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Author Topic: SORROW OF SATAN  (Read 2596 times)

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« on: February 15, 2007, 08:17:04 AM »
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  • Mockingly asked the owl of the Satan,

    "Master, why don't you enjoy pleasure and fun

    On this happy Divali day

    When all are feeling happy and gay?

    Why do you sit brooding quietly

    In a corner feeling gloomy?

    Where's your big company

    Seeking pleasures in plenty,

    Dancing and singing,

    Drinking and gambling?

    Alas! Your den in quite empty,

    There's neither sweet saqi

    Nor the damsel of beauty.

    Who used to attract so many

    Visitors for passion and pleasure!

    Master, with sorrow and wonder

    I request you most humbly,

    Tell me your tale of agony

    Who has brought this misery

    And made you melancholy?"

    The Satan heaved a deep sigh

    And looking towards the sky,

    Replied in a painful tone

    And with a groan and moan,

    "My sweet owl, the God Almighty,

    My only and eternal enemy,

    Has descended on this earth,

    Giving every joy and mirth

    To the people in pain and misery,

    Who seek His celestial company!

    Believe. He grants boon and favour

    To all chanting Allah and Ishwar.

    There's divine magic in His eyes

    And even the learned and wise

    Go to far-off and tiny place

    To seek His guidance and grace!

    M> choice friends and followers, too,

    Are ?ttracted by His aroma and hue!

    They have only to chant Allah and Ishwar

    And get the boon; what a wonder!

    Really I am at my wit's end,

    How to beat and bend

    This dreadful enemy

    Who weans away my army

    Of drunkards and debauchees,

    Gamblers and of faithful devotees,

    Who never heard of Allah and Ishwar

    But now chant His name; what a wonder!

    Dear, can >ou render me service

    To get rid of this nuisance?"

    Hearing this the owl bent his head,

    And with mischief in his eyes Saluted

    The Satan sitting in sorrow

    And overwhelmed with worry and woe

    Saying, "Master, Where's that Almighty,

    Who troubles your majesty?"

    The Satan with pain and prick,

    And feeling sore and sick Replied mournfully,

    "The Almighty Is sitting in the masjid at Shirdi

    In the guise of a fakir smoking chillum

    By the fireside, chanting 'Ram, Ram'.

    Dear, if only you could go and reside in the mosque

    And utter your cries, all shall feel sick

    Of the place and leave it immediately.

    And I shall get back my followers quickly".

    The owl after deep meditation

    And with fear and hesitation

    Replied, "Master, you know my fate

    How I live lonely and hate

    Crowds since my birth

    Knowing no joy and mirth!

    I simply shiver and shudder

    And it shall be a blunder

    To Hve in the masjid with throngs

    Of people dancing and singing songs

    Day and night in the company

    Of the fakir whose greatness and glory

    Eclipse your authority in this country !

    So, I can't do the job, I am sorry;

    But I shall tender you a good advice,

    If you want to play the evil and vice,

    Leave the area of influence of this Almighty

    And migrate to some distant country

    Where people shall welcome you with open arms

    For you have got the tricks and charms

    Which, undoubtedly, shall attract and bring

    You new followers as you dance and sing".

    So saying, the owl began to fly away,

    Leaving the Satan in utter dismay!

    —Bakht N. Moolchandhani
    सबका मालिक एक - Sabka Malik Ek

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