.

7. Om Shri Krishnãya Namaha
One who has a dark, attractive complexion.

8. Om Shri Nãrãyanãya Namaha
One whom Ramanand Swami named ‘Narayan Muni’ – meaning, the refuge for His devotees and support of everything.

9. Om Shri Haraye Namaha
One who controls Brahmã and all other deities and destroys the miseries of His devotees who remember Him.

10. Om Shri Harikrishnãya Namaha
One who is ‘Hari’, meaning one who captivates the mind, and ‘Krishna’, meaning one who destroys the demons or the enemies of His devotees.

11. Om Shri Ghanshyamãya Namaha
One who has a complexion like a dark cloud.

12. Om Shri Dhãrmikãya Namaha
One who observed dharma from childhood and is therefore the son of Dharma (Dharmadev).

13. Om Shri Bhaktinandanãya Namaha
One who is the giver of bliss to Bhakti as her son.

14. Om Shri Bruhadvratdharãya Namaha
One who has taken up and observes the great vow of brahmacharya.

15. Om Shri Shuddhãya Namaha
One who is Himself the incarnation of purity and is purifier of His devotees.

16. Om Shri Radha-Krishneshtadevatãya Namaha
One to whom Radha and Krishna are dear.

17. Om Shri Marutsutpriyãya Namaha
One who is the beloved of Hanumanji, the son of the wind-god.

18. Om Shri Kãlibhairavãdyatibhishanãya Namaha
One who is serene, yet appears fierce to those like Kalibhairav, etc. who attempt to kill Him.

19. Om Shri Jitendriyãya Namaha
One who has complete control over His senses and helps others to attain such control.

20. Om Shri Jitãhãrãya Namaha
One who has complete control over His sense of taste and helps others to attain such control.

21. Om Shri Tivravairãgyãya Namaha
One who possesses highest vairagya (detachment).

22. Om Shri Ãstikãya Namaha
One who inspires faith in God.

23. Om Shri Yogeshvarãya Namaha
One who is the Lord of the yogis, their sole aim and giver of (their) desired fruits.

24. Om Shri Yogakalãpravruttaye Namaha
One who grants His devotees the perfection in yoga, without their having to undergo rigorous training.

25. Om Shri Atidhairyavate Namaha
One whose mind never gets defiled. One who is extremely patient and undisturbed by outer influences.

26. Om Shri Gnãnine Namaha
One who has personal experience of and transmits the knowledge of jiva, ishwar, maya, Brahma and Parabrahma. One who perceives true spiritual knowledge.

27. Om Shri Paramhansãya Namaha
One who is the greatest among the paramhansas.

28. Om Shri Tirthkrute Namaha
One who makes places of pilgrimage.

29. Om Shri Tairthikãrchitãya Namaha
One who is worshipped by the sadhus residing in the pilgrim places.

30. Om Shri Kshamãnidhaye Namaha
One who is an ocean of compassion, mercy and forgiveness.

31. Om Shri Sadonnidrãya Namaha
One who is eternally awake.

32. Om Shri Dhyãnnishthãya Namaha
One who is continuously engrossed in meditation on His own divine form.

33. Om Shri Tapahpriyãya Namaha
One who is fond of performing austerities and inspires others to perform them also.

34. Om Shri Siddheshvarãya Namaha
One who is worshipped as God even by those who are accomplished in yoga, austerities and spiritual wisdom.

35. Om Shri Svatantrãya Namaha
One who is truly independent of all.

36. Om Shri Brahmavidyã-pravartakãya Namaha
One who spreads Brahmavidya (divine knowledge) to all.

37. Om Shri Pãshandochhedanapatave Namaha
One who intelligently defeats those who behave immorally by falsely interpreting the Vedas.

38. Om Shri Svaswarupãchalsthitaye Namaha
One who is steadfast in His own form.

39. Om Shri Prashãntmurtaye Namaha
One who is totally calm and whose mere darshan brings peace to the devotees.

40. Om Shri Nirdoshãya Namaha
One who is free of all defects and faults, such as, ego, hypocrisy, greed, anger, etc.

41. Om Shri Asuragurvãdi-mohanãya Namaha
One who captivates even evil gurus by His divine acts.

42. Om Shri Atikãrunyanayanãya Namaha
One whose eyes overflow with compassion.

43. Om Shri Uddhavãdhva-pravartakãya Namaha
One who spreads the teachings of the Uddhav Sampraday founded by Ramanand Swami.

44. Om Shri Mahãvratãya Namaha
One who perfectly upholds the five great vows of nishkam (non-lust), nirlobh (non-greed), nisswad (non-taste), nissneh (detachment) and nirman (humility), and who performs severe austerities.

45. Om Shri Sãdhushilãya Namaha
One whose behaviour perfectly reflects the character of a God-realised Sadhu.

46. Om Shri Sãdhuvipra-prapujakãya Namaha
One who honours sadhus and Brahmins and inspires others to do the same.

47. Om Shri Ahimsayagna-prastotre Namaha
One who established the tradition of yagnas free of animal sacrifices.

48. Om Shri Sãkãrabrahma-varnanãya Namaha
One who spreads the understanding that Brahma and Parabrahma both have divine human forms.

49. Om Shri Swãminãrãyanãya Namaha
One who is ‘Narayan’ – the supreme God – and is always with ‘Swami’ – Aksharbrahma Gunatitanand Swami.

50. Om Shri Swãmine Namaha
One who is all-powerful and the Lord of all.

51. Om Shri Kãladoshanivãrakãya Namaha
One who destroys the bad effects of adverse time.

52. Om Shri Satshãstravyasanãya Namaha
One who is addicted to reciting and listening to the shastras (holy scriptures).

53. Om Shri Sadyasamãdhi-sthitikãrakãya Namaha
One who instantly grants the state of samadhi to His devotees, without their having to perfect the preceding seven stages of yoga.

54. Om Shri Krishnãrchã-sthãpanakarãya Namaha
One who consecrates the murtis of God in mandirs.

55. Om Shri Kauladvishe Namaha
One who refutes with logical reasoning the Kaul cults, which preach unrighteous and adulterous behaviour.

56. Om Shri Kalitãrakãya Namaha
One who protects His devotees along with their families from the influence of Kali (the dark age).

57. Om Shri Prakãsharupãya Namaha
One who is eternally radiant and resides with His divine form in Akshardham.

58. Om Shri Nirdambhãya Namaha
One who is totally free from pretence and hypocrisy.

59. Om Shri Sarvajivahitãvahãya Namaha
One who does good of all beings.

60. Om Shri Bhaktisamposhakãya Namaha
One who has enriched and promoted the practice of bhakti (nine-fold devotion) to God.

61. Om Shri Vãgmine Namaha
One who lovingly speaks the truths taught by the Vedas.

62. Om Shri Chaturvarga-falapradãya Namaha
One who bestows the fruits of the four endeavours: dharma (moral behaviour), arth (wealth), kam (desires) and moksha (liberation).

63. Om Shri Nirmatsarãya Namaha
One who is not envious of the progress of others, but rejoices in their success.

64. Om Shri Bhaktavarmane Namaha
One who is surrounded by a legion of devotees, whom He protects.

65. Om Shri Buddhidãtre Namaha
One who bestows spiritual intellect to help devotees realise His true form.

66. Om Shri Atipãvanãya Namaha
One who is absolutely pure and purifies others.

67. Om Shri Abuddhihrute Namaha
One who destroys ignorance.

68. Om Shri Brahmdhãm-darshakãya Namaha
One who reveals His abode – Brahmadham (Akshardham) – to all His devotees.

69. Om Shri Aparãjitãya Namaha
One who cannot be defeated by anyone but is Himself won over by the selfless love of His devotees.

70. Om Shri Ãsumudrãnta-satkirtaye Namaha
One whose redemptive fame has spread to the ocean shores.

71. Om Shri Shritasansruti-mochanãya Namaha
One who compassionately redeems His devotees from the cycle of births and deaths.

72. Om Shri Udãrãya Namaha
One who is extremely generous.

73. Om Shri Sahajãnandãya Namaha
One who is naturally full of joy and bliss and gives such joy and bliss to His devotees.

74. Om Shri Sãdhvidharma-pravartakãya Namaha
One who promotes righteous living among His women disciples.

75. Om Shri Kandarpadarpa-dalanãya Namaha
One who crushed to pieces the ego of Kamdev – the god of lust.

76. Om Shri Vaishnavakratu-kãrakãya Namaha
One who established the practice of yagna – sacrifices – free from killing and offering animals, as per the true Vaishnav tradition.

77. Om Shri Panchãyatana-sanmãnãya Namaha
One who directs His devotees to honour the five deities – Vishnu, Shiv, Ganapati, Parvati and Surya.

78. Om Shri Naishthikavrata-poshakãya Namaha
One who practices absolute brahmacharya and inspires others to do so also.

79. Om Shri Pragalbhãya Namaha
One who is ever enthusiastic and always ready to debate with great scholars.

80. Om Shri Nispruhãya Namaha
One who is detached from all desires of material enjoyment.

81. Om Shri Satyapratignãya Namaha
One who always keeps His promises.

82. Om Shri Bhaktavatsalãya Namaha
One who has infinite love for all His followers.

83. Om Shri Aroshanãya Namaha
One who is free of anger.

84. Om Shri Dirghadarshine Namaha
One who has unparalleled foresight and vision.

85. Om Shri Shadurmi-vijayakshamãya Namaha
One who has conquered the six physical and emotional sensations of thirst, hunger, grief, infatuation, old age and death.

86. Om Shri Nirahankrutaye Namaha
One who is egoless and dissolves the ego of others.

87. Om Shri Adrohãya Namaha
One who has no hatred nor maligns anyone, i.e. He is a friend of all.

88. Om Shri Rujave Namaha
One who is soft-natured (i.e. has compassion, love, etc.).

89. Om Shri Sarvopakãrakãya Namaha
One who obliges all without expecting anything in return.

90. Om Shri Niyãmakãya Namaha
One who controls everything.

91. Om Shri Upashamasthitaye Namaha
One who has attained complete peace and tranquility by having control over His senses.

92. Om Shri Vinayavate Namaha
One who is naturally humble and polite.

93. Om Shri Gurave Namaha
One who is the guru of Brahmã and all other gods whom He taught the Vedas and thus destroyed everyone’s ignorance.

94. Om Shri Ajãtvairine Namaha
One who has no enemies in His life.

95. Om Shri Nirlobhãya Namaha
One who has no greed or desire to hoard things.

96. Om Shri Mahãpurushãya Namaha
One who is the greatest among all men and possesses the 32 virtues of the great.

97. Om Shri Ãtmadãya Namaha
One gives His all, including His Ãtmã (Aksharbrahma) to His devotees.

98. Om Shri Akhanditãrsha-maryãdãya Namaha
One who never transgresses the moral codes prescribed by the rishis in the shastras and neither does He allow His followers to transgress them.

99. Om Shri Vyãsasiddhãnta-bodhakãya Namaha
One who sheds true light on the wisdom and principles taught by Vyas Muni.

100. Om Shri Manonigraha-yuktignãya Namaha
One who teaches His devotees various ways and means to control the mind.

101. Om Shri Yamaduta-vimochakãya Namaha
One who saves His devotees from the clutches of the servants of Yama.

102. Om Shri Purnakãmãya Namaha
One who Himself is totally fulfilled yet fulfills the desires of His devotees.

103. Om Shri Satyavãdine Namaha
One who always upholds and speaks the truth.

104. Om Shri Gunagrãhine Namaha
One who always imbibes the virtues of others.

105. Om Shri Gatasmayãya Namaha
One who is egoless.

106. Om Shri Sadãchãra-priyatarãya Namaha
One who is immensely fond of pure and righteous living and inspires His followers to live similar lives.

107. Om Shri Punyashravana-kirtanãya Namaha
One whose name and discourses are purifying by their very utterances.

108. Om Shri Sarvamangala-sadrupa-nãnã-guna-vicheshtitãya Namaha
One whose divine murti, divine virtues and divine exploits spread goodness among all and lead them to final (ultimate) liberation.

The below prayers can be told daily by offering flowers or Tulasi to Lord [Krishna]]. It contains 108 Names of Lord Krishna taken from Vishnu Sahasranama.

   1. Om Vishnave Namah
   2. Om Lakshmi Pathaye Namah
   3. Om Krishnaya Namah
   4. Om Vaikuntaaya Namah
   5. Om Garuda Dhvajaya Namah
   6. Om Parah Brahmane Namah
   7. Om Jagannathaya Namah
   8. Om Vaasudevaya Namah
   9. Om Trivikramaya Namah
  10. Om Dhydhyaanthakaaya Namah
  11. Om Madhuribhave Namah
  12. Om Dhaarshyavahaaya Namah
  13. Om Sanaadhanaaya Namah
  14. Om Narayanaya Namah
  15. Om Padmanabhaya Namah
  16. Om Hrishikeshaya Namah
  17. Om Sudhapradhaya Namah
  18. Om Haraye Namah
  19. Om Pundarikakshaya Namah
  20. Om Siddhidhikarthre Namah
  21. Om Paraathparaya Namah
  22. Om Vanamaline Namah
  23. Om Yagnaroopaya Namah
  24. Om Chakrapanye Namah
  25. Om Gadhadhraya Namah
  26. Om Upendraya Namah
  27. Om Keshavaya Namah
  28. Om Hamsaaya Namah
  29. Om SamudraMadhanaya Namah
  30. Om Haraye Namah
  31. Om Govindaya Namah
  32. Om Prahmajankaya Namah
  33. Om KaitabasuraMardhanaya Namah
  34. Om Sridharaya Namah
  35. Om Kaamajakaaya Namah
  36. Om Seshaya Namah
  37. Om Chadhurbhujaya Namah
  38. Om Paanchajanyadharaaya Namah
  39. Om SriMathe Namah
  40. Om Shaarangapanaye Namah
  41. Om Janardhanaya Namah
  42. Om Pitambharadharaya Namah
  43. Om Devaya Namah
  44. Om SuryaChandraVilochanaya Namah
  45. Om MatsyaRoopaya Namah
  46. Om Kurmathanave Namah
  47. Om Krodharoopaya Namah
  48. Om Nrukesarine Namah
  49. Om Vaamanaaya Namah
  50. Om Bhaargavaaya Namah
  51. Om Raamaya Namah
  52. Om Haline Namah
  53. Om Kalkine Namah
  54. Om Hayaananaaya Namah
  55. Om Viswambaraya Namah
  56. Om Simsumaaraya Namah
  57. Om Srikharaaya Namah
  58. Om Kapilaaya Namah
  59. Om Dhruvaaya Namah
  60. Om Dattatreyaya Namah
  61. Om Achyutaya Namah
  62. Om Anantaaya Namah
  63. Om Mukundhaaya Namah
  64. Om Dhidhivaamanaaya Namah
  65. Om Dhanvantraye Namah
  66. Om Srinivasaya Namah
  67. Om Pradyumnaya Namah
  68. Om Purushothamaya Namah
  69. Om Srivathkausthubhadhraaya Namah
  70. Om Muraradhaye Namah
  71. Om Adhoshjaaya Namah
  72. Om Rushabhaya Namah
  73. Om MohanaroopaDharine Namah
  74. Om Sangarshanaaya Namah
  75. Om Prithave Namah
  76. Om Sheerabdhisaayene Namah
  77. Om Bhoodhathmane Namah
  78. Om Anirudhaaya Namah
  79. Om Bhakthavatsalaaya Namah
  80. Om Naraaya Namah
  81. Om GajendraVaradaaya Namah
  82. Om Thridhamne Namah
  83. Om Bhoothabhavanaaya Namah
  84. Om Svetavaasdhavyaaya Namah
  85. Om SuryamandalaMadhyakaaya Namah
  86. Om SanakathiMunithyeyaaya Namah
  87. Om Bhagavathe Namah
  88. Om SankaraPriyaya Namah
  89. Om Neelakanthaya Namah
  90. Om Tharakaanthaaya Namah
  91. Om Vedathmane Namah
  92. Om Bhadhraayanaaya Namah
  93. Om BhagirathiJanmaBhoomiPaadaPadmaaya Namah
  94. Om Stham Prabhave Namah
  95. Om Svabhave Namah
  96. Om Vibhave Namah
  97. Om KanakaShyamaaya Namah
  98. Om Jagadhkaaranaaya Namah
  99. Om Avyayaaya Namah
 100. Om Buddhavadharaaya Namah
 101. Om Shaanthathmane Namah
 102. Om Krisoth Namah
 103. Om Leelamaanusha Vigrahaaya Namah
 104. Om Damodharaaya Namah
 105. Om Viraataroopaaya Namah
 106. Om Bhoodhabhavyabhavath Prabhave Namah
 107. Om Aadi Devaaya Namah
 108. Om Deva Devaaya Namah
 109. Om Prahladha Paripalakhaya Namah

Sree Durga Astottara Shatanamavali

Om Drugayai namah
Om Shivayai namah
Om Maha-lakshmyai namah
Om Maha-gouryai namah
Om Chandikaye namah
Om Sarva-gynayai namah
Om Sarva-lokeshayai namah
Om Sarva karma-phala-pradayai namah
Om Sarva teerdha-mayai namah
Om Pun-yayai namah
Om Deva-yonaye namah
Om Ayoni-jaayai namah
Om Bhume-jaayai namah
Om Nirgu-nayai namah
Om Aadhara-shaktyai namah
Om Aanee-shvaryai namah
Om Nirgu-nayai namah
Om Niramham-karayai namah
Om Sarva-garva-vimar-dhinyai namah
Om Sarva-loka-priyayai namah
Om Vaanyai namah
Om Sarva-vidyadhi-devataayai namah
Om Parvatyai namah
Om Devamatre namah
Om Vanee-shayai namah
Om Vindya-vasinyai namah
Om Tejo-vatyai namah
Om Maha-matre namah
Om Koti-surya-sama-prabhayai namah
Om Deva-tayai namah
Om Vahni-rupayai namah
Om Sate-jase namah
Om Varna-rupinyai namah
Om Guna-shayayai namah
Om Guna-madhyayai namah
Om Guna-traya-vivarji-tayai namah
Om Karma-gynana-pradayai namah
Om Kantayai namah
Om Sarva-samhara-karinyai namah
Om Dharma-gynanayai namah
Om Dharma-nistayai namah
Om Sarva-karma-vivardhi-tayai namah
Om Kamakshmai namah
Om Kama-samhartyai namah
Om Kama-krodha-vivarji-tayai namah
Om Shan-karyai namah
Om Sham-bhavyai namah
Om Shan-tayai namah
Om Chandra-suryagni-lochanayai namah
Om Suja-yayai namah
Om Jaya-bhumi-shtayai namah
Om Jaahnavyai namah
Om Jana-puji-tayai namah
Om Shastrasyai namah
Om Shastra-mayyai namah
Om Nityayai namah
Om Shubhayai namah
Om Chandhrardha-mastakayai namah
Om Bharatyai namah
Om Bramaryai namah
Om Kalpayai namah
Om Karalyai namah
Om Krushana-pingalayai namah
Om Bramhai namah
Om Narayanyai namah
Om Roudryai namah
Om Chandra-mruta-pari-srutayai namah
Om Jyeshtayai namah
Om Indirayai namah
Om Maha-mayayai namah
Om Jagat-grushtya-dhika-rinyai namah
Om Bramhanda-koti-samsdha-nayai namah
Om Kaminyai namah
Om Kamalaa-layayai namah
Om katya-yanyai namah
Om Kalaa-teetayai namah
Om Kala-samhara-karinyai namah
Om Yoga-nishtayai namah
Om Yogi-gamyayai namah
Om Yogi-dyeyayai namah
Om Tapa-svinyai namah
Om Gynana-pupayai namah
Om Niraka-rayai namah
Om Bhakta-bhishta-phala-pradayai namah
Om Bhutatme-kayai namah
Om Bhuta-matre namah
Om Bhute-shyai namah
Om Bhuta-darinyai namah
Om Svadhayai namah
Om Naree-madhya-gatayai namah
Om Shada-dharadi-vardhinyai namah
Om Mohitam-shubha-dayai namah
Om Shubhrayai namah
Om Sukshmayai namah
Om Matrayai namah
Om Nirala-sayai namah
Om Nimna-gayai namah
Om Neela-samka-shayai namah
Om Nitya-nandayai namah
Om Harayai namah
Om Paraayai namah
Om Sarva-gynana-pradayai namah
Om Anamtayai namah
Om Satyayai namah
Om Durlabha-rupinyai namah
Om Sarasvatyai namah
Om Sarva-gatayai namah
Om Sarva-bheeshta-prada-inyai namah

  Shree Shiva Ashtothram

Om Sivaya namah
Om Mahe-shwaraya namah
Om Shambhave namah
Om Pinaakine namah
Om Sasi-shekha-raya namah

Om Vama-devaya namah
Om Virupakshaya namah
Om Kapardhine namah
Om Nila-lohitaya namah
Om Shankaraya namah

Om Shula-panine namah
Om Khatvamgene namah
Om Vishnu-vallabhaya namah
Om Sipi-vistaya namah
Om Ambika nadhaya namah

Om Srikantaya namah
Om Bhakta-vastalaya namah
Om Bhavaya namah
Om Sharwaya namah
Om Trilo-keshaya namah

Om Siti-kantaya namah
Om Siva-priyaya namah
Om Ugraya namah
Om Kapaline namah
Om Kaomarine namah

Om Andhaka-sura-sudanaya namah
Om Ganga-dharaya namah
Om Lalaa-takshaya namah
Om Kaala-kalaya namah
Om Kripa-nidhaye namah

Om Bheemaya namah
Om Parashu-hastaya namah
Om Mruga-panine namah
Om Jata-dharaaya namah
Om Kailasa-vasine namah

Om Kavachine namah
Om Katoraya namah
Om Tripuran-takaya namah
Om Vrushankaya namah
Om Vrusha-bharudaya namah

Om Bhasmo-dhulitha vigrahaya namah
Om Sama-priyaaya namah
Om Sarwamayaaya namah
Om Traemurthaye namah
Om Anishwaraya namah

Om Sarwagnyaya namah
Om Paramatmane namah
Om Soma-suryagni-lochanaya namah
Om Havishe namah
Om Yagnya-mayaaya namah

Om Somaya namah
Om Pancha-vaktraya namah
Om Sada-shivaya namah
Om Vishveshwa-raya namah
Om Virabhadraya namah

Om Gana-nadhaya namah
Om Praja-pataye namah
Om Hiranya-retaya namah
Om Durdharshaya namah
Om Girishaya namah

Om Giree-shaya namah
Om Anaghaya namah
Om Bhujanga-bhusha-naya namah
Om Bhargaya namah
Om Giri-dhanvine namah

Om Giri-priyaaya namah
Om Krutti-vasaya namah
Om Pura-rataye namah
Om Bhagavaye namah
Om Pramadha-dipaya namah

Om Mrutyumjayaya namah
Om Shukshma-tanave namah
Om Jagadvayapine namah
Om Jagad-gurave namah
Om Vyoma-keshaya namah

Om Mahasena-janakaya namah
Om Charu-vikramaya namah
Om Rudraya namah
Om Bhuta-pataye namah
Om Sthanane namah

Om Ahirbhudnyaya namah
Om Digamba-raya namah
Om Ashta-murthaye namah
Om Anekat-maya namah
Om Satvikaya namah

Om Shudha-vigrahaya namah
Om Shashwataya namah
Om Khanda-parashave namah
Om Ajaaya namah
Om Pashavimo-chakaya namah

Om Mrudaya namah
Om Pashu-pataye namah
Om Devaya namah
Om Maha-devaya namah
Om Avya-yaya namah

Om Haraye namah
Om Pusha-damta-bhethre namah
Om Avya-graya namah
Om Dakshadwara-haraaya namah
Om Haraya namah

Om Bhaganetrabhitre namah
Om Avya-ktaya namah
Om Saha-srakshaya namah
Om Saha-srapadave namah
Om Apavarga-pradaya namah

Om Anantaya namah
Om Tarakaya namah
Om Para-meshwaraya namah

Om naanavidha parimala pathra pushpaanni samarpyami!!

” Vinayaka/ Ganesha 108 ashtothram “

Om Vinayakaya Namaha
Om Vighnarajaya Namaha
Om Gauripatraya Namaha
Om Ganesvaraya Namaha
Om Skandagrajaya Namaha
Om Avyayaya Namaha
Om Putaya Namaha
Om Dakshaya Namaha
Om Adhyakshaya Namaha
Om Dvijapriyaya Namaha
Om Agnigarbhachide Namaha
Om Indrasripradaya Namaha
Om Vanipradaya Namaha
Om Avyayaya Namaha
Om Sarvasiddhipradaya Namaha
Om Sarvatanayaya Namaha
Om Sarvaripriyaya Namaha
Om Sarvatmakaya Namaha
Om Srushtikatre Namaha
Om Devaya Namaha
Om Anekarchitaya Namaha
Om Sivaya Namaha
Om Suddhaya Namaha
Om Buddhipriyaya Namaha
Om Santaya Namaha
Om Brahmacharine Naamaha
Om Gajananaya Namaha
Om Dvaimatreyaya Namaha
Om Munistutyaya Namaha
Om Bhaktavighnavinasanaya Namaha
Om Ekadantaya Namaha
Om Chaturbahave Namaha
Om Chaturaya Namaha
Om Saktisamyutaya Namaha
Om Lambodaraya Namaha
Om Surpakarnaya Namaha
Om Haraye Namaha
Om Brahmaviduttamaya Namaha
Om Kalaya Namaha
Om Grahapataye Namaha
Om Kamine Namaha
Om Somasuryagnilochanaya Namaha
Om Pasankusadharaya Namaha
Om Chandaya Namaha
Om Gunatitaya Namaha
Om Niranjanaya Namaha
Om Akalmashaya Namaha
Om Svayamsiddhaya Namaha
Om Siddharchitapadambujaya Namaha
Om Bijapuraphalasaktaya Namaha
Om Varadaya Namaha
Om Sasvataya Namaha
Om Krutine Namaha
Om Dvijapriyaya Namaha
Om Vitabhayaya Namaha
Om Gadine Namaha
Om Chakrine Namaha
Om Ikshuchapadhrite Namaha
Om Sridaya Namaha
Om Ajaya Namaha
Om Utpalakaraya Namaha
Om Sripataye Namaha
Om Stutiharshitaya Namaha
Om Kuladribhettre Namaha
Om Jatilaya Namaha
Om Kalikalmashanasanaya Namaha
Om Chandrachudamanaye Namaha
Om Kantaya Namaha
Om Papaharine Namaha
Om Samahitaya Namaha
Om Asritaya Namaha
Om Srikaraya Namaha
Om Saumyaya Namaha
Om Bhaktavanchitadayakaya Namaha
Om Santaya Namaha
Om Kaivalyasukhadaya Namaha
Om Sachidanandavigrahaya Namaha
Om Jnanine Namaha
Om Dayayutaya Namaha
Om Dantaya Namaha
Om Brahmadveshavivarjitaya Namaha
Om Pramattadaityabhayadaya Namaha
Om Srikanthaya Namaha
Om Vibhudesvaraya Namaha
Om Ramarchitaya Namaha
Om Vidhaye Namaha
Om Nagarajayajnopavitavate Namaha
Om Sthulakanthaya Namaha
Om Svayamkartre Namaha
Om Samaghoshapriyaya Namaha
Om Parasmai Namaha
Om Sthulatundaya Namaha
Om Agranye Namaha
Om Dhiraya Namaha
Om Vagisaya Namaha
Om Siddhidayakaya Namaha
Om Durvabilvapriyaya Namaha
Om Avyaktamurtaye Namaha
Om Adbhutamurtimate Namaha
Om Sailendratanujotsanga Khelanotsukamanasaya Namaha
Om Svalavanyasudhasarajita Manmathavigrahaya Namaha
Om Samastajagadadharaya Namaha
Om Mayine Namaha
Om Mushikavahanaya Namaha
Om Hrushtaya Namaha
Om Tushtaya Namaha
Om Prasannatmane Namaha
Om Sarvassiddhipradayakaya Namaha

“Ithi Sri Vigneshwara Astothara Satharamavali hi”


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