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Author Topic: THE GREATNESS OF SAINTS  (Read 2845 times)

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  • (From the thoughts of Late Jayadayal Goyandka) (Extracts from  "Kalyan",   Year  40.   No.   7).

    It is most difficult to be in the company of really great m^n, the saints, and it is more difficult to recognize these saints, but after recognizing and being in company with such saints, there is surety about the attainment of Atma—the self-realization, because the com pany of great men is never fruitless. Even if such company is a happening without our conscious effort, it works for good because it is unfailing. It is written in Yogadarshan that even thinking-of great men or saints, the mind comes under control and it never runs away to objects which are detrimental (Veetaragavishayam Va Chittam—Geeta 1/30).

    Lord Krishna tells us very clearly that He is not motivated to the Universal action for any benefit for Himself, nor is he compelled to avoid any action, likewise, He has no special vested interest in the action or in-action of any one particular person (Geeta, 3/18). Even then, He maintains this world, for the total Universal uplift-ment.

    It cannot be said that the Era of Saints has ended long back or that they are very rare in these days. However, because of our doubting nature and absence of faith, we are not able to see them and be acquainted with them. No action of saints is without any proper reason. The main reason for their action is the welfare of others. If at all they take service for themselves from anybody, it is a matter of great luck, because in allowing to be served, they give a great deal of attention to the welfare of that Sevaka.

    I           t is the rule laid down by Lord Krishna in Geeta—In what­ever manner people are devoted to Me, I am devoted to them likewise. I am for them as they think of me". But saints are some­what different in this reciprocal attitude. They say. "We are devoted to those even who are not devoted to us, we think for their welfare also". As there is no difference whether grass is brought to fire or fire is brought to the grass, because the result is FIRE and no grass; similarly, it is not important whether saint goes to meet an ignorant person or an ignorant person goes to see a saint—the result is Knowledge, Wisdom, Freedom, Great Deeds, Vitrue— Everything that is of ignorance, burns equally well.

    There is no trace of hardness, hatred or malice in the minds of saints. They are so pitying that their hearts cry out because of the suffering of others. The pure form of pity comes out of thinking for the welfare of others. That pity which comes out of cowardice, partiality, shame, selfishness and fear, is not the real pity. Similar to God whose kindness is for all and everybody equally to be shared, the saints shower their kindness on one and all, without distinction However great evil may be meted out to them, they have no thought of taking vengeance. If at all there seems any reaction which looks outwardly to be a punishment, it is based on the wish to clear away the dross in the other man's life. It is like surgeon's knife, in which there is essentially kindness and outward hardness.

    Oceans of welfare, the saints let everybody plunge into their consciousness. It is really a great experience making us dumb and wonder-struck, to witness the countenance of such noble ones, to talk with them, to touch them or to meditate upon their glorious life. On the way by which they walk, pity precedes like heavy clouds eager to pour down waters of kindness—Nay—clouds are not able to pour down kindness everywhere, but saints are universal in their kindness.

    All the creatures, and the earth and sky become pure which are within the limits of the gaze of such saints. Not only their parents, their relations, their countrymen also become pure. The very land on which they tread, becomes purified and purifying. Like Ganges they wipe out, wash out the sins. Like the Sun, they discard the darkness of ignorance. Their company gives a man that discernment which enables him to see his minutest defects and purify himself totally.
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